Edge Valmond

Edge Valmond

    1. Re: What Are Bad or Maybe Good? Habits You Have When Writing

      I've tried that - my (only) story right now has (nearly) all fights being observed by the main character and cast so I've thrown in some peanut gallery comments to extend some of them. On one hand it's (...)

    2. Re: What is your top 5 favorite classics

      I'm just using this as an excuse to gush about Life of Pi cause I love that book a lot, but my top 5 favorite classics would probably be this: Life of Pi 1984 Great Gatsby Hamlet Romeo and (...)

    3. Re: What Are Bad or Maybe Good? Habits You Have When Writing

      Whenever I try to write fight scenes I come up with a few specific actions - dodge, use skill 1, skill 2, get hit, etc. And then I randomly use all those actions writing an incredibly detailed 2-3 paragraphs (...)

    4. Re: Chapter polls--does anyone use them? Do they increase engagement? Any advice?

      On a chapter with a relatively simple poll for fun I've received 335 vote(s) votes and its still ongoing. On one where I asked what people would like the main characters personality to align towards (...)

    5. Re: Changes to [Popular This Week]

      Thanks for pointing that out, its a good point, I hadn't considered that. It would have to be a popular stubs section then. But if it were on the front page its still taking up that real estate... Its (...)

    6. What Are Bad or Maybe Good? Habits You Have When Writing

      Been thinking about this myself, and there are a few I consistently do in every story. With a slight difference in my main series. You see, for some reason. The lead always uses their strongest ability (...)

    7. Re: How Prevailing is VRMMO Hate?

      *looks at my story* digs a hole. Sit in it.  Buries the hole.

    8. Re: Can I use the term 'Force' in my story as a synonym for Telekinetic/Psionic powers?

      Hello, fellow RoyalRoaders!  So, to give you a short overview, I use the terms 'Force' and 'Force Energy' (some kind of mana) to describe a pseudo-magical power revolving around stuff like telekinesis, (...)

    9. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      The writer who writes in both 1st and 3rd person in the same story: "Checkmate." Yep, and have only gotten better at it. 🐕 But to be fair, it is predominantly third, and first is restricted to only (...)

    10. Re: Quick Question

      Maybe its just hard to find it. But that's unlikely Nah, I used pictures and directions. They say they were in the same location as shown, and it wasn’t there.

    11. Re: Quick Question

      It is not a premium feature. Though mine was only visible a day later. Maybe the page takes time to catch up? Probably is the issue…

    12. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      I’ve found that highlighting in general on ios to be a pain in the gonads, unless you have to do it just once for the whole chapter, but I imagine you’ll get problems with commas and pauses, no ? No, (...)

    13. Re: Quick Question

      Weird. It's a free feature and I'm using it. Probably a bug then. I figured that much after a bit of time, they are waiting until tomorrow, to see if it is fixed. If it is not, then they’ll be filing (...)

    14. Quick Question

      I have been looking on the updates for volumes when it landed. I don’t see it being premium exclusive, is that true? Since I know someone that is unable to access it, they are not premium. 

    15. Re: What is your favorite type of comment?

      Comments that show the reader is enjoying the story  or comments showing that the reader is actually paying attention are always my favourite ones :) Your multi-verse theory has something to say about (...)

    16. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      I see "Val just discovered..." and I get concerned about how Val will use it for Val's Plans XD Actually, he has you to thank for this. You gave him an idea on how to increase readership. 🐕 He should (...)

    17. Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      Well, now he can multi-task much easier. 🐕 Simply highlight the story, and let it do the reading instead. 🥳 Something I discovered, while I hate physically reading first-person. I actually don’t (...)

    18. Re: This account's almost a year old, but I've only started using it recently.

      Hey! Just wanted to join the community since I've recently taken an interest in writing. I started a series with a few chapters, but they all feel kinda rushed and just not that good. I'll probably (...)

    19. Re: Can anyone help decypher this comment?

      Just got a comment on a chapter ==== Last 10, from nothing.last wind? Last inspire, breath. Despair becomes resolve. The desperate lizard brain reaches to...... Oxygen depletes to.. F you moth (...)

    20. Good News and Bad News 🐕

      Goods News: —> Volume is working out. —> Seen a large amount of readership. —> Can rerelease my second book. —> More time to write. Bad News: —> Readers have to wait until the second book is (...)