Ken Raven

Ken Raven

    1. Re: To continue or create second book...

      Hi all!  I am nearing the end of my first book and was wondering which direction is best to go: To end this book and to create a new submission as the second book Or To just write it all under the (...)

    2. Re: Ad-lib time, throw me your nouns!

      A setting: A lone aged gentleman far away from civilization building a campfire on top of an oddly flat stone and tossing his wedding ring sadly into the flames. An animal: A dark octopus diety A (...)

    3. Re: It has finally happened. Do I just suck it up?

      Ha! I had something similar happen to me. I wrote my into, got several chapters in, then had someone nice who joined back in like 2017 leave me a nice 5 star rating. It really made my day. Yes, my book (...)

    4. Re: Brainstorm on tropes

      What if you wrote the story from the perspective that the hero is just brand new to adventuring, dungeon diving. He comes from a long line of famous and even wealthy adventurers and is set up with (...)