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      2 I get too many emails about this

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      4+ Happy Holidays all!

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      0 What a long game.

    4. Re: Isn't It Sad...

      Someone had a comment like that in my Helena Chronicles series?  I was extremely confused because Wuxia literally means "martial heroes" specifically in a Chinese setting.  I felt it was so off ... considering (...)

    5. Re: Isn't It Sad...

      It is. I remember getting a .5 star because of my cover and the guy admitted he never even read the story. I reported it and his review and the rating got removed. One that bothers me though is a 2 star(?) (...)

    6. RE: What's good and bad about reincarnation fictions?

      I don't like reincarnation stories and the ones I do like, I like in spite of the reincarnation plot mechanic, rather than because of it. In my eyes reincarnation (or worse "summoned to another world") (...)

    7. What's good and bad about reincarnation fictions?

      Well, first of all, the only reincarnation fiction I've read has been Mushoku Tensei and the slime monster one. I've read a couple of reincarnation manga but they didn't get too far. I've read a few Isekai (...)

    8. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      Hey Eye, haven't see you in a while! And I made a stockpile for my new series too and it's working out pretty well atm. I'd say it's definitely the way to go, especially if you can keep some in reserve (...)

    9. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      I'd have to put my money on it being a stockpile. Who is the user/what is the name of the fiction? I've been writing a new series and I'm thinking of having at least 20 chapters ready before I start posting (...)

    10. RE: Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

      Okay, so first of all, you throwing yourself out here is very brave. You should take pride in your work as it's impressive but I can see from the comments that the workload is crazy and, although you're (...)

    11. RE: DanP Illustrations: Request Page

      Always looking real good.

    12. RE: How should I make death(s) sadder in a story?

      When the character is on his death bed, have a cute little puppy run up to protect him only to also die in vain. I guarantee you the readers will have an emotional time... and probably be out for (...)

    13. In Progress next step by Oct 26th Review Request - The Oddity

      Fiction Name: The Oddity: The One Who Does Not Belong Fiction Link: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/3187 Do you want the 'for the Writer' portion on your Fiction Page: Yes Other Important Notes: (...)

    14. RE: DanP Illustrations: Request Page

      i can't find where to go to see if someone wants to make something for my book. where should i go? (New writer and not an artist in any way lol) Just ask around. It's up to the artist if they're (...)

    15. RE: ~~~ another artist taking requests ~~~

      I am also interested. Would you be willing to draw the back of a young boy with a blue butterfly on his shoulder while his shadow has horns and wings? If not that, then could you perhaps draw a man in (...)