1. Re: Free critical reviews.

      Might as well grab that 2 stars now. First story I've written, and I'm going for a slow burn. It can be a lot since there are a lot of characters and the main character is a collective, not a singular (...)

    2. Re: Continue...? A weekly reviewing service.

      If you're still doing this, I'm down. Story is in my description

    3. Re: Thedude3445's Weekly TheReviews3445 Thread (No Swaps, Don't Stop)

      "Fiber optics"  My story is kinda out of place on this website, but I'm sticking to this site. It's a basketball story. Inspired by anime, so it does have some anime-ish story beats, but it's mostly (...)

    4. Re: We don't have a Sports genre??

      Hi there, I'm the basketball author. Give it time and post in the forums. Call for review swaps and stuff like that. It may take time, but the shounen style should pick up easier, so you'll be good!

    5. Re: Free Review

      My story is in the signature. Hopefully, the story draws you in!

    6. Re: Pre-Release Reader + feedback giver?

      Hi There! Mag here! So, I'd like a reader, that's interested in my story, to be someone that reads my chapters before I release them. Someone to give feedback ahead of time. I have no idea how people (...)

    7. Re: Character Progression length?

      Hi there! Mag here again! How long do you usually give for a character to progress? Go ahead and give certain situations. I'm not just talking about power and abilities, but mentality and outlooks on (...)

    8. Re: Long Chapters vs Short Chapters

      So, which do you prefer in these two categories: 1. Reading 2. Writing So, for reading, I prefer short chapters tbh. I can get them done quickly, and am more likely to binge short chapters. (...)

    9. Re: Writing process

      The Magnificent writing process: 1. Remember where the old chapter left off 2. Look at my character outlines so I remember what each character's style is 3. Close my laptop/go on youtube and forget (...)

    10. Re: Comments?

      So, only one person really comments on my stuff, which has helped me a lot since I find criticism good. But I want more interaction. In my last episode, I asked a question at the end, in the Author's notes. (...)

    11. Re: What are some issues/lackings/annoying tropes/overdone cliches/etc. in super hero fiction?

      The hero is always morally good. I've seen it soooooo many times. That "don't kill the enemy" mindset. Bro, the Joker killed thousands, JUST RIP HIS HEAD OFF!

    12. Re: Cover in signature 1. Go to 2. Click on "Insert image" (the picture icon), or use (...)

    13. Re: Cover in signature

      How do I do it?

    14. Re: Review Swaps. I want to be buried in an avalanche of swap requests until I choke on them.

      I'll join in on the fun. I got a sports story, it's in my signature. You can stop at 24,000 if you want to keep it even with yours.

    15. Re: Looking for a cover (...)

    16. Re: Boxing Story?

      Hi, Mag Here! So, I haven't really considered writing a second story until recently, considering my first story is just starting. However, I've had a HUGE muse to write a boxing story here.... don't (...)

    17. Re: Looking for a cover

      Hi, Mag here! I'm looking for a cover for my book, which is in the description. A simple cover of a basketball, but dramatic with a mustang on it. Please respond if you're interested

    18. Re: Quick 10k Review Swaps! Come and get 'em while they're hot! As fast as I can pump them out! (3 per day!)

      I'm down. Link is in my signature, called "The Mighty Mustangs: A Basketball Story". I got a review I gotta do before I get to yours tho (The Lost Legionnaire, which I see you're going to review as well)

    19. Re: Advice about Main Character(s)?

      There are some authors that specialized in large groups of characters (...)