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Gender: Male
Location: New Zealand
Bio: I am the author of the online web novel ARC. Survival Online which I began writing as a hobby after my son was born at the end of 2019. I currently only write in my spare time as I have a full-time job and other commitments, but if I gain enough interest I will write more often.

I've had a passion for reading fantasy novels since I was young, which later developed to include manga and translated xanxia web novels.

My dream of becoming an author is more recent with money being tight with me starting a small family, a wedding to plan for, unfinished renovations, and a world-wide pandemic which my story draws inspiration from along with other notable events throughout my life.

My son's mother and I broke up only a week before learning that she was pregnant, we mutually decided that it was best for all of us to remain separated. His mother and I are on good terms with each other, with both of us having found a new partner. I have shared custody of my son along with my fiancé who I have recently become engaged to, the wedding date is set for 2022.

I greatly appreciate any support in these tough times. I also welcome all feedback, the good, the bad, and even the ugly. There will likely be a lot of mistakes that I hope to learn from as I write my story, so please leave me comments and reviews on what you honestly think about it.

Feel free to message me personally with any questions or feedback!
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