1. Re: Need help with character names!

      Spammers are very creative when it comes to coming up with cool-sounding names. Whenever I need a name, I just open the spam folder in my G-mail or check all the friend requests from the hot girl in my (...)

    2. Re: Shalom from the Dwarfs!

      Heh, with my empire of 26 followers, there is little risk of that :)

    3. Re: What to post

      I hope this is the right thread for this question: What do you think is the ideal number of words for each fiction post? For example, if a chapter runs 5,000+ words, would you break it to several units (...)

    4. Re: Shalom from the Dwarfs!

      I've only been here for a couple of weeks, but so far it's been terrific. Like the good old days when the internet was a fun place and not a battlefield. 

    5. Re: Guild Uniform Design

      I hope these are white gloves. A costume like this cries for white gloves :D

    6. Re: Shalom from the Dwarfs!

      Hope you enjoy it, Oskatat! And thanks for the amazing review, Parkertallan! I don't have a proper cover yet, but I did edit my signature. My "day job" is running RPGs and board games for kids in schools (...)

    7. Re: Stargate style novels?

      I'll check it out! Thanks!

    8. Re: Stargate style novels?

      Can anyone recommend novels that deal with gate travel between planets and realities, gate warfare, exploration, etc...?

    9. Re: Free anime style cover for 5+ episodes novel.

      Wow, this is very kind of you! My novel is already inspired by anime, so your style would be perfect. The main heroine is a young dwarf moon paladin named Hilda. She's perpetually grumpy but has an (...)

    10. Re: Shalom from the Dwarfs!

      Hey! So, I'm not really a dwarf (yeah, sorry to disappoint you guys...) but I do love this race and plan to give it the spotlight it so rarely receives. I found this site after listening to an audiobook (...)

    11. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      I've seen several people here mention that you can't get into trending without a cover picture. Are there any specific requirements for this cover picture or will any art do?

    12. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey, I've only joined RRL about a week ago and only started posting in the forum about, um, ten minutes ago, so here goes nothing! My "day job" is to run board and role-playing games for kids in schools (...)

    13. Re: Do dwarves deserve the love?

      Dwarfs were my favorite fantasy race ever since I discovered that Tolkien based the on the Jewish people. I've never been as proud to be a Jew as when I imagined myself part of Thorin's band in the Hobbit (...)