Ramingo Ramos

Ramingo Ramos

    1. Re: Missed opportunities

      Does that apply just to anything or just entertainment? If it's just entertainment then the Erebonian arc, Cold Steel 1-4 + Hajimari no Kiseki, of the Trails series could've been so much better than (...)

    2. Re: What type of scenes do you love to write?

      I guess Comedic and Romantic (both at the same time even better) scenes are my favourites, not that I write many of them. Or write much in general.

    3. Re: A general rambling about writing stories

      I don't discard ideas, nor I delete my notes. I just get rid of the horribly written chapters.

    4. Re: A general rambling about writing stories

      I'm at 2, probably 3 soon, deleted stories from RR with a couple more I started in the past but never made it here. I always start eager to write them, in my head thinking they are half decent, but when (...)

    5. Re: What's your favorite and most disliked Font.

      I love Georgia, it's really easy to read. I hate Georgia, it's really plain.

    6. Re: Skipping the first chapter of isekai novels

      I usually do something completely different and skip the entire story.  :DrakanBook:

    7. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      People writing walls of texts on how they think. I just think. It's kinda hard to explain.   :DrakanBook:

    8. Re: Imagination Differentiation

      i hate how society, people, ignore the unlikable and their problems, like they are not human. for example, how many times do you heard about a pedophile getting caught with child pron on his pc, and (...)

    9. Re: To Fly

      Is this Lime's alt account?  :peoconfused:

    10. Re: depth

      Not to be rude, but Chess is literally used as an analogy to describe the complexity of people's plans. Chess is complicated! There's a reason we compare stuff to game of chess. Not disputing that (...)

    11. Re: category or tags?

      maybe make negative tags like search for everything except naruto Basically you're describing boolean searches The problem is not enough systems are designed to handle these types of searches, (...)

    12. Re: depth

      I thought that at least stalling and castling were pretty known mechanics in chess.  :peoconfused:

    13. Re: Science in Xianxia Novels

      I'm reading about a person using religion to become infinitely strong and immortal. Not very much.  

    14. Re: The feeling of getting out of a rut...

      I don't get out of ruts since I don't do anything, so I don't know how it feels.  :DrakanAmused:

    15. Re: What do you love about Xianxia novels?

      What is exaggerated size description? Sorry if I misunderstood but I am curious. Read I Shall Seal the Heaven, that's what he means.  :DrakanBook:

    16. Re: What do you love about Xianxia novels?

      The ascension.  That part is usually where the novel is at its best I feel like.

    17. Re: Calling all writers of RR (and anoyone else who wants to try our writing)!

      I wrote something else trying to get redemption or to embarrass myself even further.  :DrakanBook: “This place doesn’t look that good,” said Nian as he opened the squeaky, wooden door. “It’s not like (...)

    18. Re: What do you want from your litRPG systems?

      Guess I'm just too picky of a reader then because that novel clearly doesn't do that for me. Piss-poor representation of esport with a game designed by a child.

    19. Re: What do you want from your litRPG systems?

      King's Avatar is... Realistic? Have we read the same novel?  :peoconfused: I've found Lu's time, which is basically a comedy/parody of the esport world, more grounded in reality than that.

    20. Re: What do you want from your litRPG systems?

      I don't think a LitRPG system needs to be perfectly balanced. Obviously, it should be reasonably well thought out and not easily cheated, but you should still allow for some suspension of disbelief. (...)