Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius

    1. Re: The Blue Box Is A Trap

      The Blue Box Is A Trap. I've noticed that rarely any stories on RoyalRoad are finished, they just slowly fizzle out as the author gets less interested in them.  You're confusing cause and effect. (...)

    2. Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

      I was reading a post about why there is so much Gender Bender stuff on ScribbleHub, then one user claimed that RR users were sending death threats, hate replies/comments/messages to authors writing Gender-Bender/Trans (...)

    3. Re: The beginning and end of an Isekai

      What is accomplished in portal fiction that can't be accomplished is simply setting the story in the fantasy/sci fi world right off the bat, without ever introducing world hoppers/reincarnation? (...)

    4. Re: Concept art from my new book: Error's game

      Moving onto the art for the villains now! Minister of Pestilence & Plague Name: Vector Wellington Viralmancer Archmage, Plaguemancer, Plague Isle citizen. General Description: Male, wears golden (...)

    5. Re: I made a map for my story - show me yours?

      map from my book Error's Game:

    6. Re: Concept art from my new book: Error's game

      4th main character concept art is done:!c/alexiuss/Errorsgame/000006-1iax3d0zzm.jpg General description: A humanoid moth from a self-contained, highly advanced Moth civilization (...)

    7. Re: Review Swap! (LitRPG, Apocalypse, Politics)

      Yeah! Apocalypse! That's my thing too. Lets do an advanced review swap, I just joined RR and would love an advanced review to improve my latest book: Error's Game Error's game is LitRPG-ish , with fantasy, (...)

    8. Re: Concept art from my new book: Error's game

      You're sketching the back view overtop of the front view to make sure you get the shapes and proportions the same, right? Yep, saves on time since these are just concepts for the characters.

    9. Re: Concept art from my new book: Error's game

      Third main character time!!c/alexiuss/Errorsgame/000005-41eafwd06a.jpg Lyca: Born in the Dragon Library, raised by Tundra the Dragon who hoards books. An anthropologist (...)

    10. Re: Concept art from my new book: Error's game

      really nice work, I love the illustration and character for Error.  I may have to check out your book based on this artwork alone.  Plus I love characters that look for loopholes :) thanks! Next (...)

    11. Re: Concept art from my new book: Error's game

      Hello everyone! I've been sitting on this world since 2002 , but recently due to Corona cancelling all the conventions everywhere], I've been stuck inside writing things. So without further ado, (...)

    12. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      Hello fellow writers and readers! I've just joined the magical writers paradise of RR and I'm here to promote my new tasty book.!c/alexiuss/Errorsgame/000001-40gghd1jad.jpg (...)