1. Re: Free anime style cover for 5+ episodes novel.

      Fuyu Dust is like Jesus. He walked among us, worked miracles and then disappeared. Now we all live in anticipation of his return! :D

    2. Re: Hit trending for the first time

      Thanks! I hope to get back to publishing chapters very soon!

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      Alas, I missed that train. My nephew is 18 and as strong as a bull.

    4. Re: Right where I want to be :D

      Guess next one will be at #13 (yeah right...)

    5. Re: Looking for a fantasy book

      I'm writing a story about a low level dwarf paladin whose only ambition is to loot enough gold to build herself a nice house and a barbarians who only goes to dungeons to steal the doors and sell them (...)

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      Thanks to everyone who rated and reviewed! Glad you guys are having fun :) Hilda is also glad but is pretending that she isn't. You know how dwarfs are...

    7. Re: Rank #716

      It's sort of an odd system. It punishes new stories that rise quickly. I.e, that are literally trending.

    8. Re: Right where I want to be :D


    9. Re: Character design

      Love it. This is a terrific concept for a cover as well. I love this "vandalized" kind of cover art.

    10. Re: Advice for non-native english writers?

      As you can see my friend, RR is a very terrifying place... but not on national grounds... *eek*

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      Okay, so I switched to dark mode. All your posts have changed color from black to gray. Mine is still dark and barely readable. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: while I'm badgering the vets with questions: (...)


      I'm writing a fantasy story about a dwarf who goes into a dungeon because she needs 10,000 gp to get a little domain of her own and a barbarian who only raids dungeons so he can loot all the doors. It's (...)

    13. Re: Advice for non-native english writers?

      English is my third language. I mostly learned it from video games :D So far, all the advanced reviews I got rated my grammar 4.5 or 5, so in this regard I guess I'm doing fine. There are many world famous (...)

    14. Re: Character design

      Terrific art, looks like something from an professional RPG book. Show the other styles though. I'm curious :)

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      (keep in mind that there is a dark theme of the site, your text is kind of hard to read, so you might not want to use dark gray for your posts) Huh. I haven't thought about it. Thanks for the (...)

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      Highest I've ever been. Thanks for everyone who faved and rated! Glad you guys are having fun :)

    17. Re: uncommon race for non human mc novels

      I've never seen anyone except myself write about a female dwarf. Dwarf MCs are rare to begin with but dwarf women MCs are, as far as I know, non-existent.

    18. Re: Offering Free Reviews!

      Sounds awesome! My story is linked in my signature. It's a D&D-style story, inspired by the old Dungeon! board game, about a grumpy dwarf paladin and a barbarian obsessed with doors who explore a dungeon (...)