The world traveler from the future

First thing the concept of mixing cultivation, magic,Litrpg is a good concept with the use of AI. Grammer,Style and description of the scenes are good without a doubt.


Spoiler: Spoiler

 Priorities misplaced, Concept of the world unknown or the word concept is.

The Jade Dragon

A good start but need a little work

The story started nicely, about the bully and family situation. They were teleported and dragged in the situation on the go was nice but the confusion with the prince and time travel is immense.

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The Runesmith

Smithing his way to the top

A different route for the Mc, rather than being simply op.

The story started well, system introduction is way clearer than many I have read and way better. It is like starting on the narrow road and then moving slowly to the highway. A study pace to the story which reflets the author's style to be consistent and improving with the story.

Characters in the story have different shades, even if they were mentioned for a short term, that is to say great work here. Plot is also nicely developed with it.

Grammer needs little works, but its way more than manageble.

Great work in progress.

Hope it delivers with this pace like slowly smithing the metal until it became masterpiece.



Dr. Zlo always said "We are Villain's of Class". Indeed a Master Class Villain.

Lets talk about one thing that is what makes it all possible, the special world that allowed whatever you want to do. And as a fantanstical writer "Tetran" literally with the help of his 'League of Villains' did everything possible. A 'Perfect Example' of Great World, Story building,Plot,and last but not least Style.

As for our lead character it is blast. A Nuke that blasted this whole novel to this height.

A Great Work.

From a villainous fan of Dr. Zlo

Lonely Light (Complete)

Heart stirring bomb of emotions and understandings

A good concept that was executed brilliantly. It was a good ride that stir and simulate many emotions.It has a little bit of everything that a story should have, but focused on the right thing.

A whole package with nothing to fault at except on thing that we need a little bit more, just that.

A Good, and very well done Work.

Azarinth Healer

light and refreshing take on this Genre and one that Nailed it.

My favourite part about the story is that the way it started, maybe  clique but a better one. Trainning was good and slowly building the story was good. But what was best was fuck everything and just enjoy everything what you do.

If we go about grammer its a mess that you are definately don't want to clean. Plot was fun but the part about Eve and Trian as you described nedded but was strecthed. The north ark was back to being fun part then again the Eve related business is not definately something that I want MC to be in.

A good work with steady improvement, sometimes it becomes a bumpy ride.

If you can ignore the grammer than a must read.