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Edge Valmond

    1. Re: Val Discovered Something. 🐕

      too bad I'm broke   😂 Well, when you get the chance, you’ll see.

    2. Re: Val Discovered Something. 🐕

      How do you check???? You go to your analytics. Ratings, then scroll down, and you’ll see a chart breakdown. I think you need to be premium.

    3. Val Discovered Something. 🐕

      Some of you probably knew this, but well, I didn’t.  :DrakanLaugh: You see, you can actually check which part someone decided to leave a rating on. Which funny enough, my lowest one. A 0.5, was left (...)

    4. Re: Are chapter titles needed?

      It is not a requirement, though it is recommended. If you are going to go that far, ensure to number it. This helps with organization, as well it can attract more readers. So, two for one special really. (...)

    5. Re: Regarding Metrics for Non-Dominant Genres on RoyalRoad

      While I haven't seen any odd jumps in metrics, in looking into this just now I noticed that many of the recent referrals to one of my fictions were from searches involving 400- 300- or 100-page minimums, (...)

    6. Re: Regarding Metrics for Non-Dominant Genres on RoyalRoad

      1000 pages is around 300,000 words, I just passed it a few days week ago, and that 1.5 volumes. It's not that Ultimately litrpg's are like big macs, people go to mcdonalds to get them. Sometimes they'll (...)

    7. Re: Where are you posting about your web fiction or story to attract readers?

      Anyone reaching out and trying to attract new readers from places other than RR? Are there any specific groups/pages/communities/forums that people are posting in? Perhaps ones specifically open to (...)

    8. Re: Regarding Metrics for Non-Dominant Genres on RoyalRoad

      They say 1,000 pages is a sweet spot where tons of readers will start hopping on to binge. I haven't seen evidence of it though. If this is true, I'm doomed since my main story isn't even going to (...)

    9. Re: Rocket Cat is Go for Breaking 10K

      It's hard to express how pleased I am about how well Rocket Cat is doing. It's reached a rank of 9100, has over 150 views, 5 follows, and 4 favorites. It's even gotten 5 star reviews and ratings. To (...)

    10. Re: Does anyone write weirdly long things but decide it's too long to post?

      The topic. Forum posts and comments sometimes just get really long, and I feel like that sort of thing is not always appreciated? And then poof. Just like that, it's gone because you decided not to (...)

    11. Re: Ringdom?

      It's a scam. They mass PM authors across the internet, trying to get them into bad contracts where they pay you $100 for permanent exclusive rights to your story and stuff like that. Avoid at all costs. (...)

    12. Re: You ever get that feeling,

      A feeling of relief or satisfaction when you finally get through editing? Hits pretty often for me. Val…hates you… :DrakanFix: He has an editing nightmare currently.  :peodistress:

    13. Re: Welp, Edit Time Again.

      Wait... Instructions unclear, I spend way longer editing than writing. If you are rushing, then the time will be shorter. If you are being thorough, prepare to be putting in hours. I am just fortunate (...)

    14. Re: Welp, Edit Time Again.

      A good rule of thumb is that editing takes half the time that writing did. If you actually clock your writing time, you can get a good estimate of how long it'll take to edit something.  Editing can (...)

    15. Welp, Edit Time Again.

      For the last two months or so, I have been going through my work, and mentally keeping note. Until it got to a point where the range has become a hazard. This means, it is time to do a large scale edit. (...)

    16. Re: 300 followers!

      I just hit 300 followers! Not unique followers but I'm thrilled!  When I started writing, I didn't think anyone really would read it and yet now I have 300 people (or 276 unique people I guess) who (...)

    17. Re: So about Synopsis.

      Writing is a hobby but I don't really wanna put half-assed efforts in a novel I've been working on for a long time now. (Especially if I actually drew character sketches for it.) For the Synopsis, what (...)

    18. Re: 🎵 sell your story, but make it rhyme 🎵

      i can't resist, i like these self promotion threads a lot and i'm quite happy with this new idea that i got sell your story as a blurb like you do all the time but the rule is everything you write (...)

    19. Re: Thank You

      I haven't been here for the longest time, hell I am still relatively new, but I feel like this needs to be said. Thank you, you wonderous people, this community is very welcoming and honestly astonished (...)

    20. Re: Which cover would you be more inclined to click on?

      Giant flying Iguana has my vote.  :peoeating: