1. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Well, I'm hardly there. I've only got 180 followers at the moment, but I did make it to trending once, so why not again, right?

    2. Re: 20,000 at last!

      So in the end you went with different books and redirected readers to them. Not quite. I tried a middle path. I kept posting in the same fiction, but changed its "cover" and title. The other two (...)

    3. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Praise be to God, the world seems to have enough assholes for every region and every occasion.

    4. Re: Need some recommendations

      I have a story about a dwarf paladin who's totally sick of living with her annoying clan, so she goes on a quest in order to save enough money to get a place of her own, away from dwarfs and duty. On the (...)

    5. Re: 20,000 at last!

      I'm trying! I make sure to post at least two updates per week and I almost never kill my readers. Huh…Val tries and turns his readers inside out. Currently having a new plan for the finale of my second (...)

    6. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Keep it up. 🐕 I'm trying! I make sure to post at least two updates per week and I almost never kill my readers.

    7. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Thanks! Already at 21,000. Not sure how this happened. Consider buying the analytics...

    8. Re: How fast do you type?

      I actually took the time to test it. So-so. https://i.imgur.com/doy0sm4.jpg

    9. Re: Do you "advertise" your stories?

      Should I make a subforum for Advertising?  I think it would be very helpful, for sure. We could see what works and what doesn't work and learn together how to better promote our work online. I'm (...)

    10. Re: Do you "advertise" your stories?

      What prompted me to ask this question is how do some people end up with millions of views. Obviously, they write good stories, but I sense that this isn't enough.

    11. Re: Dwarf Society Experience?

      My novel is about a dwarf who is utterly sick of dwarf society... :)

    12. Re: Illustrations for me novel

      A few years ago, I crowdfunded and self-published a short story cycle set in my native Israel. Each story took a real place I like in the country and made it cooler with magic, monsters and adventures. (...)

    13. Re: Looking for female MCs, not romance

      My story is a litRPG about a dwarf who goes on a quest to save enough money to get a place of her own, one where no one will wake her up at dawn to do the dishes. There's no romance in the novel and the (...)

    14. Re: Do you "advertise" your stories?

      RR has yet to track discord referrals so it could be fruitless for all I know. I also post chapters releases and page fictions on Twitter, but I get the odd handful of users who have a few sessions before (...)

    15. Re: Dungeon map

      Beware the Halfling! Oh, you've read the story, haven't you? :)

    16. Re: Boring Readers

      I liked every comment I got so far. They were always humorous and kind. I really love this community. A great antidote for the toxicity of just about anywhere else.

    17. Re: Do you "advertise" your stories?

      What I mean is: do you try to draw readers from outside of Royal Road? Like, post links in your social network, in other forums, etc? If yes, where, how often, and do you feel it helped you gain views?

    18. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Today, my main fiction broke 20,000 views and my secondary fiction broke 1,000. My tertiary fiction is at a nice, round 10... :/ So yeah, might take the latter two behind and barn and, you know, the thing. (...)

    19. Re: Where are you from?

      Israel, but I was born in the Soviet Union. That's right comrades, I hail from a fallen empire!

    20. Re: Not your typical orc

      I haven't done them. Their mothers did. Unless you mean "done" colloquially, in which case it's only true for two of them :P  On a more serious note, I love inviting artists to my games because you (...)