The Random Cat

The Random Cat

The Glitter Mage [An LitRPG with a Fae MC and Alchemy]

The Glitter Mage [An (...)
by The Random Cat
560 pages

The times are changing. The Empire grows more tyrannic. The Rebels are gaining power. And in the middle of it all is a young High Fae named Ray.

The only thing Ray has ever wanted in life is to be a Mage, to rain fire on his enemies, build great palaces, or even synthesize wondrous potions with Alchemy. But his dreams are dashed when he fails a test, and finds himself barred from even joining the Academy.

Ray, however, is not ready to give up. But when a failed attempt to prove himself ends in disaster, Ray is saved by the System conquering his world. And it is then that Ray realizes that all is not what it seems in the world. After all, life is never easy when you’re a High Fae in the Empire of Humanity.

Can Ray really survive in an Empire that lovingly calls his kind a ‘prohibited substance’?

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The Dragon Realms Saga

The Dragon Realms Saga (...)
by Zero Cool
880 pages

Young Elucard is thrown headlong into the ruthless world of the assassin clan: The Black Rabbits. There he must survive the grueling training, deal with cutthroat competition, and wrestle with the vastly different morality of being a killer.

The Dragon Realms Saga is a sprawling epic that features assassins, ancient magic, heroes and larger than life villains!!!

This story will span 6 volumes and all the currently written books can be purchased on amazon here

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Mark of the Crijik

Mark of the Crijik
by ThinkTwice
833 pages

Mark of the Crijik Book 1 is now available on Amazon!

And on audible too!

Andross Silver had a nice life until he was pushed over the side of his building. Reborn into a family that wants to kill him, gifted with a system and armed with determination he rises to the challenges of this strange world. 

His only blessing is the Mark of the Crijik, a magical gift from a divine being that bestows great powers onto those that possess it. 

It also kills them at the age of twenty five.

Andross must master magic to help him carve a path to greatness, and overcome the countdown of death that has been placed upon him. 

My parents love me. 

That’s why they run towards danger with me in their arms. 

A stone with newborn babies on it? Its just a sacrificial altar. Nothing for me to worry about. 

What’s that in the sky? Oh no.

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Let the Prince Relax

Let the Prince Relax
by Diyce
3 pages

On the night of his retirement, Alex Halvet is looking forward to finally getting to live his life, unfortunately, he wakes up in a completely different body, with the scattered memories of a prince, and a high-strung, unhappy castle surrounding him. All Alex wanted was to enjoy his early retirement and load up his phone with a ton of travel photos, now he's stuck playing palace politics as the weakest prince in a ridiculous fantasy kingdom!

Just hit new years and I want to encourage myself to write more so I'm trying for frequent small updates on a more relaxed story, expect updates every other day.

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The First Mage

The First Mage
by exectails
1.7k pages

There was a point in history when we didn't have magic. It had always been there, hidden under the surface, but we didn't know. Until a boy discovered how to tap into it and changed the world.

A story about a teenager who gets thrown into a situation beyond his understanding and the question of how magic was discovered in this fantasy world. Join the main characters on their path to unearth what lies behind the rituals that give people abilities, a language that can be used to produce magical effects, and the dangers that roam the world.

New chapters three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at around 1pm CET / 7am EST / 4am PST.

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Pokemon Slate Gray

Pokemon Slate Gray
by TEZofAllTrades
91 pages

The time has finally come for Slate Davy to begin his Pokémon journey! However, after an abrupt relocation and a shocking turn of events, he finds himself alone and confused in unfamiliar territory. With the help of the family Eevee and some new friends, Slate must navigate a mysterious new region filled with unknown Pokémon and dangerous enemies, and uncover its hidden secrets.

Original artwork included with every chapter.
Season 1 complete. Season 2 coming soon.

Can't wait until the next big Pokémon game release? This story is a brand-new adventure set in Satoshi Tajiri's Pokémon World, featuring original characters and original Pokémon designs (selected from 200+ of my own Fakemon), set in an original region! Some canon characters and Pokémon will also appear down the line.

I'm not the greatest artist, but I'm trying to bring my ideas to life with drawings as well as words, so each chapter will include at least one piece of original artwork e.g. a Pokémon or Trainer from the story. I'll be writing in American-Style English, but let me know if you spot any British SPaG.

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Grand Master Is Too Spiritless

Grand Master Is Too Spiritless (...)
by Theofficial_jenjen
2 pages

'Grand Master of the 12th Heaven'

This was the title Kelvan Achriallis had gotten after surpassing the limits of humanity and ascending to immortality. But hundreds of years after achieving this feat, Kelvan forgot why he so chased after power in the first place; as it ended up being nothing but useless vanity. 

It was also extremely boring. 

After actively trying to die countless times and failing, Kelvan was already giving up hope when something appears in front of him.

