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Edge Valmond

    1. Re: Val Ordered an Apple Pen 🥳

      Congrats on making the investment into your work. Hope you show some of your work in the Art Forums. Good luck. Better yet, Val put two and two together, and he made an ‘Updates’ volume part to his (...)

    2. Re: Val Ordered an Apple Pen 🥳

      Nice to see an artist get back in the groove. I already got started without the pen, difficult as hell. Though, I have the base idea down. 🥳

    3. Val Ordered an Apple Pen 🥳

      If anyone sings that damn song, someone will not be leaving this thread. 🤨 Jokes aside, yeah. Ordered an Apple Pen, downloaded Procreate and ready to go. Unfortunately the pen won’t get here until (...)

    4. Re: What do your characters eat?

      Huh…I just realize, I kinda skipped over that detail. Wasn’t relevant.  :DrakanLaugh:

    5. Re: Damn.

      Thank you! Oh damn, that sucks! Are they gone for good or will you be able to get them back? Ahaha we'll see how next year goes. I'll be working on two series and doing a full rewrite of the For (...)

    6. Re: Damn.

      I've just hit 400,000 words published since I started writing almost 8 months ago! That's about 50k a month.  :drakansweat: Congrats, I lost 200k words due to being in the process of moving everything (...)

    7. Re: A bit of an Update

      And back to 70. Holds gun to iguana’s head. That’s right, better think twice now… :DrakanFix:

    8. Re: A bit of an Update

      lol, Too true. On the other hand, this whole volume thing has a benefit. Aside from the usual splits I make, I also have an update section. Figured I might as well take advantage of it without clogging (...)

    9. Re: A bit of an Update

      I now know how to mess with Val :) And Val knows how to mess with you, he sees you are about to hit a certain digit, and he can wait. 🐕

    10. Re: A bit of an Update

      :DrakanGlasses: Internet people and their meme numbers. What can ya do?  No kidding.  :DrakanFascinating: Ever since I started moving everything over to one book, activity has sky-rocketed. (...)

    11. A bit of an Update

      Getting a large increase and a large decrease pretty much every other day. One day a lot, next day half, the other day double the previous one, etc. Though, what is bugging me, is the gain a follower, (...)

    12. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      If you're only reading from RR or other established webfiction sites, and you have access to a computer, then Calibre with the FanFicFare extension will download pretty much anything as an ebook with (...)

    13. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      TTS is great. I use it on android for all sorts of webfiction - but I rip the webpages into an epub and open them in my ebook app, so I don't need to highlight stuff and it'll keep going from one chapter (...)

    14. Re: Posted my first story!

      Posted my first story! Got over 55 views in 12 hours! Got 2 followers and 1 favorite! Got a review almost instantly (though it was from a friend)! I am kind of surprised that it got that many views! (...)

    15. Re: How Prevailing is VRMMO Hate?

      I love VRMMO's and they're far from exhausted creatively speaking. But a lot of the criticism here is also very well-deserved. Who would play an MMO that gives some lucky rando the ability to destroy (...)

    16. Re: Sick note

      Assuming you didn't start with a massive backlog, how do you tell people you're unable to have a chapter out on a chapter-day? The idea of leaving a chapter just saying 'I'm sick I'll post tomorrow' (...)

    17. Re: just got my 10th follower

      I got 10 followers on Tower of Redemption now and that's more people than I can count on one hand so that means its a lot. Alright, and now factoring in the 20% processing fee. That will cost you 2 (...)

    18. Re: What Are Bad or Maybe Good? Habits You Have When Writing

      I tend to underwrite, just describe the basics of the scene and move on to the action, so I often find myself needing to fill in sensory detail later on. My current story is one I drafted the first (...)

    19. Re: What Are Bad or Maybe Good? Habits You Have When Writing

      Good habit: I keep lots of notes, lore, and such Bad habit: I keep forgetting to update those :DrakanFascinating: so you know....sometimes the notes are wrong Ah yeah, sometimes I forget to (...)

    20. Re: What Are Bad or Maybe Good? Habits You Have When Writing

      I'm currently writing an unplanned book, something I've never done before, so far I wake up everyday writing what comes to mind (usually a few hundred words at best) and then I stop and work on my other (...)