Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius


by Apocryphal
242 pages

An amnesiac with peculiar skills seeks a new start as a superpowered mercenary, but the ghosts of his past won't let him go so quickly.

There's more than meets the eyes with Yuno...

A/N: This is a Dark Fantasy remastered version of the story (heavy edits, issue fixes, story element alterations, etc), and it contains heavy JRPG/Grimdark-styled elements (Monsters, magic, parties, etc). Some tags come later than others, and this fiction will also contain tragedy and psychological elements.

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In Another World's Apocalypse - An Isekai Loop LitRPG

In Another World's Apocalypse (...)
by WolfeLocke
120 pages

What was supposed to be just another day of work for Klein turned into a realm transcending delve as strange creatures and unknown system malfunctions assault him.

Sucked in by a strange cube he finds himself in an Unknown dungeon, his new adventure begins with a sword through his chest. Yet, what awaited him was not the embrace of death but a blood red notification.

It was time to start over.

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The Caretaker of Otherworldly Tenants

The Caretaker of Otherworldly (...)
by Jammin' Rabbit
220 pages

Eighteen year old Akira Katagiri applied to be a dormitory caretaker on a whim. Next thing he knew, his application was rammed through and the job was his. Akira now manages a dorm in which tenants from another world come to stay. However, his tenants may be carrying more baggage than what's in their suitcases. Some are scarred from war, others suffer from depression. Will this high school graduate be able to navigate his life as well as the livelihoods of others?

Art by Nyxview

First volume of the book, containing the missing chapters, available on Amazon!: The Caretaker of Tenants from Another World: Vol. 1

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Daybreak on Hyperion (re)

Daybreak on Hyperion (...)
by Aorii
1.1k pages

Born into prestige and gifted with talent, Pascal was a promising officer cadet whose deeds caught even the King's gaze. At the mere age of twenty, he had everything a young, ambitious man could need to begin a promising career.

Except his habitual arrogance had destroyed every opportunity of a close friendship outside his political marriage.

Seeking a companion who meets his protracted list of requirements, Pascal decided to craft the 'perfect spell' for the upcoming familiar ceremony. If those around him were not fit to accompany his genius, then he would summon a best friend through his own hands -- one that was mature, intelligent, knowledgeable, bright, and cute as well.

He received far more than he bargained for... and in turn, so did the shifting geopolitical power balance of his world.

[ Note: if you've seen previous versions of this story, see foreword in 1st chapter for how this relates to the older versions. ]



This is not a power-fantasy or a 'feel-good' story. If you feel that a protagonist should never lack agency (especially in early story) or make compromises due to difficult circumstances, then this fiction is probably not for you.

Daybreak is a story that delves deep into real world sociological/psychological subjects and explores many topics of gray morality. I wrote it because I like stories that makes me think more about the world around us, not to detach myself from reality.

Some things you can expect include:

- [Ruling Class]: political drama, geopolitical/geoeconomic strategy
- [High Fantasy]: how magic changes the sociotechnological evolution of civilization
- [Genderbender]: exploration of gender identity, gender role, and discussion of social expectations
- [Progression]: career capital accumulation and rank ladder-climbing
- [War and Military]: massive battles featuring in-depth planning, combined arms, and operational logistics

This story is primarily hosted on my blog, where all the art/map assets can be found as well as the latest chapters.

Cover art by Nanang (lineart) + AbsolutePower (coloring)

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The Hedge Wizard

The Hedge Wizard
by Alex M
685 pages

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit.

Hump grew up believing his master was nothing but an ordinary hedge wizard. However when the old man unexpectedly dies, his book of spells binds to Hump’s soul. Now without a master, Hump sets off to find his place in the world, to discover the secrets of magic, and to understand the Book of Infinite Pages.

Book 1 - Crypt of the Wolf Dragon

Updates Tuesday and Saturday.


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The Great Devourer

The Great Devourer
by AbsolutePower
374 pages

Thousands of years ago, Nox, the Goddess of Eternal Night tried to destroy the world and was sealed into an eternal prison for her crimes. Now the world wants to finish her off along with the girl who was unlucky enough to accidentally find and let her out.

