Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius

Prism - Seekers of Solace (A LitRPG Saga)

What do we want? Blue screen charts! When do we want them? Now! Where do we get them? Right here! Line up and recieve your blue screen charts and be merry!

Prism is a lovely litrpg, set in a VR style world which the MC experiences. It's written in 3rd person observation style.

The grammar in this tale of interest is pretty good. Is shaping up to be pretty interesting so far, will advance when there are more chapters, I reckon.

Peculiar Soul

Souls are a precious resource

This book is an absolute masterpiece, simply based on its premise - souls are precious and a resource that everybody wants and is fighting over.

The world has reached the first stages of industrialization and the fires are churning within factories as armies march across landscapes for global dominion, you know your basic 19th century steampunk shabang, but all of that is held up by an extremely wunderwaffe original premise - the power of souls and what it can do for you. It's located in a sweet spot where magic and industrialization are competing and mixing up. It's always fun to ask - who will win - the power of steam or magic?


Note: The insert dividers between chapters are amazing too and make the book shine like a little star.

Everything about this book is simply superb and even if there's only 6 chapters up as of this review, I see this lovely getting lots of readers once it trends harder.


Spelling - fantastic, no mistakes to be seen.


Character- Absolutely fantastic. All of the characters feel like real people living in a real world with solid flaws and backstory knives all pointed at each other. The main character's interaction with his father is delicious in terms of narrative setup.


Style - Vivid, wonderful, deep worldbuilding. With only a few chapters up, TMarkos managed to throw me into an entirely different world of Victorian-style British Empire intrigue. This book gives me that much needed feeling of a magical Sherlock Holmes atmosphere of foggy gloom, mystery and fun. Everyone is quite the bastard to each other and yet it works.

Immersion [that's right I just made up a category]- ten outta ten, would immerse myself again. [ Absolutely barbaric . meme but with a Victorian gentleman at the wheel ] Love it!

Overall - I strongly recommend you check this book out and put it on your reading list! Do it now or I'll come to your house with my flintlock pistol. Don't think I won't. A gentleman doesn't dally with his promises!

Doing God's Work

This book is a masterpiece that deserves more eyes pointed towards it! Grabs all of his extra eyes and points all of them at Csuite. There. Now that that's done let us observe what interests lie within it!


Superb! Csuite takes a while to write each chapter but when she does the flow of the character conversations and events is simply sublime, top tier and is very enjoyable to sink myself in. First person narrative from the point of view of god named Loki who is forced to work in a divine office.


No visible boobery, perfect score.


A very original idea in my opinion, Lucifer and Loki and other gods working in an office - totally caught my attention and kept it attached to this book for ages. Whole 92 chapters of fun. [ Great now I gotta update this number whenever Csuite releases a new chapter]


The gods feel believable even though they are gods and I found myself rooting for Loki's struggle against the system.

What was that last thing? Ah ye, overall:

Superb book, read it or I will come over there and beat you with my [ looks around] uhhhh christmas tree that I haven't taken down because my cat lives in it now. There. Divine-Tree violence encouragement! 


[ Review Baron disappears into the sky atop his umbrella. ]

AnimeCon Harem

Confuzzled by title, bedazzled by content

The story's hook is pretty plain and sounds like some sort of a start to a porno - a guy breaks up with his girl and goes to an anime convention [where they were supposed to attend it together]. However, he has a magic charm on him that makes 2 girls fall in love with him.

However, it's not the hook that drew me in but the language. Holy shit, the language. FortySixtyFour is a talented mofo when it comes to writing about love and passion. The metaphors used to describe love and passion in this book are absolutely astonding, earth shattering stuff.

The style of this novel sinks its hooks into your soul and drags you into vast depths! Absolutely wild, sublime, superb experinece 100/10, would read again.

The feelings and backstories of each main character, be it the mc guy or the girls that orbit around him grow and expand with every page. I've personally attended thousands of anime cons across the world myself as an artist, and hoooooly shit the convention porayal in this book is beyond amazing, it straight up encapsulates and reflects my own experiences at these shows, munus the harem magic stuff obviously.

