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    1. Re: Tonbogiri's Certified Jams

      That's got a fun 70's vibe with some rock and funk influences (bass line is particularly groovy). Vocals remind me of one of the vocalist from Urge Overkill. Here's a link to one of their songs if you (...)

    2. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      I've never had a problem enjoying entertainment featuring characters that don't look or act like me. Also, I often like genres that are not traditionally masculine more than genres that are. For instance, (...)

    3. Re: What do you think about aliases ?

      I don't pay attention to the name a writer chooses to post with. Most of the Japanese LN writers I follow use fairly strange names (even on the published books). For instance I just read one by Broccoli (...)

    4. Re: What is the weirdest thing as which you could be reborn into another world and then enter a tournament ar (...)

      Reborn as an alternate version of yourself, doomed to fight all other versions of you to the death. Title: My Multiverse Mutilation Match

    5. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      I already made my point and it stands despite your lengthy reposting of an essay I'd already read. If he had replaced the word "white" with "lazy" or "bad" then the essay could have made the exact same (...)

    6. Re: Poor Ratings Spree?

      The world would be sooooooooo boring if everybody agreed all the time. The idea that you need to punish people you don't agree with is going to be the the downfall of the internet.

    7. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      When you use the language "white writers do so and so" you are explicitly engaging in racially charged language. If I were to say "black writers do so and so" you'd definitely read that as a racially charged (...)

    8. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      More than that, he makes the assumption that all white culture is the same thing. A creole mechanic from the swamps of Louisiana is not going have the same culture as a new-age hippy astrologer from California, (...)

    9. Re: What Kind Of Content Would You Like To See On A WebNovel Focused YouTube Channel

      I'd also watch author interviews, but the quality would be heavily dependent on the skill of the interviewer.

    10. Re: Poor Ratings Spree?

      As long as ratings remain anonymous this problem will never go away.

    11. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      - Dialogue that went on for two chapters between two characters so the author could info dump. Guilty, your honor! Wait! I thought that was how it was supposed to be done! It's not? Why didn't (...)

    12. Re: Why did you choose your username?

      I wrote a long poem almost 30 years ago named "A Town Called Half Life". I've been using it as my handle since I first got on the internet, I also have used the name in the past for my self-published works (...)

    13. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story

      My story is what happens when you throw a bunch of (mostly Japanese) tropes into a blender, then take the resulting mess and try to make everything fit together plausibly. Underneath it all is a story (...)

    14. Re: Pet Peeves

      More like I'm minorly annoyed when people do it only because it looks cool. I can at least respect it if somebody puts some work into reasoning out the why, like the werewolf example a few posts ago. Then (...)

    15. Re: Pet Peeves

      There would be interior reflections at the cornea from the iris, which would mean some of the light is still getting reflected back into the pupil where it would obscure vision rather than enhance it. (...)

    16. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      Yeah, I've heard the arguments -- they all come down to some flavor of: CIS gendered Straight White Man = Baseline. +1 for any minority racial group. +1 for any minority gender. +1 for any minority (...)

    17. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      If you make the argument that white writers are not able to write true-to-life black characters, then logically, the opposite must also be true (EG: black writers are not able to write true-to-life white (...)

    18. Re: Pet Peeves

      Oh hey, I just remembered another of my pet peeves: Glowing eyes. Glowing eyes make absolutely no sense biologically. The eyes need light to enter them to see. Making them emit light is the exact opposite (...)

    19. Re: offering comments and occasional reviews for fun

      Based on your favorites, and what you said in your post, you'd probably hate my story. But that's OK by me. If you want to give a try anyway, feel free :)