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Daybreak on Hyperion (legacy)

Daybreak on Hyperion (...)
by Aorii
5 pages

Please see reworked version of the story here --

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Prism - Seekers of Solace (A LitRPG Saga)

Prism - Seekers of Solace (...)
by Requizition
437 pages

The Virtual Revolution is in full swing and empty streets dot the landscape, vestiges of a foregone era. Seeking to escape the harshness of the outside world, humanity has turned to VR. And the unlucky few unable to enter this virtual realm must make do however they can.
But Prism, the most advanced VRMMORPG, promises to change all that: countless possibilities, no restrictions, and cutting edge tech that allows even those afflicted by VR Sickness to full-dive into its world.
Join Ryan and those around him as they try to find a place to call their own within a game that turns out to be so much more. A game that seems to recoil at the players' mere arrival.
Author's Note: The story starts out slower, but the pace does pick up eventually. This is a rewrite of my first and only story & I hope to do it justice. The story follows the journey of a group of young men and women as they begin playing Prism. Fair warning, once we move past the initial arc, there will be POV changes as I move from one party member to another or, occasionally, to the viewpoint of some minor characters.
Any feedback or suggestions that you might have are more than welcome!
Release Schedule: New chapter every Sunday.
Cover Art by: Tsuu ([email protected])
Prism's Discord Server.
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Accidentally Smithing

Accidentally Smithing (...)
by Monus
204 pages

Nik's life has been boring for the last couple of years. He engineering degree progresses adequately, he had some friend but not to many. But Nik's life would take a twist when heading home to take a shower suddenly stopped being an option. The sweet relief through toilet paper turned to ... well let's just say it isn't pleasant.

Brought into a different plane of existence, where he just casts through without any clear goal in mind, almost apathetic. Disappointed by the class {smith} assigned to him, with no knowledge about smithing or ore refining, he needs to survive in a hostile environment.

Join Nik on his journey to survive in a world outside his comfort zone.


Crafting begins in the early tens. I am aware that some of the prose is quite bad in the early chapters. I am working on redoing that right now!! It should get better at around chapter 10.


I plan on releasing one chapter per week, this is not guaranteed since uni takes priority number 1. Currently on Tuesdays.

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Apocalypse Unleashed - A LitRPG Story

Apocalypse Unleashed (...)
by Origin, The Creator
431 pages

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]!

Summer approaches and, with it, so do final exams. On the day of Aiden and Olivia's math final, things take a surprise turn - the end of the world.

But not everything is hopeless. There's a small light in the dark - a way for them to survive.

A game-like system that changes everything.


This story starts off very slow. It was a Writathon project that I really enjoy(ed) writing, but that also caused the beginning's pace to be a bit slower than what comes after.

What this story will include: An interesting system that doesn't have levels or defined boundaries (experience and learn it as the characters do), complex characters with their own motives, Town-Building, Questing, and interesting dynamics between natives of the new world and the Immaterial Realm.


Follow the twins on their journey every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


Cover art created by Asviloka!

She writes Trickster's Luck and Trickster's Chance!

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Ancients [An Epic Litrpg]

Ancients [An Epic Litrpg] (...)
by Lin Lee
57 pages

After failing his soul awakening, Chen's terrible fate appeared to have changed for the better when he became a chosen. But as the mortal affiliate of a deity, he was thrown into the chaotic, never-ending, battles of the immortals. And in this world, dead souls tell no tale.

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Hope Connect

Hope Connect
by Kevin Huynh
64 pages

What if your phone suddenly grants you untold powers? The strength to beat your bullies into the ground, the wisdom to ace every test, riches beyond your imagination, and real physics-defying magic?

Chris is suddenly confronted with that choice when a mysterious red quest appeared on his screen, offering him whatever his heart desired for a part of his soul.

What will he do? What would you do?

[Update schedule: One chapter every weekend]

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