Something that may be able to change his perspective and finally show him how much an existence he is. That is... If they can get him to show any form of enthusiasm for once. 


Words per chapter: 1000+

Update schedule: ATLEAST one chapter every 1 - 3 days (depending on how busy I am at the time)

Error status: Likely present. 

I am not a professional so please please please, don't read this expecting something very good only to get disappointed with me if it isn't. I am already plenty dissapointed in myself and that's all I need :) 


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The village elder is manipulating our minds!

The village elder is (...)
by Abadom
145 pages

Jonathan was a good student, a loyal son, a decent brother, and a nice friend. He was even quite handsome. 

But all of this ended when his mother died.

His father committed suicide soon after, and his younger brother disappeared. His once good friends distanced themselves from his life and he was left all alone with a debt that appeared out of nowhere. All in the period of one month.

Thankfully he didn't have a girlfriend otherwise she might've cheated on him...

What a way for the perfect calm life to end...

The police didn't say anything nor did they help him, on the contrary, they threatened him.

Jonathan had lost all faith in Humanity... He stopped studying and doing his hobbies, locking himself inside his home.

But something deep in him made him stop and rethink this situation.

So he searched for the truth... And he found it little by little. Eventually finding a complex political game between his father and some of his old colleagues.

A brutal truth...

But instead of the satisfying conclusion of having his revenge. He was silenced... Forever.

[The trial has ended. You have passed all hurdles. To never lose hope, this is the most important quality of a Human.]

[You are fit for the task]


And so Jonathan was thrown somewhere unknown with no knowledge of what was going on.

He only had a few choices that would very well determine if he would survive or not.

But which to choose?

Will he survive? If so, then how? 

(This will be a kingdom-building story with a system. But I won't delve too much into politics... Lets see how this go)

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I'm a brick! Why am I a Humanoid ( Longer chapters version, shorter exists)

I'm a brick! Why am I (...)
by The Random Cat
62 pages


These are the words that Agrea defines itself by, but to a brick that has known only ignorance, they are evils that rot a society. But destroying an ideal society will have to wait, first the brick must learn some pesky things, like how to pee or deal with pesky systems that seem to have a grudge against you.

[Participant in the Writathon Challenge]

Disclaimer: My characters are often wrong. Some characters may consider something to be true which conflicts with what is occuring at the place mentioned. Some characters also may have contradictory views on a thing

Example: Meemay- Transmigrators are bad, Narvin-Transmigrators are just people

Meemauy- Launeior is the fault of Faction leaders. Raina- Launeior is the fault of Meemauy.

[This is the version of the book with longer chapters, if you prefer shorter chapters please go to the other version through the link below]

The link

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A Hero, Down To My Bones! (A Skeleton Isekai Story)

A Hero, Down To My Bones! (...)
by EJWritesTooMuch
224 pages

One day, a hero awoke, and he was nothing but bones. But he was a hero nonetheless! A man is brought into a new world of fantastical dread. Dark forces are amassing by the will of old, wicked Gods who mean to destroy the many tribes and clans of Humanity and lead the world into their own ideal states of ruin. But a Hero wouldn't stand for that, even if he was nothing but bones! But can a random skeleton from a dungeon really be a hero? There's no choice but to try!

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Braindead - A Zombie LitRPG

Braindead - A Zombie (...)
by Dark Jester
250 pages

In a world where zombies are trash mobs that children kill for easy exp, what hope does one little zed have?

Zed was minding his own business when his master's domain was invaded by a plucky young heroine looking to make a name for herself. An unlikely turn of events allowed Zed to come out on top, and gave him enough experience to rise above the life of a mindless minion. Unfortunately, it also left him with no body to share it with... literally, not figuratively!

This story contains:

Some 'jokes' containing questionable humour.

An inhuman MC who has no interest in pesky things like romance or growing a conscience. 

Blue boxes, and a DnD style system messily mashed together with several other systems.

Gore, but nothing too gratuitous. The main character is a severed head so what do you expect?

Kingdom/base building, because what good is a zombie without a good horde behind them.

Releases planned for each Sunday until I build up a decent backlog.

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Gideon Drake and the Fire Within (Harry Potter Sequel/Spinoff)

Gideon Drake and the (...)
by TEZofAllTrades
583 pages

A brand-new story set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Find out how the magical world and fan-favourite characters have changed since Voldemort's defeat, in this modern-day tale of magic, family and friendship. Posted Dec21. Edited Jan23. British-Style spelling, punctuation, grammar.

As a baby, Gideon was found at the centre of a mysterious magical accident, and the Ministry of Magic took drastic action. Ten years later, Gideon is finally leaving his Muggle primary school and looking forward to attending Hogwarts with other magical children. However, when his acceptance letter doesn't arrive, Gideon's life begins to unravel, and so do the secrets surrounding his past... When faced with the shocking truth, can Gideon withstand the looming darkness? Or will it consume him?

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