Drinker of the Yew: A Necromancer's Tale

I fell into this world, and I was instantly invested. I wanted to know about the wife, why the villagers were so wary, and the paladin husband who arrived to save the day. The story does not wait long to dive into the wife's past, as the villagers want answers and they are suspicious enough to demand it of her husband, but it is she who stands in front of them and tell them who she is while standing tall and unflinching in the face of their wariness.  

Grammar is awesome. Nothing caught my eye and it was smooth sailing.  

The style was absolutely wonderous, and I really like it.  

The characters, woah. Just woah. Even from the villagers, you get the impression that these are people in a world who have their own problems and concerns. They feel alive.  

The world building is present but it isn't anything overly detailed. It more of a slow picture being painted as you get used to the foreign words and land. I suspect as the story progress these terms will become very familiar.   

The story is amazing. It pulls you in and leaves you wanting when you realize not a lot of chapters have been published yet. Needless to say, this has been favorited and I will be following. I can’t wait until more chapters are posted. Really great work. 

Space Lord (on Rewrite)

To be blunt; the first few chapters are difficult to get through as many of the other reviewers have stated. It did not grab my attention. It did not make me want to continue onward to the next chapter, and it did not even make me interested in any of the other characters. Instantly, I felt detached.  

I would highly recommend heavily editing the first few chapters as they don't do the actual story justice.  

Now, onward to the story. It's another slow roll. At least, at the beginning (Because I did not get far before I started skipping around and skimming). From what little I did see; it seems the story focuses on progression and development through a classroom setting and I honestly think it seemed fun. I love the teachers and how they were quick to push these students into line, painting a picture of a reality the students seem detached from. It certainly has a lot of potential in that aspect.  

Characters, well, the main characters are a bit bland. For the moment, other than their unique abilities, there is nothing that separate them from the others of stories on this site. They just...are. Nothing overly deep about them.  

Grammar, there is a lot of room for improvement. Same for the style. 

Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer

Going into reading this, my thoughts were pretty clear. 

1. The world set-up was pretty great and there seems to be a LOT of different gods, which makes sense. 

2. Rohl had big dreams for such a humble beginning. 

3. The world-building is pretty fantastic.

4. Sami seems like a pretty cool sister and character in comparison to her brother. 

5. The creatures of this world are actually creepy and come off as very threatening and dangerous. 

Overall, I liked it quite a bit. It's a slow roll of a story, but it also feels alive. I was surprised to see this was not tagged as Slice of Life because this is definitely what it feels like it is. About Rohl's life and his tenacity and bravery in a single moment that grants him a gift that will help him reach his most ambitious goal. Rohl will have to put in the work and effort to learn exactly what this gift is and how to use it, but there is little doubt he is determined to do exactly that.


Not Everyone's Lv Zero (Reload)

I haven't read too far into this story, but honestly, I can say this is my cup of tea right off the bat. 

The story is slow build and slice of live and that is perfectly alright with me. It has a chill and calm pace, so if you are interested in fast gain and fast reward, this isn't the story for you.  

Mannat is our MC, and at the beginning, he is a small boy who sticks out from the rest as he is gifted with skills at a very young age. But even so, Mannat is determined to follow in his father footsteps and put in the work to do so and I'm eager to follow his journey as he grows into himself and learn a lot along the way. 

The first chapter is a bit rough. Mainly because some of the paragraphs aren’t properly spaced and it takes a while to bring up the subject of tension and fear. For a moment, we just go into little circles before things move along.  

But once that first part is out of the way, we get thrown right into Mannat's life a few years down the road. He is older, and still sticks out like a sore thumb, but this character is the type to hold true to himself and isn’t afraid to question things or go on his own path even as a child. It just makes you wonder who this boy will grow up to be once he becomes an adult.