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    2. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for It is so good!!

    3. Re: Publish or not to Publish that is the question ...

       I have a different kind of Dyslexia in spelling, and English is not my Mother tongue. Still, I have read really amazing stories on this site, which made me motivated to try and write on my own, and I (...)

    4. Re: Character Death

      Most of my characters death comes out of nowhere. I build up a lot of hype around the character: he's going to do a lot of things, big dreams, invicible hero aura, etc. Let the reader thinks the character (...)

    5. Re: The reason why harem stories suck

      I personally think that most Harem stories are not really as good as they could be, since well fleshed out characters are rare when there are a lot of Characters (not always but often). When you have one (...)

    6. Re: Hello There

      Do not get fooled by the Kindness Tawyer, we are all just Reputation junkies.  Anyway, I hope you have a good day, and that I will read one of your stories soon. :peolove:

    7. Re: Other websites

       So on Reddit some time ago I stumbled upon a discord to get help from other Writers for Proof Reading etc its called Mumbles & Musing. (...)

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      Good Writing and May the Force be with you. :FancyDrakan:

    9. Re: Complaints

      Man sorry to hear that but even though I have not yet a published fiction I can tell you that more often than it should happen 0.5-star reviews are not about how good your story is but rather that the (...)

    10. Re: Do you find that you're more interested to read a story that's on going rather than one that's completed?

      I like a story that is completed. If I read a terrific story, it can feel like I am addicted and I can not stop :). It is completely understandable for a Writer to need time to write a good story and I (...)

    11. Re: Character Death

      I always love it when a character's death is really impactful to the Reader, I find it amazing how a person, myself included can get totally emotional about something we know is Fiction. That being said (...)