1. Re: What would be the limitation of steam based technology?

      A shortage of the alternative fuel and its discovery - by spectral means - on another planet, could lead to the development of steam-powered space travel ... :DrakanGlasses:

    2. Re: Review swap for long runners

      I see what you mean. It is hard for longer running stories if they aren't getting organic reviews along the way. On the other hand, what you have in mind would be very time consuming, especially for you (...)

    3. Re: Grammar check software - My writing vs sugestions.

      " No dramatic descend to madness. " Is considered wrong, but to me it has value as is is for a bit of comedic effect I agree that sometimes it's right to have it wrong - lol. I'd change descend (...)

    4. Re: Hi! I am new and very glad to be here.

      Welcome! Love the drawings! You have great taste in books - looking forward to your stories. ::DrakanWine::

    5. Re: Grammar check software - My writing vs sugestions.

      You are aiming for an effect, correct? If your example was written as part of a story description, you might have it this way: He dreamed of a beautiful world. A world unblemished by technology. A world (...)

    6. Re: Is it ok to use ellipsis instead of action beats to signify pauses before dialog?

      I like ellipses. I use them, but rarely at the beginning of a dialogue or thought. If it isn't too often, it's probably okay. I see them used this way in the style book examples, so it isn't unheard of (...)

    7. Re: Hi, I'm StarryFreya

      Welcome! The forum is pretty good for asking questions, there are quite a few good guides too if you need any and have time to look around.  Hope you have a lot of fun writing here. :peoeating:

    8. Re: Signature troubles a RoyalRoad pain? New FEATURE fixes that!

      That's really neat - and simple!  ::DrakanWine::

    9. Re: Sudden bad ratings and a writer's feelings...

      When there are already a lot of ratings, a .5 sucks bad enough. When someone is just starting, it can keep them out of the running. I wish there was a better way to rate too.

    10. Re: How do completed stories work?

      It might be a case of where the line is drawn re: monetization. If you aren't trying to find patrons or asking for donations, if you make it plain that you're just drafting a story, not marketing one, (...)

    11. Re: Follower to View ratio

      I don't know how much views affect rating placement, but number of followers doesn't seem to change it much, if at all. Personally, more followers with fewer views seems better than more views with fewer (...)

    12. Re: How do completed stories work?

      I'd expect that the trad publishers's stance is at least partly legal. There are so many sites to post fiction on the net. No one can be sure that what they've posted hasn't been ripped off. The risk of (...)

    13. Re: How do completed stories work?

      It might not apply - or it might. If you haven't already, maybe check out this recent thread

    14. Re: How do completed stories work?

      Yes - 1000 views? I'd fall off my chair! Ten is a good day. Depends on the genre - and what I post isn't in popular ones. But I agree. If writing a series, it's best not to split them. The readers never (...)

    15. Re: Goal achieved! Let's celebrate with free stuffs!

      Congratulations! It's great to see that your hard work has been worth the effort. Best of luck going forward.  And freebies? Awesome! Thank you! :DrakanWine:

    16. Re: How do completed stories work?

      It looks to me like how a completed story fares counts a lot on how popular it was before it was marked 'done'. And I don't know about anyone else, but when I use the advanced search, I filter out 'hiatus'. (...)

    17. Re: Hello, a new noob Unvisible writer.

      Hello and welcome. Hope your fiction does well and you get many more good interactions! Glad to see there's a forum-a-thon and that someday the ducks will be back too. :peoYes:

    18. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      Thank you for recommending my fic! The ones I've read are already on your list but as I get more, I'll add them. :peoapproval:

    19. Re: Introductions are needed

      Welcome! Good luck with your novel, and, as you can see, rep potatoes are hot around here. :DrakanWine:

    20. Re: Introduction, about a year too late

      Welcome - better late than never. Traitor Games sounds like a winner - good luck! :peoapproval: