1. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      The Awakening by Kate Chopin.  Entitled privileged upper class white Christian woman is depressed, the book.

    2. Re: Prologues: Skip or not to skip?

      Read. I'm reading something to read something.  If I start reading something by not reading it, what exactly am I reading something for?

    3. Re: First person, present tense

      After the last time you brought this up, I started playing with first person present tense, because I've never experimented with it.  Found it had a particular tone, played with that. Content in spoiler, (...)

    4. Re: I'm looking for a psychological slice of life.

      Psychological slice of life is pretty broad; this search encapsulates exactly that. Do you have something specific you're looking for?

    5. Re: Not satisfied with editing

      There are several books I don't think I will ever be able to write for basically this reason.  My solution was to deliberately choose to write something I didn't care as much about getting perfect.

    6. Re: Is There a Way to See Followers?

      I understand the decision to hide followers; I'm a little more baffled by the decision to hide who has favorited your works, given that this is public information on a per-user basis, and theoretically (...)

    7. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      That is definitely interesting to me and is rather expected because of the descriptive nature of emotions depending on how studies were designed. I'm not reading deeply into any of the methods, but I (...)

    8. Re: Negative review being targeted for deletion, what to do

      The nature of reporting introduces inherent bias, rather than the application of the rules.  First, authors who want their work to be better-reviewed to get into trending and other such things, to increase (...)

    9. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      You can easily get more specific with the vernacular. Well-being is more long-standing over time. Mood can be a temporary state. Like anything, we have a certain set of words in our language that we can (...)

    10. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      Like, yeah. RoyalRoad has a certain audience and a certain tone of work it promotes. And that makes it inherently less friendly to certain types of content.  The problem I take with this argument is (...)

    11. Re: How to not overdo weakness in your MC

      There's not a single line on when weakness is too much.  For some readers, particularly here on RR, they're looking for wish fulfillment, and any weakness at all is too much weakness.  For some readers, (...)

    12. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      I will say, as a male, I enjoy reading male authors who explore the full range of masculinity, including the range of emotions and processing them through a male lens. Personally, I feel it is useful (...)

    13. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      What it doesn't cover is if those fictions are things readers want to read. A quick look through the follower count for all these show 50-100 followers for most. Something popular on this site is around (...)

    14. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      Indeed, it's something I'd like to be able to search for and judging by some of the responses from some of the more, uh, vocal folks who don't like that type of content would probably appreciate being (...)

    15. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      Question: What purpose do you seek to achieve here?  Does it matter whether or not you believe the Reddit poster? Let's talk about Yellows and Greens.  Yellows write yellow content, Greens write green (...)

    16. Re: Author Notes Pre-Chapter with Spoilers/Warnings

      I've seen good arguments both for and against, and my conclusion is that it's a matter of competing access needs: Some people would be better off with them, other people are better off without them.  It (...)

    17. Re: Which real-life animals do you think would make for the most powerful, original and/or useful were-creatu (...)

      Hydra, planarian worm, starfish, sponge - take your pick, and have another you cut you into pieces whenever you transform.  There will always be plenty of you running around, after all.

    18. Re: What specific genre is this and where can I find more of it?

      Military fantasy, is, I think, the closest common-term genre to what you describe, but I think you're looking for something even more specific than that; not sure there's a common-use term referring specifically (...)

    19. Re: GameLit Genre Confusion

      Suppose somebody wrote a hard science fiction story, and kept all the information they used to calculate things, and provided it to the reader; the fact that the pilot of the ship has a mass of 76 kg matters (...)

    20. Re: Do all stories read like games on this site?

      I'd say LitRPG doesn't fail to properly follow the hero's journey format, so much as that it isn't following it at all; LitRPG is often trying to deliver an entirely different experience, which I suspect (...)