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    1. Re: VR games Stories

      I'm looking for stories where the mc creates a VR game but the catch is that everyone is real and it just another world.  The mc can be the " AI " would oversee the game or something like that. i (...)

    2. Re: best strategy game i ever played: sengoku rance

      sengoku rance would have been one of the top selling games if it was not a.. well.. a hentai game also. but it has amazing game play and also the way it combine non liner strategy game with visual novel (...)

    3. Re: Someone here is familiar with visual novels?

      I want to make one base on the world of my book, and I want to know what you guys consider good. in visual noval (VN), you mean a computer game that is basically a novel with pictures and sounds, and (...)

    4. Re: an exmple of Litrpg classes - and how to write them more intresting

      If you want to get some inspiration when it comes to all sorts of RPG classes then I can recommend you to play Tales of Maj'eyal which has VERY distinct and unique classes. Another great game is Monster (...)

    5. Re: Looking for good quality fight scenes

      Hi there, in the mood for some ongoing/completed novels with some descriptive human v monster/ human v human fight scenes. Preferably ML with romance but no harem/ no romance. Similar to Beast Tamer/ (...)

    6. Re: old best rated list?

      Re:Lovely Don't Fear the Reaper Forgotten Conqueror Reincarnation: First Monster Fantasia Swamp Boy The Bound Dungeon Arcane Emperor NPC (by Argos) Brimstone Fantasy Master Of All, Jack of (...)

    7. Re: The Returnee Who Found His Way Back on the Royal Road!

      i really love your new story, hope i can read a lot more of it. a LOT more

    8. Re: an exmple of Litrpg classes - and how to write them more intresting

      i really had a problem naming the subject for this guide/example what i want to do here is show how to make stuff that is usually boring and dry in litrpg more interesting, while also showcasing my ideas (...)

    9. Re: old best rated list?

      before 3-5 years ago when the site was still Litrpg only, and half of all stories were fan fictions of the legendary moonlight sculptor, what litrpg/xianxia good stories were in the best rated here? (...)

    10. Re: amazing systems !!!!!

      if anyone else like the most the game/cultivation systems in the stories, and is also looking for a good system novel that focus on the system and explorer it, rather then just good story with ok systems, (...)

    11. Re: RO2 Gaming Experience

      Perhaps, somehow I will try to play, if I have time, it became interesting. talk about necroing old threads .... Ragnarok Online 2 is already a dead mmo

    12. Re: looking for xianxia with complex power system

      World of cultivation is a good one world of cultivation is literally the first one i mentioned.... its something like that that i want to read but cant find similar xianxia - xianxia that have complex (...)

    13. Re: looking for xianxia with complex power system

      Have you ever read mdzs? (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) It's extremely character driven, and heavily political. when i meant complex power system, i was referring to the "magic"system did i (...)

    14. Re: looking for xianxia with complex power system

      looking for xianxia with complex power system something slimier to this stories: world of cultivation shadow hack what i did not meant, is stories that pay attention only to the small details but (...)

    15. Re: Writing Advice/Guide

      i only skimmed through it, but i get the core of what you are saying. i personally, cannot use something like that. if i try to use something like that, it will be for me like trowing a bunch if truly (...)

    16. Re: Do you guys think it’s murder to kill orc fetuses and orc babies?

      jeezes, do you really need to necropost? honestly, what is wrong with necro-posting if i the discussion is very interesting, and still relevant, and i believe have something to add to the discussion? (...)

    17. Re: how to write combat/love/technical scenes (aka. combat guide)

      this is MY guide to writing combat. there are many like it, but this one is mine. (unfortunately i am tired so i'm half assing it) *first thing first: combat/love/technical scenes all have the same (...)

    18. Re: stroy idea: the world of the beckoning

      the MC is transmigrated from our own world into another contemporary world. the world that at first looks like utopia. but the world is actually a kind of a horror film kind of world, a world filled with (...)

    19. Re: story idea: stuck in a small cave, Litrpg.

      here is one of my story/arc ideas: stuck in a small cave, Litrpg. that's it. the MC try to serve in a cave he is trapped in, using the system to survive , while the cave itself offers boons and threats, (...)

    20. Re: I'm Looking for Creative Stories.

      "8. Batman in a fantasy world. (I'm Batman)" there is an anime movie called batman ninja and it is absolutely batshit crazy its about batman getting thrown in time to feudal japan. with some magic. (...)