The characters in this book feel like PEOPLE! Their portrayal is truly masterful and deep. This story is more than just a weekend con experience as this book dives into, it drowns me as a reader in expansive, fantastically well written backstories!

Truth Seeker: A LitRPG Timeloop

My artist pal KrazeKode has finally joined the ranks of the frontpage trending heroes and has produced a lovely novel with plentiful embedded future potential for visual excellence!

So, lets begin digesting this loop - bound work of interest:

Grammar has some mistakes but Kraze is constantly improving it through beta reader and RR commenter participation.

The protagonist is a rational-type hero who starts off weak and naturally progresses towards power through the power of the time loop and litrpg system as one would expect from this genre and the title.

Story has a decent hook to it which I won't spoil, read it yourself! 5/5 for the hook.

The world is very solid and believable and would totally make for a comic book and it shows that the author is an artist as much as a writer.

The style of pacing is quick as MC quickly moves from one environment to the other.

My only complaint is the very slow release, but that’s understandable as Kraze is cranking out covers to bless many writers on royal road with such.

Keep it up and get cracking on more chapters my friend! I believe in you and know that you can totally do it if you put your mind to it!

Vigor Mortis

An urchin girl protagonist [best visual ref is - beginning of Alladin with Agraba street market escapade ] steals bread from a baker and finds out she's a necromancer by accidentally harvesting the baker's soul as he is beating her to death, and it escalates from there.

Adorable, cute, wholesome and has all the elements for future depth from the floating island to mistwatcher religion to the necromancer girl who needs to eat souls to grow stronger just so she can feed her family of street urchins, to the land of monsters outside of the human city. Love it every bit! 

All of the side characters are well developed so far and feel very real. All of the writing bits are spot on and Ive yet to catch spelling fails.

Style is great, narrative is solid, characters are well defined, reading is flowing well and is quite enjoyable.

Save up for an awesome cover and you'll be in the pro league.

Definitely will keep reading this one, quite the grreat job author, please write more - you have got potential to be top 10 books on here and maybe even more as long as you keep up the pace.

Update: arrived at the mistwatcher horror bits and hooooly crap the world building is solid! A+, way to break my expectations.

Overall 5 7 3 thumbs up for you.

The Eager Dimension Hopper (SCP)

Here I thought I could try out this SCP tale of interest. This story is smooth and wonderful and it explores the world of the scp with a protagonist who's actually clever and rational and caring [ which is the problem with most scps - they're one track mind monsters or idiots.]

Here we have a man who's soul gets stuck in SCP 507, so he uses it to his fullest advantage to hop across universes, meet with other SCPs, interact with them and fight them, etc. A whole big bucket of opportunity, basically!

Grammar wise the story jumps from past to present tense for no reason, that's why grammar is at 2/5, but if I ignore that the catchyness of the protagonist and the whimsy of the scps digs into my soul.

Main character is just a nice guy who wants to see the multiverse. He helps out people suffering under other SCPs, which is really wholesome and swell. Through his eyes we get to experience the flesh that hates and the infinite ikea among others.

Seriously, the SCP wiki is a huge potential for exploration - it provides a backbone for this story to ride and a lot of power for the main character to harvest as he takes control of anomalies as means of survival.

Totally putting this boy on my reading list and eagerly awaiting more chapters!

Daybreak on Hyperion

No freaking way! Welcome to Royal Road!

Daybreak on Hyperion! This is one of Kana's top favourite stories, now on Royal Road. How has Kanadaj brought this book on here? How many gemstones did he bribe Aorii with from his hoard? Will we ever know?

Update: Kana said no hoard bribes were made because dragons hoard not dispense.

Now my dear review observer, don't dare question the earliness of this review because Daybreak has been running for eons on its own before coming here. And by eons I mean since 2013. I've read this series ages ago, when Kanadaj linked me to it.

If you're an old fan also note - this is an updated, better version of the series with new content!

