1. Re: 0.5 Ratings are a Blessing

      There's an indie fantasy author I really don't care for because his marketing is good. His pacing, descriptions, and characterization are not. I'd still give him two stars. I wouldn't give a .5 to anyone (...)

    2. Re: Finished my "Hell Week"

      Because I recently brought a second fiction to RR. I decided to run a chapter a day, in addition to my existing commitment for a weekly chapter for my other fiction. It seemed like amazing idea, because (...)

    3. Re: Hell yeah! Got to a 1,000 views!

      Hell yeah! Got to a 1,000 views! 10 followers which I'm quite proud of! Woot Woot! Awesome start. Now for the next 99000!

    4. Re: 30k words and 30 followers :D

      After a long absence, I finally decided to try this writing malarkey again - and I see that alongside reaching 30k words I've also fooled gained 30 followers on my long interrupted first story attempt. (...)

    5. Re: I find it demotivating & distracting to look at the view count

      I think I'm going to try the "Make a shortcut to my drafts" approach, because I also find myself obsessively checking those figures every time I log in. Which I realise is pointless since I'm writing stories (...)

    6. Re: Punctuation in Dialogue

      I'm quite guilty of this, both when it comes to misplaced punctuation as well as using action/other tags instead of dialogue tags. But I do appreciate both posts like this one (and the more direct (...)

    7. Re: Do LitRPGs necessitate violence?

      My first experience with an MMO RPG was the original Ultima Online, way back in the late 90's. It was, well, very different from what most people associate with that genre of game today. Yes, it had (...)

    8. Re: Survival: 21st Century Man vs. Wilderness

      Never underestimate what the human animal will do to survive. Never mind transmigration to a alien world where I know nothing, if I were to magically wake up tomorrow morning in the exact same spot (...)

    9. Re: Survival: 21st Century Man vs. Wilderness

      Not being a survivalist, the best option I can think of is to find running water, follow that to a stream, and then to a river, and then to a bigger river, and hope that you'll eventually reach civilization (...)

    10. Re: Survival: 21st Century Man vs. Wilderness

      In another thread, someone was lamenting how almost all transmigrated MC's land in other worlds either in, or on the doorstep of whatever passes for civilisation, which got me thinking: How long would (...)

    11. Re: Slow Burns / Stories That Read Like Novels

      23 Chapters in and my MC doesn't even know what cultivation is yet. Is that slow burn enough for Wuxia? :D

    12. Re: No comments, Just views.

      I have recently started my very first book this month. It has been two weeks now and I am getting viewers but barely any comments. I feel like I am writing in the dark at times and am starting to question (...)

    13. Re: Parapgraphing

      I wish I'd read this reminder a week ago, I would be working on my next chapters right now instead of editing my walls of text right now!

    14. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      Would you mind if I asked a few questions pertaining to the thread topic? Not at all, go ahead. Do you know what time is best to publish new chapters? If a lot of the readership is in the (...)

    15. Re: My first 1000 Views!

      For someone who hasn't written a word of fiction in the 26 years since I finished school, 1000 views is quite an intimidating achievement :D

    16. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      Harem just for Harem's sake kills any interest I may have in a story. Bonus points if the women are introduced as badass, powerful and independent and yet two chapters later they're reduced to just another (...)

    17. Re: Swapping critique and comments on opening chapter(s)

      Now that I've finished commenting on all requested openings/first chapters, I'm opening this up again! See the first post for the general setup. While I'm waiting for more partners, I will go through (...)

    18. Re: Are there senpais that can teach me proper character naming?

      I'm also a new writer here, and I've just had to deal with the same issue. Fortunately good old Google has your back and sites like this can be quite useful if you want some semblance of authenticity. (...)

    19. Re: word count for a new story

      Having just started as a writer here myself, the process is simple. All you need is a title, a synopsis and the first 500 words and you're good to go. Good luck, have fun, and may the reviews be ever (...)

    20. Re: Hello!

      I've been a reader on here on and off for several years, under an account that I cannot access anymore. Decided to see what life was like on the other side of the curtain as a writer. So far it's very (...)