1. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      The Merchant Prince A tale if deceit and trade. A slow burn fantasy novel of court intrigue. 

    2. Re: Some of my chapters have more reads than others?

      Read counts can be tricky.  First of all, I'm convinced that there are web crawlers and scrapers that get counted in the view count.  A bit after I release a chapter there will be a sudden jump in view (...)

    3. Re: Non-LitRPG review Swap

      I'm down for a swap, check out my story The Merchant Prince and Pm if you are interested

    4. Re: Review Swap: Fantasy/LitRPG

      Hey, I'd be interested in doing a review swap.  My work is The Merchant Prince.  The end of chapter 3 would be the 10k word mark.

    5. Re: Writing a negative review for a swap.

      Maybe just PM them your review and ask them if they want you to post the review or not? Edit:   Try to include a lot of constructive feedback too, that way they get something out of it even if they (...)

    6. Re: Review Swap :)

      I'd be down for a swap.  My story is The Merchant Prince.  10k words would get you to the end of chapter 3.  Thanks.

    7. Re: Bubbles does review swaps for internet points

      Hey, I'd appreciate a review.  My work is The Merchant Prince, it's a tale of intrigue set in a Merchant Republic.

    8. Re: How You as an Author Came to this Writing (Royal) Road

      When I was about nine years old, I read The Elfstones of Shannara and dreamed of becoming an author.  I would write stories, or at least the beginnings of stories, often.  I stopped writing once I hit (...)

    9. Re: Review Swap!

      I'd like to do a review swap.  My work is The Merchant Prince.  Your work looks interesting.  Hopefully, we enjoy each other's works.

    10. Re: I HIT TRENDING!!

      Congrats.  I enjoyed reading your work during our review swap.  Hopefully your writing quality translates into a follower explosion. 

    11. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey, I'd like to promote my story The Merchant Prince.  A story of intrigue set in a Merchant Republic.  It's a slow paced, detailed story, of a member of a wealthy family struggling for control of the (...)

    12. Re: Lookin' for a swappin'

      I'd be up for it.  My work is The Merchant Prince.  I'll be able to check yours out sometime tomorrow.  And I know the feeling, I made trending then got hit with a few 1's, 1.5's and 2's.

    13. Re: the veil is broken

      All work and no pllay makes Jack a dulll  boy

    14. Re: Gaining and losing followers

      I've seen the same thing happen on my story too.  I suspect there are people who will follow based on the synopsis, title, and cover, but once they read it realise its not something they are interested (...)

    15. Re: Review Swap! (LitRPG, Apocalypse, Politics)

      I would like to do a review swap.  My story The Merchant Prince takes place in a fantasy setting, is somewhat political in nature, and the main character is supposed to be intelligent.  I'd like a normal (...)

    16. Re: Looking for review swaps

      sounds good to both of you.   I already started on merticore, once I'm done that review I'll move on yours RicksySnowy.  That'll be enough swaps for me for a while, I'm about to be a bit busy with life.

    17. Re: Looking for review swaps

      sounds good ztaylor, I'll check it out once I'm done the swap I'm on right now from a PM.  Is there somewhere specific you want me to read up to?

    18. Re: Looking for review swaps

      Hey, I have a bunch of free time now and am looking to do more review swaps.  If anyone is interested, reply or send me a PM.

    19. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      I would like to promote my work The Merchant Prince. it's a fantasy that has a setting inspired by the merchant republics of Renaissance Italy.  So far it's 100 pages, but it's just getting started.  It (...)

    20. Re: A desperate author looking for readers and answers

      Hey Ariana, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your work when we did that review swap and I think I even said that I was confused why your story wasn't more popular.  I think the best strategy (...)