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emperor yair

    1. Re: best strategy game i ever played: sengoku rance

      Hey OP what makes 'Sengoku Rance' so good in your eyes out of curiosity? Or rather what aspects of it would you want in another non-hentai game? glad you asked the way it combine grand strategy (...)

    2. Re: my blurb, need opinions.

      superpowered gangs roam the streets, cultivators roam the skies and supreme beings that once were men, now rule our destinies. but for us, common man, all there is left is just hard work at the assembly (...)

    3. Re: my blurb, need opinions.

      please give me advice on my blurb. less about spelling and grammar, more about if it is interesting and hooking and how to make it more. thanks in advance superpowered gangs roam the streets, cultivators (...)

    4. Re: Good Terror Infinity Novels!

      you have no clue just how many terror infinity clone requests threads have been opened and answerd. go check them out. my best to recommend that i remember: Galactic Fist of Legend also searche for (...)

    5. Re: Question to readers: Why assume stupidity when an explanation is not yet given?

      my 2 cents as a reader: 1) dont listen to what readers say, understand why they say. they say "stupid" not because the MC is, but because they don't understand the MC line of thought, it dont match (...)

    6. Re: Would you rather have it dark or vanilla?

      i prefer vanilla. but, the MC must earn it. and in earn it, i mean EARN it. not just in actions like saving the female lead, but also in learning how to deal with her as a woman, and growing himself (...)

    7. Re: Im preparing for another isekai genre, need suggestions

      how about an average "kid" that is not to popular, with personalty like they show in most teenage coming of age movies, but is 20+ years old. this is popular for a reason. easy to identify with, potential (...)

    8. Re: Well written cultivation stories without any twists

      i have finally found that vanilla cultivation name i have been searching: Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies best on this site. at least that i found. i even hate the MC self righteousness, so you know (...)

    9. Re: What ideas do you have?

      I have an idea for a gimmick story whose acronym would be "BASED". Like, "Banging And Slaying Evil Dungeons". More or less solo adventure in different dungeons, each one ending with a sexy Dungeon Master, (...)

    10. Re: Looking for a 500+ pages crafter novels

      I enjoyed Age of Gods by thomasdarkrose for example.  MC does not need to only craft but I would like him to create something cool regularly. Preferred male lead, some romance and the icing on (...)

    11. Re: Class Choices

      as was said, without knowing what you are planing its hard to pinpoint something. but the fact you have 4 classes writing must mean you have something on your mind, that each of the classes can fit into? (...)

    12. Re: Any tips on improving my generic isekai blurb?

      to boring. 4 of 6 of the lines are about what was in the past, 2 lines on what the story very general about, and only one line on what actually the reader can expect from you story. what kind of (...)

    13. Re: reviews should not be on if the story is good or not, but on...

      That's more like how reviews used to be. Saying "This story is a about X, Y, and Z. It's similiar to stories like Story1 and Story2, but what's different is that it's W and Q. I loved A, B and C. I hated (...)

    14. Re: Mysteries with a strong element of the puzzle

      i cant think on any webnovel i know that would fit that, so let me recommend one from the top 100 sci fi of all time: a moth in god's eye with spoiling as little as possible, as the story progress (...)

    15. Re: My list of good novels

      terror infinity is 4/5 ??? it should be 1.5/5.5/5 because of how bad and good at the same time it is :/ i would not call it a good novel since it sucks as one, but i would call it a good fantasy since (...)

    16. Re: Must read LitRPG's?

      Thanks for the recommendations guys, definitely should keep me busy for awhile. Appreciate it! @emperor yair, if you enjoyed LMS you should look into Overgeared. Admittedly the first 80 chapters can (...)

    17. Re: reviews should not be on if the story is good or not, but on...

      reviews should not be on if the story is good or not, but instead, to let you understand objectively  on what you are actually going to read, without spoiling. the synopsis is usual not sufficient (...)

    18. Re: Must read LitRPG's?

      here is my list of the must read. i also add a 2nd part of must read from the progression fantasy genres as a whole. i also try to include the best of every sub-sub-genre i like. you can find the m all (...)

    19. Re: adaptations sucks, but even worse is...

      almost every time i see an adaption that i know the source material, it sucks. even if it don't suck, then its lose something important that is not translated. but the worse is, when everyone praising (...)

    20. Re: reminiscing about my past and litrpg

      Ah that sucks.  What do you think is the cause? life