1. Re: MORE ART FOR MY BOOK: Enjoy

      The first one is terrific. Every D&D party ought to have a painting like this :D

    2. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Finished my first novel, several chapters into the next. There's a ghoul who's always naked. You should totally read it.

    3. Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

      Ancient Russian and modern Jewish culture, classic D&D goofiness, old fantasy board games, my friends, my students, Dungeon! board game

    4. Re: Illustrations for me novel!

      Maaaan, I need practise... Feel like sharing any of your art?

    5. Re: How is everyone today

      I just so an adventuring party consisting of two cats and a hedgehog exploring a graveyard, so I'm good. https://i.imgur.com/v1d6lH3.jpg

    6. Re: Is the writing/book industry rigged?

      Nothing where there's money and power can be fair. That's one of the reasons I'm so attracted to new and niche genres such as litRPG. Also: thank God for self-publishing :)

    7. Re: Boredom.

      Start a revolution in a small republic oppressed by a dictator. Overthrow his government. Design a very silly flag and a hillarious anthem for the liberated republic. 

    8. Re: Boasting the Number of Votes my fiction got

      I had 18 votes for a week or so but I guess they withered away...

    9. Re: When do you read?

      I listen to audiobooks during walks and commutes and read before bed. Usually for about an hour.  When do you read?

    10. Re: Reputation crystals

      Saying nice or funny things helps. I heard you can also steal people's souls, but I'm not sure how to do this.

    11. Re: Illustrations for me novel!

      I so so SO so wanna read a story about a were-book. ❤😻❤ And now you can! :)

    12. Re: Rite of passage achieved!

      I got one of these the day I hit trending. I think there may be some trolls among us :D

    13. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Having just half of them following over in a week could be enough to hit trending.  I have no idea how this system works now, but I'll try this as soon as I reach the next book or start a spin-off. (...)

    14. Re: Just did a triple!

      Ah, nice round numbers! I like those :D

    15. Re: Illustrations for me novel!

      Oh, that's one done and done. I'm not dwarfs now :D 

    16. Re: Do you write chapters in order?

      Sometimes I have a great idea for a chapter and I just write it and then sort of connect the dots until I reach it. One friend told me he starts from chapter seven, writes until the end of the book and (...)

    17. Re: Is there a place for other genres than LitRPG on RoyalRoad?

      Ish? I honestly come here for litRPGs, but I'm posting a non-litRPG story too. It get's a fraction of the views of my litRPG story and no comments at all, but it does get some views...

    18. Re: Illustrations for me novel!

      These are awesome, man! If you ever do a comic book adaptation of your novel, this art style is perfect. Which novel?

    19. Re: Visibility, and How to Get it?

      I only see 4 chapters for your story. Maybe you've got way more. But at this very moment, you look more like somebody procrastinating, than an author, to me. If you've already got a backlog of 30 (...)