Jonathan H Knight

Jonathan H Knight

    1. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey everyone! This month I'd like to promote my second story, just started two weeks ago, easy to catch up. Urban fantasy/spy drama/thriller. Check it out!

    2. Re: 10.000

      Thank you guys!

    3. Re: 10.000

      Congrats! That is a solid milestone, well done! :DrakanWine: Thank you!

    4. Re: 10.000

      So I just reached 10.000 total views on my first story, Montgomery and Carano. It took about four months so I can't say it was fast, but I'm happy nevertheless. 

    5. Re: Offering Honest Reviews

      Hey, I could always use a honest opinion! Thanks in advance!

    6. Re: Anyone else have "disable" or "handicapped" characters?

      Well, my characters have several mental problems from depression to panic attacks, impostor syndrome, multiple personality disorder, alcoholism, anger management problems, unresolved childhood traumas, (...)

    7. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey, I'd like to join too. My story is an urban fantasy, with romantic and crime elements and with 57 chapters posted (that's 155k words). It's very much ongoing with two updates/week, so come, check it (...)

    8. Re: Character design

      Hey guys, so as I promised, here is the second page of the comic version of Montgomery and Carano:

    9. Re: Free critical reviews.

      Hey, I could use a review and I don't mind honesty, on the contrary. My story is an urban fantasy and I'm afraid there is romance in it, but I think it isn't the main focus. So if you are up for it, thanks (...)

    10. Re: Difficulties when focusing on Royal Road's chosen genres?

      I write a somewhat romantic, somewhat crime-focused urban fantasy and yes, truth to be told, it is hard to get noticed. I am not completely unsatisfied with the numbers my story produces, but I have seen (...)

    11. Re: Short, quick reviews for new or not as popular stories

      Hey there! Even though I have a little more views (still under 7000 though) I fit for all other requirements, so if you would consider to give a read to my urban fantasy story, you can find the link (...)

    12. Re: What makes a magical academy enjoyable to read about?

      I think students can die and parent will still send their kids to the school if the reward big enough. It can be a very high social status, a future brighter than the kid could ever reach otherwise, etc. (...)

    13. Re: Since reading is just as important as writing, what is everyone's favorite story of all time.

      Now that's a really hard question. How does one pick an absolute favourite? I think that at different times in my life I've always had a different favourite book. As a kid it was Harry Potter, especially (...)

    14. Re: Lost a follower today

      I can only agree with basically everyone who had spoken before me: feedback is hard to come by. I have more than 50 chapters uploaded and for that I've got like 25 comments, 25 followers and like one review (...)

    15. Re: Character design

      Beautifully done. The masks and lighting really give the picture a dream quality. Did notice some tense changes which I found confusing. Not sure if this was intentional. If so please ignore my comments. (...)

    16. Re: Character design

      So we decided to turn Montgomery and Carano into a comic book. Eventually. It will be a lot of work but here is the first page:

    17. Re: Character design

      Another great piece of art. I get a strong John Steed feel from Montgomery which I really like. The emotions on both their faces match what they're wearing to really show who these characters are. (...)

    18. Re: Character design

      Overcomplicated AppleĻ€ made a new cover art for me, check it out! What do you think?

    19. Re: Favorite Tropes?

      Not exactly sure if it count as a trope, but the Very Old Character. There is something very appealing to me in characters that lived centuries or more and have an incredible amount of knowledge (I am (...)

    20. Re: PC Busted...

      Happy to hear your PC is all good. I write on a painfully slow tablet hooked up with a cheap Bluetooth keyboard, because when my little old laptop decided to die I couldn't afford a new one. You get used (...)