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Ramingo Ramos

    1. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      Coiling Dragon and Tales of Demons and Gods are as close to xianxia as I am to becoming a Formula 1 driver.  :peogiggle:

    2. Re: When using stats in a LitRPG, how Hard Magic vs Soft Magic would you say it has to be?

      I would say that for a litrpg the system should be as hard as it gets, like a rpg.

    3. Re: Help picking ideas please

      It’s got a more spice and wolf/slice of life style vibe Say no more fam, I'm sold on number 1  :FancyDrakan:

    4. Re: How does one write a sports match?

      I'm currently trying to write a sports novel, inspired by Galactik Football's Netherball in case you are curious, but how would one write its matches? As a mostly fantasy reader, I've tried writing them (...)

    5. Re: Improve Your Writing and Your Confidence

      Really cool and helpful post, but the font, italic, and text size makes it really difficult to read for someone blind like me.  :peodead:

    6. Re: I think this is technically about gaming.

      The Trails series has a ton of books. In particular, there is a series of 11 books called Carnelia that you can find in almost all games. It's a story inspired by two characters that you meet, or are mentioned, (...)

    7. Re: What game inspires you to write the most?

      The Trails in the Sky trilogy and Ace Attorney's soundtracks are easily my main inspirations.  Then there are Bloodborne, CrossCode and various tracks from different games. If we are not talking just (...)

    8. Re: What kind of humor do you enjoy in writing?

      Anything, I'm not picky when it comes to laughing   :DrakanBook:

    9. Re: Professional Editor Interested in Reading Good Stories

      I've never seen so many comments in an introduction thread. Anyway, Welcome.  :peohello:

    10. Re: Of days and weeks.

      Unless it's relevant to the plot, I couldn't care less about how your calendar works. :DrakanBook:

    11. Re: Where in the world people are from.

      I'm from the country I was born in  :DrakanBook:

    12. Re: wil anyone be intrested to read a colection of "level-up" story ideas?

      LMS has a good system?  :peoconfused: I would say it has a system that works for the story. It is meant to be flexible and to give 'awesome moments' and give those dopamine hits. But if you look (...)

    13. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      What is going on here  :peoconfused:

    14. Re: wil anyone be intrested to read a colection of "level-up" story ideas?

      Ideas are pretty cheap, but there might be someone interested in them.   

    15. Re: How do you create your stories?

      I just think of something that would be cool (like a scene, part of the world, or character) and then I build stuff around it.  :DrakanBook:

    16. Re: What do you do when you suddenly can't write?

      Happens to me all the time. I usually call myself garbage and decide to postpone writing when that happens.  :FancyDrakan:

    17. Re: Writing 80 Thousand Words in 2.5 Weeks and its Significance to Me

      80k in 2.5 weeks? Holy shit.  :DrakanWine:

    18. Re: What are you writing tips to speed up the writing process?

      My usual writing speed is about 2000 words per 10h (None continuous). That's slow?  :peodead:

    19. Re: A useful writing platform!

      I can only find the dark mode option for the preview, weird choice.  :peoconfused: