1. Re: Relaunching Interactive Work as Non-Interactive Work

      I just checked out those forums, and they do seem like a promising place to try! I'll see if I can run them there for a bit and possibly build up some interest before doing a flat-out relaunch.

    2. Relaunching/Revising Interactive Work as Non-Interactive Work

      In my WIP, readers were asked to respond to question prompts and solve puzzles. However, either I didn't advertise well enough or didn't frame the puzzles in a sufficiently inviting or entertaining way. (...)

    3. Re: Subverting expectations’ should not be a writer’s goal.

      Done well, subverting expectations can be a powerful way to make a reader share a character's epiphany. One shining example: Jane Austen's Emma Woodhouse unquestioningly believes that she's the heroine (...)

    4. Re: Great Titles

      Someone -- I forget who, and Google isn't helping -- once said that that a book's title should never be anyone or anything that appears in the actual story. Does anyone here know who said that? The advice (...)

    5. Re: No romance, no romantic subplots and most importantly no harems

      Do you have any particular genre preference? That might help narrow it down a lot. There's a lot of work out there without romance, but without a list of some of the things you do want to see in the story, (...)

    6. Re: Do you love writing, but feels you getting nowhere with it...

      Euclid, having opened a school of mathematics at Alexandria, was asked by King Ptolemy whether he could not explain his art to him in a more compendious manner. “Sir,” said the geometrician, “there is (...)

    7. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      https://i.imgur.com/o2UmFtx.png (Click image for link to story) Title: What Happened to the Mouse? Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi Description: Seven years ago, Maria's mother vanished, and she was taken (...)

    8. Re: Webnovel.com Italic and Bold are only for contracted authors

      That's certainly a creative way of gating features, but why not go even further? "It appears you have received a negative review on your story. Did you know that contracted authors can remove negative (...)

    9. Re: The writing quality difference between sites

      The quality of writing on RR has definitely been, on average, far above that on Wattpad. However, how good it is depends on a lot of factors, including genre. In my experience, the site with the best (...)

    10. Re: Rules concerning a dedicated chapter to ask for reviews from readers

      Why not use an author's note on a chapter? This sounds like a logical place for one. I did do a "commentary-heavy chapter where the readers can ask questions about the rules of the game" at one point (...)

    11. Re: How to build a “living” world

      I tried to do this in a scene while focusing on the sense of sound describing a 40+ woman. Ended up writing almost 400 words for a 1000 word interlude.  -.-" The sound of clinking anklets echoed (...)

    12. Re: Review swap! YA / teenage protagonist / sci-fi / magical realism / female lead

      My work-in-progress is mystery/science fiction, has a female protag, and could definitely be described as "set in the real world with added science-fictional elements." It's also currently about 20,000 (...)

    13. Re: New to writing and troubled with its progress

      It is normal to wonder whether readers will care about your work. The key thing to realize is that not every reader needs to like what you do -- just enough to satisfy you. If you plan on going professional, (...)

    14. Re: How to decide if (part of) a scene is important enough to keep?

      When I cut extensively for length, I often fear that each cut will prove fatal. It usually doesn't. Redundancy is fine in bodies - two kidneys and two lungs are better than one of each. Novels are not (...)

    15. Re: Tips or help with finding alternatives to 'however'

      In many of those examples, 'However' can be replaced with... well, no word at all. Just cut. Consider this rewrite: I had been previously using my mana embers to push away the darkness of the void. (...)

    16. Re: Planners & Plantsers: How Far Ahead?

      I've outlined and playtested (via Discord) my current WIP more than once, in various drafts. I even mocked up the first few chapters as a visual novel a while back! Mysteries are unforgiving, and doubly (...)

    17. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      https://i.imgur.com/o2UmFtx.png (Click image for link to story) Title: What Happened to the Mouse? Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi Description: Seven years ago, Maria's mother vanished, and she was taken (...)

    18. Re: Looking for a fiction with a Monster Mc

      It's not on RoyalRoad, but Baba Okina's So I'm a Spider, So What? is fun, especially early on.

    19. Re: Reader-Players Needed for Mystery; Will Swap Critique or Reviews

      What Happened to the Mouse?, my interactive mystery, has just hit its first confrontation scene! It's up to the readers to make comments to refute an accusation against the MC in a kind of boss fight. (...)