Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius

Kairos: A Greek Myth LitRPG

This is the latest tasty book from RR's profilic writer Voidhearld. I've done the cover art for this book, so I am ahead of the current chapter post curve, along with the ppl on void's patreon.

In this book Void takes on an entirely new setting - a world where the Greek gods have been smitten from Olympus and where heroes rule the ocean, after the world has been flooded.

Much greek-pirate themed hijinks, along with fighting monsters and using monsters to fight, tied together with a Litrpg system.

Can't wait for more!

Vigor Mortis

An urchin girl protagonist [best visual ref is - beginning of Alladin with Agraba street market escapade ] steals bread from a baker and finds out she's a necromancer by accidentally harvesting the baker's soul as he is beating her to death, and it escalates from there.

Adorable, cute, wholesome and has all the elements for future depth from the floating island to mistwatcher religion to the necromancer girl who needs to eat souls to grow stronger just so she can feed her family of street urchins, to the land of monsters outside of the human city. Love it every bit! 

All of the side characters are well developed so far and feel very real. All of the writing bits are spot on and Ive yet to catch spelling fails.

Style is great, narrative is solid, characters are well defined, reading is flowing well and is quite enjoyable.

Save up for an awesome cover and you'll be in the pro league.

Definitely will keep reading this one, quite the grreat job author, please write more - you have got potential to be top 10 books on here and maybe even more as long as you keep up the pace.

Overall 5 7 3 thumbs up for you.

Only Villains Do That

A selfish, musician protagonist who doesn't like doing what he's told is isekaid by an evil goddess to a fantasy world along with a kid hero who is selected by a "good" goddess. He is also forcibly given a familiar.

This book throws off the usual Isekai theme where the protagonists are excited to be transferred to a magical world. The motivations of the protagonist are easely understood and being selfish is a great flaw to play with, especially since the hero's final boss will be the goddess who summoned him - it helps to immediately establish that sorta thing in the beginning for readers to know.

The writing style is simply superb, sentences flow well, grammar is perfect - one can definitely tell right away from chapter one that Webbonomicon is a talented, skilled author.

Overall - a very catchy start, want more!


note for author:

As a professional book illustrator I can tell you that the current cover doesn't do this book any justice - half of the text in it is unreadable on the rr thumbnail and it simply doesn't portray the protagonist or the visual theme well enough [due to dark, indeterminite background] and is very likely throwing off a lot of potential readers who don't click on it, likely assuming this is some young, inexperienced author based on the cover art.

The book is 100% more professionally written than the cover is drawn. If I wasn't told who Webbonomicon is by author friends I would have never opened it from the trending page, simply because the cover is not attention grabbing at all and the fonts on it are typographically bad.

Web, I know you have patrons - please hire a skilled character artist for the cover, don't get your book buried by having ms-paint style art. A good cover can make all the difference.

Hunter Or Huntress

A fantastic story hampered only by grammar

A fantastical tale of an isekai solder who is transported into a world full of dragon people and dragons, floating islands and magic. I greatly appreciate stories about engineers such as this one who are trying to improve society all while grappling with concepts of superweapons such as nukes.

There is some romance here and it took 70 chapters to get to it, which is frankly far too damn long but worth it.

The story has a lot of filler, but also a lot of wonderful, adorable and pure moments which feel alive: such as when the hero takes care of kids, protects others, teaches dragonettes to swim and admits he's in love.

All of the characters feel realistic and have solid backstories and flaws.

Author, get a patreon going and hire an editor on fiverr or try live writing with fans in a google doc or something, because there is far too many small errors all over the place like missing words or commas, etc - the story would have gotten a far better rating and way more readers if it wasnt for this minor issue.

The only reason I can ignore this is because English is my 2nd language and I read pretty quick to bother paying attention to such.

update: grammar got better by the most recent chapters.

Oh Great, I Was Reincarnated as a Farmer.

Review update:

Author - What the hell are you doing? If you start something for free don't be switching up to an unexpected total paywall, especially not when you're trending right now - it's just asking to be buried in dislikes. Amazon isn't a guaranteed source of income, especially if you have no readers to buy/rate your books [and you're basically throwing away an amazingly helpful fanbase by pissing off your existing RR readers].

You're absolutely ruining your own potential audience/future income with this move and should instead switch up to a paywall of AHEAD CHAPTERS ON PATREON like pro RR authors are doing to make money - the biggest of them make $4000-20'000 a month with just a bunch of ahead chapters for example.

