Ramingo Ramos

Ramingo Ramos

    1. Re: Anybody wanna be writing buddies?

      I forgot about this thread, and am surprised nobody made a joke about if being a girl(male) fits the bill or not. Low hanging fruits aren't funny. 

    2. Re: A small suggestion for writers- From the reader part of me

      Welp, there goes my plan of having the novel start with the character complaining about the world and getting stabbed 3 times in the process.  :peodead:

    3. Re: 99% of Chinese Wuxia/Xianxia are hot garbage

      I would recommend the Chinese novel Ze Tian Ji. I also recommend The Path Toward Heaven from the same author, Mao Ni.  :DrakanBook:

    4. Re: Wing's good kids of Royal Road

      choocy milk > milk I actually hate choccy milk Whats there to hate about cchocy milk? Both the choccy and the milk parts.  :FancyDrakan:

    5. Re: Stuff and stuff and Five

      Knife.  Hmm, hmm... I would say that a combat knife would be my go to for most situations. If not that, then a bowie. If i had to use it to defend myself, however, i would prefer a curved knife. (...)

    6. Re: How would you make someone hate humanity (without Videogames)

      Just let them browse Twitter for 5 minutes.  :DrakanBook:

    7. Re: Disabled anonymous ratings

      Preventing anonymous reviews seems like a pretty stupid idea.  :DrakanBook:

    8. Re: Turn-based games (Final Fantasy style?)

      Seeing nobody here mention Trails, while taking about turn-based rpgs, hurts my soul.  :peodead:

    9. Re: What program do you use to write?

      I use docs, with a cool extension that turns it to dark mode, to write and one note to keep... Notes.   :peoeating:

    10. Re: Character Relationship Maps, with ours.

      That seems like a lot of work.

    11. Re: Let's Be Honest

      All of my favorite novels are either on hiatus or over so.  :peodead:

    12. Re: Killing off the characters you love

      Write their death before you start liking them.  :DrakanThink:

    13. Re: Webnovels

      Honestly, just listen to Brandon Sanderson's lectures when he talks about the "Hang a lantern on it." Basically just let the reader know, in some way, that you know about that plot hole/weird things that (...)

    14. Re: When you are reincarnated into a RPG game world with a tournament arc...

      I'd only waifu the demon lord with big honkadonks and raise a peaceful family together back on Earth.  Perhaps you mean humongous hungolomghononoloughongous.

    15. Re: Webnovels

      Is there a good reason for why X isn't explained? 

    16. Re: Writing difficulties for different authors.

      What kind of tea? I'm not picky with my tea, I just drink a random one of the ones I have home at that moment.

    17. Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

      Considering that it's almost 5 in the morning... No, it doesn't help me.  :DrakanSigh:

    18. Re: Writing difficulties for different authors.

      Maybe you are onto something and I can't put words down because I drink 2 cups of tea a day.   :FancyDrakan:

    19. Re: Writing difficulties for different authors.

      Does having difficulties putting words down count?  :DrakanBook:

    20. Re: Is it possible to predict the success of a book?

      My definition of success is finish a book, so if you are publishing you are already successful.  :FancyDrakan: Do you mean publishing an e-book or a paper book? Both, so long you've finished (...)