1. Re: Offering Honest Reviews

      Is this still open (90% sure it's not, but worth a try)? In case it is, a honest critique of my story would be very much appreciated (I know it's not particularly good, but without honest critiques, I (...)

    2. Re: Free critical reviews.

      This is an very, very valuable service you're offering for free. My story is here and in my signature, so sign me up! I'm patient, you can do it in a year or two, I don't care (the later you kill my (...)

    3. Re: Review Swaps!

      I'm interested in a swap, too. I'll try to get as far as I can. My own story is in my signature.

    4. Re: Review swap

      I need something to read for tomorrow, so, sign me up. My story is in my signature.

    5. Re: First Chapter Review Swaps

      That sounds interesting. I've agonized for a long time whether my first chapter is any good. Link to my story is in my signature.

    6. Re: Review Swap

      I'm always ready for sci-fi review swaps, so sign me up (story in my signature)! I have no issues waiting in a queue, I have other reviews to do first myself.

    7. Re: Review Swap!

      Another sci-fi author? I'm totally in for a swap, the premise of your book intrigues me. My own is in my signature. I'll try to review your story as well as I can.

    8. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      Let's not waste time then: Title: Starsnatcher - Trapped In An Alien World Genre: (...)

    9. Re: Review Swap for Under-Represented Genres

      Many thanks for the comment (and for the review, too, that went fast)! I'm a bit short on time currently, but I think I should get the first six or seven chapters done by tomorrow.

    10. Re: Review Swaps. I want to be buried in an avalanche of swap requests until I choke on them.

      I'll be gone for a few weeks soon, so I hope I'll get some time to fulfill my end of the bargain. That being said, I have a space opera portal fantasy story with an almost identical word count to yours (...)

    11. Re: anyone else writing character-driven stories?

      To be fair, you can have stories with complex characters and even really character-driven stories where the protagonist doesn't really undergo a character arc. At least not the usual sort. Just wanted (...)

    12. Re: anyone else writing character-driven stories?

      As far as written stories go, having limited character development just doesn't feel like it would make for an engaging story unless it were short. I'd love to be proven wrong though. I haven't read (...)

    13. Re: Review Swap for Under-Represented Genres

      Mine (linked below) also kinda fits in the space opera thriller niche, so I'd be willing to trade. I'm a slow reader though, so it's gonna take me quite a while to read and review yours.

    14. Re: Review Swap.

      I think I'm up to the job. Mine is linked in the signature. Read as much as you want, but please at least until the fifth chapter (or chapter 1.5, as it is called there).

    15. Re: Quick 10k Review Swaps! Come and get 'em while they're hot! As fast as I can pump them out! (3 per day!)

      I'm willing to do a swap, too. My story (linked in the signature) is unfortunately a bit over 10k, but if it's too long, I'd already be satisfied with just the first four chapters (about 12k words. Does (...)

    16. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      Since this thread is all about shameless self-promotion, I won't pass up this opportunity. Starsnatcher - Trapped In An Alien World is basically a sci-fi/space portal fantasy/isekai with a strong emphasis (...)

    17. Re: Male to Female member ratio

      Add me to the dude list.

    18. Re: Uncommon Genres?

      My story Starsnatcher - Trapped In Another World might be about the only space opera portal fantasy in the world… Okay, I'm being hyperbolic, as I've definitely seen sci-fi themed isekai before (such (...)

    19. Re: Fight Scene Anatomy

      Ugh, fight scenes. One of the toughest pills to swallow was that my fight scenes would never be as cool as in my favorite anime, no matter how well I described them. I just don't have awesome music and (...)

    20. Re: To prologue or not to prologue?

      Personally, I find prologues to be most effective in horror and thriller stories. These genres tend to be very antagonist-driven and like to introduce their villain/monster by having them kill a red shirt (...)