Just to be clear - I'm not some internet rando, I'm an indie author myself with 100+ million views and I self publish/print all of my books - all while having 100% of the content for free online. I also do covers/work with authors who have 5-10k readers on RR, and they all follow the same strategy - consistently building an audience and linking that audience to the amazon books WHEN such books are released.

You've started out nicely on here, could have easely hit first spot in trending and I have no idea why you'd throw that all potential away.

Old review:

A beautiful twist on an isekai trope with the forced farmer class and lots of quality comedy coming from the kitty familiar and the ghost lady. 

I always appreciate books in which the hero tries to scam the system in some sneaky way and there's a whole lot of that here.

Lovely home alone style deathtraps to defeat monsters - bonus points for creativity of the protagonist.

Keep it up, it's a wonderfull start thus far.

The Devil's Foundry

Superheroes and Isekai combo superme

In my personal opinion this book is a masterpiece with VAST potential for more greatness. It starts with the interactions of the "superhero universe" characters who are isekaid to a regular good old magical fantasy world with demons, monsters and magic.  The story is well written, I find no mistakes in spelling or sentences.

It's not easy to write good comedy but Argentorum not only suceeds, but also excells at it. It's rare to find a book that makes me laugh heartily in every single chapter more than once.
The two main characters - Supervillain "Empress" and Superhero "Electra" play against each other perfectly in tune, producing comedy of pure gold just with their conversations.
The narrative is solid, sprikled with quality side characters especially Filet Minion. Even though the protagonist is a supervillain, I find myself loving her actions even if she justifies them with evil, they are solidly good and rational moves filled with intelligence juxtipozed against a world filled with: ignorance, lack of science, corruption and injustice. There's a reason why this book has 3k readers in the first month of its release.
I find myself coming back to this book again and again just because it's so god damn delicious.

The Perfect Run

Hearty and wholesome superhero tale

Ryan is a quirky, whimsical protagonist with the power of resetting and freezing time. Ryan lives in a parallel reality where the world has been ravaged by nuclear war and rebuilt into a dark, dystopian version of itself, the city of New Rome ruled by corporations and gangs of superheroes. Super powers are bought and sold and supers are hired help for basic jobs like delivery [what Ryan does for fun] to pushing pollution out of richer areas to anything imaginable really.

The world of The Perfect Run is dangerous, deep and replete with excellent, tasty detail, experienced by the readers as Ryan goes through restarts, dying often.

The book is particularly brilliant due to its dark comedy value imbued into it by writing talents of Voidherald, which I personally greatly appreciate as quality comedy is hard to find. Books that make readers laugh at every page aren't an easy task, but Void manages it with every novel.

Ryan's super power forms/creates his core character flaws - the inability to die makes Ryan treat the world like a videogame and makes him an adrenaline junkie and the fact that time constantly resets makes him unable to truly connect with other people.

Readers can relate to Ryan because he is a bit out of this world - his power lets him experience a lot of life and thus he's a nerd with an appreciation for the lost art of video games and movies, while the antagonists in this book are busy struggling for power/wealth.

Stylistically, like the rest of Void's work this book is superbly written and without any grammatical errors. It's easy and fun to read as the narrative flows incredibly smoothly from one event to the other. Void is a writing wizard and I say, write more damn it! Void is one of the pillars which holds up Royal Road with work of consistent quality.

It's not often that I get to illustrate a book that I really love. Making a cover for The Perfect run was an easy task and a delight because I was already immersed in this universe.


Pure amazingness! Reads like a charm and is full of fractal whimsy, with the characters weaving themselves into the story. Totally love the abstract and fantastic ways everything comes in and the language is very unique - a rare charm in a book.

Would love to read more if you post more! The beginning is outstanding.

How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis

By far the best book I've read with a selfish protagonist. A true masterpiece of an isekai narrative with a little twist that changes everything. 

The Stars Have Eyes

In real life machine intelligence improves itself by learning from people. Here we have a very heartwarming, lighthearted and comedic story about a cosmic monstrocity from beyond the stars trying to comrehend humanity and be in a human relationship. The world within the book is a realistic depiction of the future of human advacement in which machine algorythms have taken jobs from people, giving them little rooms and virtual reality to exist in. Being replaced by machines has become mundane and the protagonist of the story thrives in this mundanity and is even able to mundanely convince an impossible monstrocity to be his girlfriend. If there ever was a type stress-free, relaxing reading this is it. Like a good tv series about a family from the 90s, this book simply feels wholesome.
As soon as I've the time I'll be drawing this story an awesome cover.