But enough with questioning how and why this book is on here.  Daybreak on Hyperion is a true masterpiece if there ever was one. Everything about it is absolutely top notch. Spelling/grammar is absolutely perfect.

Pascal Kay Lennart von Moltewitz is an ambitious, rational twenty year old noble - a son of a military official. He is betrothed to the Crown Princess.

He is a postgraduate student and an assistant of a professor at the Alisia Academy of Magic. Pascal decides to be fancypants and summons himself an irregular familiar - not an animal, but a smart-ass human, who could be as clever as he is, but also not totally obedient to him and a cute girl too. What he summons is a best friend!

STYLE: The story was originally written to imitate the style of a Japanese light novel. A lot of the comedy in this series comes from the fact that the isekai hero of this tale Kaede [the familiar] is a Russian boy who is shoved into the body of a magical girl who is also a power battery for Pascal. Personally, I find this hilarious. Being Russian is often about being shoved into questionable, misfortunate situations [such as being sent to build cities in Siberian wilderness] and dealing with it.


The magical system is legit, complex and interesting.

The world of hyperion is fun and original - it doesn't have a moon. Instead it has a companion planet with an indigo colour.


Well developed, rational, deep and adorable. Pascal has to deal with consequences of summoning a girl familiar and Kaede has to deal with being stuck in a girl's body. Hilarity ensues.


Dive into, lose yourself in this book and then come back here and give Aorii your love and hugs shaped like reviews and comments, cus we definitely need more awesome writers on Royal Road!

Rolling Stone [Monster Evolution LitRPG]

A cute tale of a rock rocking it up. Just when you thought there coudn't be a more silly protagonist, here it is - a rock! This book has a tasty dose of comedy and delicious rock-related jokes and all the litrpg elements with adorable, insert stone stat charts. The interactions between Partner and Rock are simply adorable.

Sit down on my stoney lap of a mossy outcropping, dear review reader I'm gong to bless you with some high end digestion of this lovely series.

STYLE: Very tasty, if a bit dry here and there. The dwarf convos are a bit hard to read at times due to the accent. Recommend making them more scottish or something.

CHARACTERS: They're a rock and a spirit! A due combo of hilarity that takes the world by a storm. Since the MC is a rock, there is vast room to progress from crushing tiny ants to conquering the world! Mwa ha ha.

GRAMMAR: Some sentences and words are odd, probably because Dakie's original language isn't English. I struggle with English myself and have to shake down editors for aid with my sentence structures at times. Thankfully Dakie is very responsive to reader suggestions, which is always a bonus point for an author, so the grammar is getting fixed wherever the commenter editors find it.

STORY: The comedy is solid. The jokes made me laugh. Go Dakie! Why won't somebody think of the poor dwarves?! is all i'm sayin'.

OVERALL: It's a nice start, want to see more! Read it and enjoy!

Lever Action

Magitech punk marches on!

I feel like I'm reading Tolkien, but thousands of years into the future of Middle earth where all the forests have perished and all the rivers have run dry and all the lakes evaporated due to magical global warming and or perhaps a magitech nuclear war!

I love, love, love this series. It reminds me of one of my favourite anime series - desert punk! 

This story is something one could easily fall in love with because of its interesting, delightful catch - magical mechs.

The world of Lever Action is a gargantuan desert without end, filled with dangers such as lurking goblins, heat and deadly storms.

The intrepid protagonist of this novel Charlie is a girl operating a magical mech that she can synchronize with. She's been working with magitech machines since she was twelve.

As always with Raven's works the spelling/grammar is superb, no complaints there. The style lends itself easy to get immersed in the world along with Charlie, experiencing the hardships of a wasteland desert with her.

The book draws you right in with fun gunfighting action and escalates from there with even more gunfire, but now between magically powered machines. The magitech visuals of gunfight scenes are beautiful and the explanations of how it all works are logical. This is an exciting setting jump from other books of Ravensdagger into a world of apocalyptic steampunk magitech adventure. Check it out!