Ashe Hallow

Ashe Hallow

    1. Re: Can't think of anything

      I typically start with a dream, small idea ("what if , but ), a genre/series' TVtropes page, or something from a random plot/arc generator. Then once I start applying the hero's journey or save the cat (...)

    2. Re: What Makes a Good Story Description?

      Sorry, but I hate ones that end in a question.  The question just sounds so cliche to me.  Same. Story descriptions that end in a question remind me of households in Sims 2, where every single (...)

    3. Re: Reincarnation into another world is a poorly done and over used cliche.

      Isekai and weeb/gamer communities are in a co-dependent relationship. Isekai is easy to write. When you're creating a fantasy world, anything goes. But writing genuine fantasy is hard. It's much easier (...)

    4. Re: Planners & Plantsers: How Far Ahead?

      I'm so bad about being a planner that I have hundreds of outlines that don't have an accompanying chapter 1 😅 I'm bad at keeping track of details, so my beginning chapters are almost always inconsistent (...)

    5. Re: How You as an Author Came to this Writing (Royal) Road

      My path has been pretty long and tumultuous (I've been at it for 16 years now), so apologies for the wall of text lol. I started writing when I was 10. My elementary school had these textbooks that (...)

    6. Re: To prologue or not to prologue?

      Prologues have a bad reputation, so I've personally stopped using them. Many readers skip over prologues, so it's not a good place to put important information. Which means that the only use for them is (...)