Ramingo Ramos

Ramingo Ramos

    1. Re: Games

      I like good games.  :DrakanAmused: Right now I'm playing Tale of Immortal, The Heroic Legend of Egarlnia, Langrisser I & II, Dark Deity, and Valkyria Chronicles 4. I just cycle between them.

    2. Re: Tell me about yourself.

      I'm Ramingo, despite my small stature, I've played volleyball for almost my entire life almost becoming a professional player as a libero. Now I just write shitty novels that I never finish.  :FancyDrakan: (...)

    3. Re: AITA? I had a 5 star review removed from my story.

      No, you are just somebody with standards.

    4. Re: Does anyone else have an authors personality and engagement effect their experience?

      I couldn't care less about the author. I just need the book to be good.

    5. Re: The MC in my story assimilates other cultures into his. Should I put any of the warning tags.

      I don't think it's necessary, but some people get really offended by these things, so it's best to put one.

    6. Re: Stories about being a blacksmith, shopkeeper, or alchemist.

      Mostly stories on royal road. But if you know of any really good stories someplace else then feel free to post those as well. Spice & Wolf is about a merchant and wolf, that's close enough to a shopkeeper, (...)

    7. Re: Stories about being a blacksmith, shopkeeper, or alchemist.

      Are we talking strictly about RR stories?

    8. Re: Is Naruto Japanese Xianxia?

      Now, if Naruto's story was not about Naruto but Sasuke, it might have been able to classify as xianxia. Not even close.  :DrakanNo:

    9. Re: F5 addiction...

      It's not particularly idle if you have to press F5 constantly. 

    10. Re: Goodbye...

      Oh no!  Anyway, how are your countries doing in the Olympics?  Woke disaster... That's unfortunate. 

    11. Re: Does anyone want to adopt this idea?

      Italy: Gets a chrono-scope, where you can see into any historical event to verify whether or not it actually happened as it was recorded.  Can't be used to actually go back in time or alter the past. (...)

    12. Re: Goodbye...

      Oh no!  Anyway, how are your countries doing in the Olympics? 

    13. Re: Anime Ost

      Trails in the Sky's anime adaptation might be horrible, but the rearrangement of the original soundtrack is really good. This might be cheating, though, since it was originally a game.  :DrakanThinking: (...)

    14. Re: F5 addiction...

      Probably not the only one.

    15. Re: Which god do you think you could get away with punching in the face?

      Bacchus, Dionysus for the savages :DrakanLaugh:, sounds like a pretty chill guy. I don't think he would mind a drunken brawl. 

    16. Re: Calling litRPG Writers/Readers

      It's very easy to just mess up the numbers. It's not about the numbers, most of the time you can get away with those. It's about stuff like the: super, ultra, giga secret class that only one person can (...)

    17. Re: Calling litRPG Writers/Readers

      Funny, I was gonna suggest the opposite: Don't copy games.  :DrakanLaugh: Also, if the game is actually a game, as opposed to a game-like world, please, don't go the way TKA and LMS did and make it believable.

    18. Re: Help: Isekai Bingo

      I made one, though it's just for the MC  https://i.imgur.com/KMhjlvD.png