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Half Life

    1. Re: Unpopular Opinion: .5 or 5 Star Ratings should be forced to leave reviews.

      I've given 2.5 stars before. To me that is the blandest of the bland. Uninspiring and uninspired. Completely neutral. Anything below 2.5 stars would have to be actively bad. Maybe the real problem is (...)

    2. Re: Unpopular Opinion: .5 or 5 Star Ratings should be forced to leave reviews.

      I've always argued that the only type of rating that should be allowed without a written review is a chapter/part rating. Those would actually be useful to the author because they could use that information (...)

    3. Re: For readers: Ratings cutoff

      I'm more concerned about tags. I also pay attention to reviews that get lots of votes up... but even that is tempered by the content of the review (meaning if I don't care about the same stuff as the reviewer (...)

    4. Re: Unpopular Opinion: .5 or 5 Star Ratings should be forced to leave reviews.

      Forcing readers to review to rate would drastically decrease engagement overall. Writers who currently have only a few ratings and no reviews, under that system would have nothing. You're not going to (...)

    5. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      I've been reading one series, sixty books (over 1000 parts released) and counting without a kiss. I may die before they kiss.

    6. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      There is actually a story that uses a somewhat similar premise:   Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension

    7. Re: Is LitRPG a must for you?

      I don't require a litRPG tag, but I will admit that if I don't see one I tend to think a bit more before I decide to read. Mostly I'm here for light reading.

    8. Re: Let Authors Paywall Content

      I want more and better stories—that's why I want Royal Road to grow. You can stay as far away from venture capitalists as you want, but they'll still come for your industry if there's money in it. I (...)

    9. Re: Let Authors Paywall Content

      Yeah, if anything I think they could allow other payment link options besides just Paypal and Patreon. Venmo and Subscribestar come to mind as easy alternatives.

    10. Re: Let Authors Paywall Content

      Stay as far away from venture capital as you can. Unless your goal is to sell at the first viable opportunity letting those people in will doom your company. Toxic doesn't even begin to describe them.

    11. Re: Sudden bad ratings and a writer's feelings...

      No doubt. I've seen some authors engage in ratings fixing my bringing friends and family in to give 5 star ratings... and sometimes these people don't have the shame or sense to bother hiding that this (...)

    12. Re: What is your end goal?

      To make something I enjoy and get better at writing. If other people enjoy it too that makes it even better.

    13. Re: Sudden bad ratings and a writer's feelings...

      All I really want to know when I get those .5 star ratings is whether the person doing the rating actually read the story. I mean, if they did read the story and they felt like a .5 star rating was a fair (...)

    14. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      Toilet Bowl Diaries -  the epic story of an obsessive compulsive man who is fixated on documenting the minute changes in his daily bowel movements.

    15. Re: What is the best bird?

      My mortal enemy for several months was a mockingbird. Absolutely fearless that one. They also make a lot of really cool sounds. https://digitalmedia.fws.gov/digital/api/singleitem/image/natdiglib/15074/default.jpg

    16. Re: Why do you like light novels?

      There are some genres that traditional western novels tend to avoid which are very common in light novels. What I enjoy reading most is romantic comedy, followed closely by relaxing slice of life. I'm (...)

    17. Re: Has the fantasy genre lost some of its fantasy?

      A good golden rule to keep in mind is 98% of all content being created at any given time has no long-term staying power  (The other one to always keep in mind is over 70% of all statistics are made up). (...)

    18. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      To give my perspective on the "why" question: I think the logical outcome of most murder-hobo level-grinders is demi-god status. It really can't end up anyplace else without a hard cap. So, at that (...)