Tower of Somnus

My first dystopian story, and I am intrigued!

TL;DR of this review:
Overall - 5/5
Grammar - 5/5
Style - 5/5
Story - 5/5
Characters - 5/5 (If I could give a higher rating, I would, but unfortunately the 5-star rating system limits me. God, how I detest Arnold.)


As I read through the first text of the first chapter, I can say this without a single doubt in my mind, the grammar in this story is impeccable—and dare I say almost perfect. I wasn't able to spot any visible mistakes, and if even I could even, I'd shrug them off as minor as I put myself in the shoes of a general reader.

The style of writing is fantastic; it fills very well with the theme of the story. The descriptions that the author wrote are well-done, and you can find this aspect shine most especially within the fight scenes in the later chapters. Out of topic, but because of the descriptions used in the first chapter, I painted an image of the bird people as being pudgy little doves that wore sci-fi cloaks or the sort.

The author has set and readied an array of words in his vocabulary, thus maintaining the freshness of each sentence.

For the story itself, I was immediately hooked right as I finished up the last words in the prologue. A certain aspect that piqued my interest in the story most was the conversation that the avian fellow had. It made me want to delve deep more into learning more about the "Tower of Somnus" game, what powers people would receive in the game, what were these megacorporations, and so forth. I will not mention further any segment that occurs right after the prologue, the reason being that I wish to avoid giving out spoilers. 

If you enjoy stories that have Virtual Reality-esque aspects and with an enormous amount of dystopian elements sprinkled on it, I can say that the story is right up your alley. This story has definitely piqued my interest in the entire genre, and I will store this story in a special corner of my memory for hooking me into this genre.

As for the characters, they all have a distinct personality that makes them stand out from each other, and as far as I’ve read, they are three-dimensional. The one that caught my attention out of the bunch was surprisingly not the main character, but 'twas our "sadboi" Arnold, the reason being is...

(Do not press the spoiler button if you haven't gone past over 5 chapters for obvious reasons.)

The reason for my hatred for him is his rash attitude and his distrust for Dorrik. Both his arrogance and sheer stupidity at some moments get on my nerves. If the author foreboded this man as being manipulative, I can say that he succeeded. However, despite my somewhat harsh reasons for hating him, it gives him that certain charm as a character that I sort of adore.

After I finished reading the tenth chapter, I threw a minute celebration inside my head, repeating three simple words as I imagined myself conversing with him. "gg no re."

Good riddance of him, and I hope it remains that way for the time being. Soon after I post this review, I'll continue reading further, and hopefully, I see Arnold become humbled.

Overall, the characters have a certain quirk that makes them stand out from each other. Another thing that I really enjoyed in this story is the dynamic between our "manipulative sadboi" and our main character, Kat.

Once I am free from my school's schedule, I'll try to add further to this review.


The Merchant Prince Book 1: Returning Home

A fantastic story about the nobility, with a great setting!

Overall - 5/5

Had to question if I was going to get hooked into the story, but that all changed right after the events of Chapter 2. Chapter 1 was mostly peaceful, then Chapter 2 just changed all of that.

Grammar - 5/5

Just one complaint, I suggest adding space with each paragraph, since I got confused with some parts. Thankfully, the indentions do help. Despite my complaint, I'll still uphold my 5-star rating for this.

Story - 5/5

I was tricked into thinking that the story was all about Augustus and the natives they met in the prologue of the story.

The actual story is all about the nobility backstabbing each other, just so they can receive power in their family (i.e. the DeCastellian family). It's a nice break from all the common types of novels here.

Style - 4.5/5

Now, there are some parts of the story with extremely long dialogue. I suggest shortening some of it. The descriptions, mixed in with the slow pacing, helped me get a vivid imagination of how the world, and characters looked.

Despite the slow pacing, I was managed to be still hooked in. The pacing helps a lot with the story. It helps us understand more about the world the story is set in, the characters, etc. I could see why the author chose to do so.

The author has quite a wide vocabulary, so good on that as well.

Characters - 5/5

Out of all the characters I've been introduced to so far, Augustus is the one I see which is fleshed out. We know all about his past, his personality, etc.

As for the events in Chapter 3, it was quite a joy knowing that he was also disgusted by the actions done by Marcus. However, in Chapter 6, I do feel like he was kind of a douche to Marielle.

Now, in Chapter 4, we are introduced to the 2nd protagonist, Marielle. She was a character that out of all the people we are introduced to, the one I'm quite intrigued about. I was especially hooked on to her right after Chapter 5,

Spoiler: Spoiler

The villain, whose name I shall not mention, is quite... a douchebag, just from reading the dialogue about him.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Now, for the final verdict, do I recommend this story? Hell yes, I would indeed recommend it! 


Valkyria Heart: A modern fantasy (on break until late fall)

Story – 5/5

The story is quite interesting, I like it so much. The synopsis helped me understand a bit more of the story as I read through the chapters.

Spoiler: Chapter 8

 I have so much more to say, but I can’t find the right words on how to express how I enjoy this story.

Style – 4.5/5
Very good, it’s written in the Third Person perspective, and the execution was fantastic. The descriptions written by the author are very nice too; it gave me a vivid painting of what was going on as I was reading through the text. The author has a wide vocabulary as from what I could’ve read, so he has large disposal of words ready at hand whenever he needs to write descriptions.

The action scenes in Chapters 1 and 2 are quite fascinating to read, and like I’ve said, his descriptions help a lot.

I also like the little bits at the end of each chapter, explaining things that may be confusing for the reader.

Grammar – 4.5/5
Exceptionally great, I’ve seen no problem except for some minor mistakes.

Characters – 5/5
Our main character is Ragna, and as I read Chapters 1 and 2, I told myself “I probably won’t like her,” but when Chapter 3 came, that’s where it all changed. From then on, I liked her personality. She’s pretty fleshed out, so that’s nice.

As for Altera, at first, I thought she was going to be the antagonist, turns out I’m wrong. That’s a plus for tricking me.

As for Sven, I was about to write something about him, when he just went “Aight, ima head out”...

As for Princess Aurelia, even though it’s just been a few chapters, I've already become intrigued in seeing more of her.

If you ask me who is my favorite out of all, it's either Aurelia or Ragna.

Overall – 5/5
Do I recommend this story? Without a doubt in my mind, absolutely! I'll recommend it to my classmates who are interested in fiction.