The Morgulon

If you're reading this review, know that it's one of the best fictions on RRL and the web in general, definitely a must read!

The characters come alive in every interaction and every scene. The setting is unique and complex, but master Kerma B here knows how to make the most of it for us readers. There is also a lot worlduilding and lore to compound its amazingness!

Cons of this story..... I believe the reason this fiction is not among the top 10-20 here in RRL is because the title and description are not good enough, could be waaaay better and more interesting/intriguing. 

Edit: After reading all that has been written here, I've come to realise the writing style is kind of lacking sometimes. Also, most characters introduced latter in the story don't feel real... with some exceptions of course. I've changed the score to reflect all of this.


Jackal Among Snakes: GameLit Fantasy Progression

It is good, so good!

Definitely a very good read, top quality writing, as was already seen in the authors previous work, if not better.

The setting is not unique, but the way it all plays out seems to be quite original. It has a flavour of the author's successfull last work, and it works even better here.

If you have read the authors previous work, you will feel that the characters are kind of a reshuffling of the ones in his last work. It works quite well however in the new setting.

An Unknown Swordcraft

The isekay theme seems off, unnecesary to tell the story. It only adds more dificulty in suspending disbelief for the reader.

The writing is good, not great however. Didn't see flagrant grammar mistakes or any such problems.

On the other hand, the story reads flat. For example, the scenes might have tension, but the reader does not feel any. There is no emotion in anything.

Peculiar Soul

An unique Journey, masterfully written

Peculiar soul is a journey of the soul, as well as for the reader, as we discover this world as it is being narrated, masterfully so. The story's pace resembles a slow burn, interspred with moments of vertigo and sharpness to keep us on our toes. Tension is real, very real! 

The cast is alive, they feel real and act like it as well. The worldbuilding is masterful, it has a lot of depth. The beginning paragraphs of every chapter also show  a glimpse of the political aspects of the world! Truly amazing.

The writting is simply amazing, easy to understand what's going on, conversations very real, you basically start reading and don't even notice when the chapter is over (and they are on the long side!). I've not seen typos or grammar problems (maybe there are, and didn't see them). The quality and style are totally top notch, would not be surprised if the author is a pro writer in real life, who is diversifying his readership base.

One more thing, this story also delves into a lot of sociological and philosophical aspects, and it does so masterfully (in my humble opinion), taking into consideration a global scope fitting for this story.

Keep up the good work! Hope the ending is as good as the story has been so far!

In summary: If you're not a zombie, this is definitely worth your time.

Defiance of the Fall

Evolving story, trading pacing for complexity

In the beginning, this was a base, fast paced, but ultimately very simple story. Survive and kill stuff till there is nothing left. It may have had it's appeal in as a concept in the beginning, but one cannot write a story of only survive and kill stuff and keep readers interested. 

The author here, choose to add complexity, depth in his worldbuilding at the expense of pacing. In my humble opinion, it was a masterstroke, because now the story feels progressively more mature, descriptions are better, there are side stories as well, perspectives of other relevant characters that interact with the MC, ultimately veering off the path of simpleminded "survive and kill" idea.

In conclusion, style has progressed a lot from the beginning. Some might not like the more vast universe of latter chapters, because it ensues slower pacing, but for me? It's masterfully done. 

Characters are fleshed out, emotions feel mostly real. On the down side, because of the setting, interactions are not as intense emotionally and it hurts on some chapters. There is room for improvement here.

The story is simple, but it grows consistently more complex with time. It feels at times like it's only random luck... but it also feels like ..."a miriad of clashing motives" by all characters living in this world. It does not feel forced (most of the time), specially in latter chapters.

Shame the full story is no longer in RRL.

Edit: It has been pointed out to me that there are some grammar flaws here and there, thus I am updating my score on that front.

Planetary Cultivation

This story is awesome! The setting is very very unique, characters are totally relatable and the world feels alive! 

I am no fan of the xianxia genere but this one? Feels totaly different, better, as xianxia ought to be without OP characters, harems or other ridiculous stuff that often plagues the genre.

I am not giving it 5/5 because the ending/closure matters (think game of thrones), and we are not there yet, will probably update my review later.

The Journey of a God: Book 1

The premise seemed promising on paper, but the level of suspension of disbelief needed to swallow this is just too much. Nothing is explained or properly described. It happens even with seemingly "normal" settings. Basically the story is not solid. It does not flow, the reader does not feel immersed in it. 

For example, there is no explanation or description about the world where the MC lives. There is no character development at all before shit hits the fan, thus it feels like a 3rd person narration, even when it is not. it seems like many people on the MC's world can do extraordinary stuff, but nothing is explained in that regard.

For example, talking animals means conciousness, which already implies huge differences in how the environment works! 

The writing style is not good. The story does not flow, and scenes feel confusing, which compounds some settings that can be already confusing.

Characters are.... okay, the best part besides grammar really. They don't feel truly alive, but could get there with a rewrite. It is not easy to write about OP characters, especially if one wants them to feel human or relatable.

If you like OP characters, and can get past the writing, then this work may be for you....

Otherwise I can't in good faith recommend this work.

Note: Maybe the newer chapters are better, but I could not get there.

Nandemonogatari: The Story of Something Else

I tried, I really tried to bypass and overlook the horrible writting style used for this story.... as you can probably see, I didn't manage to overcome it enough to continue reading past the first chapter.

If the story is good, I can't tell, because the writting makes even simple conversation confusing. 

Virtuous Sons

It's been a while since i've given 5/5 to anything, but this story is seriously well written. Interesting setting, an ever expanding world, lifelike and charismatic characters, and tension everywhere.

If you want to read about fighting only, this is not for you. Virtuous sons is all about intent and meaning, and thus a fight is in its essense a philosophical discourse as well. It's what makes this story great, different and unique.

The writing is very good, a few typos here and there, but it is expected, given the speed at which the author is releasing new chapters.

Simply an amazing, awesome, impressive story to read. Give it a try!


Masterpiece in the making (hopefully)

The title of the reveiw says it all really. This is in my opinion one of the novels with the most potential in RRL right now. The setting and characters are interesting, the characters are really fleshed out and mundane interactions and dialogs give it fresh air every chapter.

The best: Worlduilding is great! Setting and main ideas have a lot of potential.

The worst: The starting sequence was too short, there was very little introduction to the MC's  backstory, making it difficult sometimes understanding where he is comming from (mundane appreciations of before/after).

It deserves 5/5, and I have high hopes for this novel.

Edit: The quality of the chapters has been dropping slowly as the story advances, focusing on fast paced action. I sincerely hope the author slows down a little, takes some time to develop the world, characters, to even things out.