1. Re: How You as an Author Came to this Writing (Royal) Road

      I listened to a very nice audiobook about a mimic that becomes a character. It was very unique (plus my first brush with litRPG) so I googled it and found to this amazing site. I read a couple more stories (...)

    2. Re: Looking for dungeon core stories.

      I'm writing a story about a dwarf paladin who needs 10,000 gp and a human barbarian who only raids dungeons so he could steal doors, based on the old Dungeon! board game. 99% of the story takes place inside (...)

    3. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      Thank you! And all the best with your art. Your page is really lovely.

    4. Re: Rare genres?

      Your replies are very encouraging. I think I'll give it a shot! :D

    5. Re: I made a map for my story - show me yours?

      I'm way too lazy for that :P I'm just using a slightly modified map of the old Dungeon! board game. I'm even randomly drawing game cards when I run out of story ideas. Don't know if it's a good way (...)

    6. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      You should probably commission a cover once you start thinking about publishing, I doubt forgotten realms would let you use the dwarf image. (totally shoehorning self promo here, but take a look at (...)

    7. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      The background or the blob?

    8. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      Hm, I tried using bricks or stone background but it really screamed "bad photoshop" because every bg I found was painted in a different style than the character.

    9. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      You did Hilda very well. I agree that some sort of background would help. Not anything too detailed, but something to offset all that white.  It's an image I found online. I wish I could draw anywhere (...)

    10. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      Very much, thank you!  *goes back to the drawing board...*

    11. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      I decided my book needs a real cover. I like the image and I like the font, but for some reason this cover doesn't work for me. I feel it can be a whole lot better. Any suggestions? Thanks! https://i.ibb.co/MkJ6MQv/graffiti-1.jpg

    12. Re: I made a map for my story - show me yours?

      I'm cheating :D https://i.ibb.co/k3Vf5GQ/pic4606766-marked.jpg

    13. Re: Rare genres?

      This is a question mostly for the old timers: I went over popular stories and they're almost universally litRPG-adjacent or Eastern-style fantasy/ light science fiction (not precise terminology but I think (...)

    14. Re: My editor

      I don't have a cat. I have a 9-tailed fox that floats on a bubble and distracts me with its tails fluffing by my head. Ah well. Does it at least make helpful story suggestions?

    15. Re: My editor

      He has a sister who isn't doing anything important at the moment... :P

    16. Re: My editor

      Maybe he wasn't raised on the right literature? My cat chewed the corners of some fine books recently.

    17. Re: Do you start at 5 or 0 when reviewing?

      I haven't reviewed any stories here (joined quite recently), but I do review a lot of books on Goodreads and movies on IMDB. I'd say I start with a passing grade (3.5?) and adjust from there. However, (...)

    18. Re: My editor

      Working hard to bring you best spelling! :P https://scontent.ftlv6-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/117774333_10157036204111780_4151273290907353140_o.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_sid=0be424&_nc_ohc=d_pr6z4_emwAX9qocSz&_nc_ht=scontent.ftlv6-1.fna&oh=330209e455eea6d06926fc5294a1f44f&oe=5F652490

    19. Re: What to post

      Ah, I never considered adjusting chapter length for the site, that can only have a negative impact on the story. What I did consider is breaking longer chapters into smaller, bite-sized parts because A) (...)