Damsel of Distress

Promising start, only to be drowned in exposition

A LitRPG with potential, but lots of work needed. I don't have much experience with LitRPGs except for Solo Leveling and Shield Hero, but I'll try my best to give an honest review with some constructive criticism.

Nice flow and coherence. However, the author drops too much information all at once near the beginning chapters. We are told a lot more than we'd like to, which would have been better saved for later once there is more development and world building.

There's little development (which is to be expected), so it may be unfair to judge this far in. However, I don't see much in how the story could progress. No clear goals or objectives (plural) except for defending against the waves. There is potential for better plot, hence there is much to be desired.

Frequent spelling and clausal mistakes. I had to rearrange a few sentences to understand what was being said. Otherwise, it was well enough readable.


The highest score I'll be giving this one. I liked Victoria's character as she is sharp, attentive and has bright hindsight. If not for her, I'd have lost interest in the characters as her interactions with her environment are peculiar.

However, there are sudden shifts in Daniel's character and there's a lot to know about what he's been subjected to.

Homo is a story killer. I wish he'd been introduced much later since he practically spoils the story.

If some of these aspects are fixed, this might become something LitRPG readers might like. I get the feeling that this story will be short lived because of how quick things are progressing and I do wonder where the author will take us.

I.D. Tech

The heists in this story are thought out pretty well. I liked the suspense over the course of the first few chapters and there's some lots of development with good pace. It's not an extraordinary and mindblowing story, but good enough to keep you reading further. It'd be pretty cool to see some crazy action or plot scheming to spice it up.

Overall, there's potential for greatness here. A lot of ideas involving ID Tech spring to mind and it'd be great to see just how far it can be exploited.