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emperor yair

    1. Re: how to make special abilities interesting

      you also dont have to have interesting character. or plot, for a great story. you dont have to make everything perfect. just at least half of the aspects good. and making special abilities interesting, (...)

    2. Re: when genre meaning shifts

      seriously, whats your problem? you come to the tread sand start to dis, instead of engage in conversation. get out of that basement, your been there to long... and when your not busy acting like (...)

    3. Re: when genre meaning shifts

      There you go again, acting like you are some kind of expert in the genre when you don't even know what "gamelit" means on more than just this site. It's any story with game-like elements not of the RPG (...)

    4. Re: when genre meaning shifts

      rogue-like was specifically meant dungeon crawler with permadeath.  and rogue-lite was meant for anything similar but different. nowadays, its mean any game that has permadeath. I'm not an authority (...)

    5. Re: how to make special abilities interesting

      how to make special abilities interesting. first thing i want to clarify don't have to have interesting abilities. you also dont have to have interesting character. or plot, for a great story. you dont (...)

    6. Re: when genre meaning shifts

      i have noticed a trend. the meaning of genres is shifting. some of what i noticed: rogue-like, litrpg, game-lit. they all change.  rogue-like was specifically meant dungeon crawler with permadeath. (...)

    7. Re: When a Royal Road story is partially taken down for KU - do you still read it?

      So I'm about to finish up Book 2 in my series. I have my first book up on Amazon, but not in Kindle Unlimited. At the moment books 1 and 2 are both in my fic on RR. Starting with the beginning of (...)

    8. Re: a question about inspiration

      hard to answer, not because i dont have anything to say, but to much to say, that everything start to get jumbled in my head... anyway, my ideas usually starts as a seed before it start growing, i usually (...)

    9. Re: Cute things.

      Perfect thread, wanted to show the penguin guild this.  https://i.ibb.co/FzpNBm2/5-J39-D8bqv8-YOKA-e3-Vo-Ay6f-UDurta0-ZJNPXy-Jg-Jbg-V4.png where is the red one? its not complete with out the red one. (...)

    10. Re: Cute things.

      some cute things links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QslV86odco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v94XqFW4Qw

    11. Re: Imagination Differentiation

      thank you for your insightful reply. i really enjoyed it. first, however, i want to apologize for kidnapping your post. apparently, my extreme post, made some commenters almost forget you original (...)

    12. Re: Imagination Differentiation

      I'm not sure this will make much sense, mostly because I'm not sure how to explain it. --------------- I hear the word ice cream. I immediately picture vanilla ice cream in a fancy restaurant, a black (...)

    13. Re: What do you want from your litRPG systems?

      Villager Three is an integration novel.  Integration is a good term. Is it typical among that kind of litRPG? It would be easier for me to use that term than the way I was describing them earlier. (...)

    14. Re: "mission based" stories

      you are all waaaaaay of the mark i meant that the MC is in some kind of base, and he can teleport to mission zones, and maybe get some upgrades. i thought it was obvious to anyone who red at least (...)

    15. Re: how to write mind-dule/mental battle battle

      I have a couple of methods for this 1) Visualization as battle -> use many of the same techniques as regular battle, only non-physical.  You can imagine a shield, a wall, a safe, a locked building, (...)

    16. Re: depth

      I thought that at least stalling and castling were pretty known mechanics in chess.  :peoconfused: not for amateur kids in fact, we used to ban it, because nobody understood the exact rules and it (...)

    17. Re: what is your "big brain" moument in writing?

      what is your "big brain" monument in writing? what i mean, for example, you are stack tiring to fit a plot point that just refuse to fit the plot line for a long time, but then you had a solution how (...)

    18. Re: depth

      i recently started thinking about something (that i know all along, but this time it was more... concrete). it was because i recently started "learning" chess. i have played chess one i was young a (...)

    19. Re: best 2D space shooter?

      there are many shoot em up games. but what games you think are best? for me? nova drift. i know many from the past. but in my opinion, nova drift beats all of them by a far margin, even better then tyrian.

    20. Re: category or tags?

      in many sites that have content, you either go searching by category or by tags. but each method has its own problems: tags - you can search according to what you like, no matter how small. the problem? (...)