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      Welcome and have fun! you can @teenytilly someone's name, though a quote works as well. Make sure to write outside the quote block, so it's easy to see who wrote what. In many cases I actually replace (...)

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      @MrBadWithNames thank you so much for the welcome! 

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      hi, @xian nice to meet you. thanks so much! 

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      Welcome to Royal Road. I also migrated here from WattPad. Been seeing a lot of that recently. The community here is great and I'm sure your stories will find a good audience. Lots of great stories here (...)

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      Hi teenytilly, and welcome! I'm sure you'll find a following here and I wish you luck. Does your poetry span the gamut of topics, or do you write poem about anything in particular? hi there! thank (...)

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      Hi, welcome to RR. I joined up a few days ago, and so far the community seems pretty friendly so I'm sure you'll make some nice friends.  I've also come from Wattpad to try and find a new place to (...)

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      hi, guys! i’m tilly, and i’m new here. i have literally no idea what i’m doing, i barely know how to work the site yet, but i was looking for somewhere to post my work outside of wattpad, since the only (...)