akhier the dragon hearted

akhier the dragon hearted

    1. Re: Anyone else dive too deep into popular this week?

      I like to find new novels by checking the popular this week area. The first few pages are in general really good. However I have been delving too deeply recently. Most of what I find after enough pages (...)

    2. Re: MSF: Review Swaps On Demand

      Just did my review, I had forgotten that I had today off.

    3. Re: I would like an Opinion/Review on a new story I plan to start

      The name thing is actually part of the problem I think. He doesn't have a name. Never did in fact. The mother died before giving one and the clan found out he was 'talentless' before the father could and (...)

    4. Re: MSF: Review Swaps On Demand

      A review swap would be nice. I will probably take a few days to finish my review as your story has a good number chapters. My current story can be found here. However I have been working on a new story (...)

    5. Re: I would like an Opinion/Review on a new story I plan to start

      Sigh, I had originally written it in 3rd person but it didn't feel right so I rewrote it in 1st person. Apparently I didn't do a good enough job transitioning it over. Anyway thank you for looking it over!

    6. Re: I would like an Opinion/Review on a new story I plan to start

      I have a novel that I have been thinking about for a while. In fact I thought of it before my current novel but I didn't have a good name for it so yeah (still don't quite like the working title for my (...)

    7. Hello, I would appreciate it if you took a look at my novel and reviewed it

      Hello Potential Reviewer,    I have enough chapters for my novel 'NeoRealm - Staring back into the Future' that I feel getting a few more detailed reviews would be a great help. The idea behind my novel (...)

    8. RE: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      With a few chapters under my belt I have decided to start actively looking for people to review it and this thread was near the top so I decided to come on in. I would appreciate it you would take a look (...)

    9. Option to show only novels I am not subscribed to already when searching for novels

      I like the 'Active-only Rank', the 'Popular this week' lists, and occasionally searching for if there is a new dungeon novel. However as I subscribe to ever more those lists become less and less useful. (...)

    10. RE: How does one come up with ideas for fictions?

      Theft? Though seriously, steal them. Take a few things you are enjoying at the moment and mash them together. Doesn't matter what it is as we aren't looking for specifics. Right now off the top of my (...)

    11. RE: To those seeking reviews...

      Ok, sorry, almost missed you there. I'm going to be focusing on chapter 7's combat exclusively (because like a first chapter, combat can make or break a fiction). Let's begin: - you've got the biggest (...)

    12. RE: To those seeking reviews...

      Just in time for me to have gone over the first couple chapters (getting the other half done later, meh) and fixed up the grammar. One thing in particular that I would like suggestions on is if I chose (...)