1. Re: On the Subject of Ratings and Reviews; Or, How I lost the motivation to write following a bad rating

      I've done pro-writing and reviews can be brutal--or worse, say nothing. But you can't let it get to you because you will always have bad reviews, like the writer who told me about the one star book and (...)

    2. Only three of my books are showing up in my signature.

      Did they change the forum software, and if so, how do I select what books I want to have displayed. 

    3. How many people have seen radically different levels of popularity for their stories?

      I've got several stories out there, and I've noticed that there are radically different levels of popularity around them. The ratings I get are all fairly high, so  I'm not thinking that it's due to quality, (...)

    4. Re: Dear Authors: East Tale has posted your work!

      Has anybody succeeded in publishing their RR story on Amazon since Easttale started scraping? Is it still possible to get through the Amazon bots that check for exclusivity? I know some writers who (...)

    5. Re: Dear Authors: East Tale has posted your work!

      For those wanting help, I did an ICANN lookup and Easttale is hosted by:  Handle: 1 Name: Registration Private Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC Email: Select Contact Domain Holder link at https://www.godaddy.com/whois/results.aspx?domain=easttale.com (...)

    6. Re: Dear Authors: East Tale has posted your work!

      Heh. They got my story as well. Okay, gonna mention a few things. 1. Don't get too het up about it. This happens, and to be blunt, if Disney, with their legion of shark-attorneys, can't do anything (...)

    7. Alternating books

      Well, I'm at book III of a Sorceress on Earth, and I was considering pausing it and starting with another series. Part of the reason is that I sometimes find myself getting burned out, and it's a good (...)

    8. Final pre-publication edits make me hate life.

      Seriously, getting ready to publish to amazon and smashwords and it seems every time I turn around a new little issue has popped up. I also know that there will be 10+ issues I didn't see, but every reader (...)

    9. Anyone else dying from the heat?

      Because I am. I'm i socal and it feels like the insidious fusion of a Sauna and oven.  I know I don't have it as bad off as the people in other regions do, IE, Great Britain with their heat wave, but (...)

    10. Are rankings glitching?

      On my author page, I have "highest ranking:1" and while I'd love to say yes, I know that none of my stories, as of yesterday, even made it to the top 3000, let alone one. 

    11. Re: Putting a story on hiatus when it just doesn't seem to be grabbing people?

      Hmmm... I might then split the difference. Right now it's updating twice a week. Cut it down to once a week for a while, or perhaps once every two weeks. slower, but still updating. 

    12. Putting a story on hiatus when it just doesn't seem to be grabbing people?

      One of my stories is just not grabbing people. the people who read it like it, but the numbers have stabilized and their not super high. So I was thinking of putting it on hiatus after this volume, since (...)

    13. So, how many writers here use dictation software?

      And if you do, what type of software do you use? I'm starting to think of getting into it because there have been several points where my muse is still strong, but my fingers? Yeah, they are weak and crying. (...)

    14. Re: Exclusivity VS Crossposting

      As said above, crossposting can create some issues if you are thinking of going with KU. But I think the biggest issue? AS said above, the more place you crosspost to, the more places you need to focus (...)

    15. First or Third Person POV, which do you prefer?

      When I first got started, generally most fiction was third person. (Yes, I'm old. I remember when Floppy disks were this miraculous new technology replacing tape players). How however, I've noticed a trend, (...)

    16. Finished two volumes!

      Of A Sorceress On Earth!  Finishing the first book is easy. Finishing the second... is hard. Now to get the rest done. Actually pretty damned happy!

    17. Re: What Exactly Is Traumatizing Content?

      Using a joke in my first warning "chapter", I classified traumatizing content as "gay characters showing up/inclusivity" to avoid dealing with homophobic readers later. Dammit, you owe me a new keyboard. (...)

    18. Re: Update length vs frequency

      I think a lot of it depends on your book and story structure. A chapter is something you should feel a sense of completion when you come to the end, and sets you up for the next chapter. That's why chapter (...)

    19. Handling planned breaks.

      So, I have a story and it's getting close to the point where I'll have two volumes ready to go on Amazon/Smashwords. I might have to have about a week's hiatus before I start up with the next volume.  (...)

    20. Different books, same story--keep or separate?

      I'm finishing up some books here, and the general thrust is its a number of small (20-30K) stories that make up a larger series. As I get to each one, I'm going to polish it up, ebook it and then send (...)