The Bear - First chronicle of the Children of the Bear

This review is my first review so bear with me.                                                   :)

Character Score - 5 of 5 -So far I have read the first two books of The Bear and I must say I am quite stunned mainly due to the fact how evil and vile the Protagonists of these books are. If you are reading the book because of the Anti-hero tag, then you should still read the book but don't expect a real anti-hero, it is more so that the main character s are just so evil that they would only at some point play a hero so they can gain something in return. That said the Characters are in my opinion the strong suit of the books since they feel way over the top evil but the author still manages to make them seem believable, which Is just due to good character writing. And if you at some point question yourself why an author would write such evil Protagonists then just take a look at the Author's Bio.

Story Score -  4 of 5 - The weakest point of the Book is the Story in itself not due to the lack of action or anything like that more on the point that it is just really really fast-paced and so much stuff happens in an extremely short amount of time. 

Grammar Score - 4,5 - I suck at Grammar, and I am not perfectly fluent, so I am nowhere to judge anyone, but I think that the Grammar is perfectly fine and I have not found many mistakes.

Overall4,5 of 5 - Overall even though the Author states that the Books started as a writing exercise turned serious the Book is definitely worth a read and one of the more enjoyable reads on RR with a variety of Leads who will all make you root for their enemies.

They Who Rule

This is one of those hidden unpolished gems on RoyalRoad, I have followed the story of the Tu'i for some time now and I would go so far as to say that it is probably one of the Novels with the biggest potential I have read so far on RR. the story itself gives off a unique vibe and the Characters, which are introduced to the Reader have a lot of depth wich the Author is exploring more and more. Even though the release schedule is a little slow which takes a toll on the number of readers, I still think that is only because the author has put a lot of thought into the story and its characters and wants to write it the right way. That being said the Novel is definitely worth a read and I am very eager to see what the author comes up with next.

Outlaw Country

Character Score - 5 of 5 - The author has introduced a lot of characters and even though the MC did not have super detailed interaction with all of them, they are still all very well written. If the author can write about a Monster Horse which can talk and still makes it seem believable, that says a lot about how good the author is in writing characters.

Story Score/Style Score5 of 5 - The story is an awesome twist on the Western genre and I consider myself a huge western lover this is totally awesome to me. And even though the story has its share of good jokes and satire the badassery is not lost. :)  

Overall - 4,5 of 5 - The Story is amazing and is very unique even though it is a reincarnation story, that said the story had its last update 4 Months ago and Is currently on a Hiatus, I find it incredibly sad when gems like these on RoyalRoad get discontinued.