Edge Valmond

Edge Valmond

The author is insane

The author is insane
by Paradoxcloud
17 pages

Welcome to my blog I'm the AUTHOR I want to write stuff.

The story, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are entirely fictitious. No relation with actual persons (living or deceased), places, events and products is intended or should be inferred.

Reader discretion is advised.

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Ashes (The Saga of Steel and Bone)

Ashes (The Saga of Steel (...)
by Rhea Bring
180 pages

What am I, you might ask? I am a wraith, whispered of in the vilest of taverns with broken reverence, as if my very name could call me to their doorstep. I am a villain, cursed with the skill to kill. I am a man and an animal, a half-breed caught between two worlds. I am a Wolf stuck in a Human soul.

Who am I? I am your worst nightmare; a killer who stokes terror into the staunchest of men. Folk tremble at my name. I terrify The Emperor. I might've once infiltrated his court and assassinated his right-hand man... don't tell anyone or I'll have to kill you, even if I am trying to be reformed on that kind of thing. 

And yet, perhaps most of all, I am a scarred monster yearning for a home. Plus, there is an annoying inner voice I can't seem to shake. I may need to add insane to the above description.

This is my story.

Warning!! If stories of redemption with an anti-hero who still has a conscience but was forced into Very Bad Things isn't your thing, I’d move on. If you don’t like exploring forgiveness of past wrongs and seeking change, this isn’t for you. If violence, action, blood, high stakes, and a MC with a tortured past looking for healing doesn't sound interesting—this book definitely isn’t for you.

If you enjoy clean reads with humor, numerous pointy objects of defense and maiming, men and women who turn into animals, plus fuzzy, adorable baby dragons WAY later in the book, this is for you. Enjoy.

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TOMEBOUND (Temporary Hiatus during Writathon)

TOMEBOUND (Temporary (...)
by razscrivens
122 pages

In no world are books more important than in the world of TOMEBOUND. In this expansive world, nations wage war over the primacy of their sacred tomes, and some individuals even use them to wield strange and ancient magic.

Five different characters grow up in tumultuous times of war with five very different lives: Lanoor Sanzeen, daughter of the Hierophant, grapples with the Testament, her nation Qarda’s most sacred text, as she is thrust into power at just fifteen. The royal servant boy Cadas Lars writes his own book of scientific knowledge, the Compendium, as he navigates a world that thinks rather differently than he does. Grackenwell's sadistic Prince Kimbel discovers a book that threatens his claim to the throne. Young Prince Lucanh of Dridon studies the enigmatic Triptych diligently, but what he really wants to do is become a knight and slay his nation’s enemies—a wish that may soon be granted. And Beam, a mysterious prophetess in Grackenwell, carries with her the Book of Lucence, a tome of incredible magic... but is there more to her god Aurin than meets the eye?


This is a five-POV sprawling fantasy novel loosely inspired by the style of the ASOIAF series and other fantasy works. New chapters are published twice weekly.

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Blood's Curse

Blood's Curse
by slok
220 pages

Sixteen year old Marvin Perlie finds himself exposed to a world of wizards, monsters and more as he struggles to make peace with his own past, insecurities, and the friends and enemies in this new world.

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Reach: The Spiral (Book One)

Reach: The Spiral (Book (...)
by ArthurScott
474 pages

[BOOK 1: The Spiral]

Seventeen-year-old Phoenix Newman is mysteriously thrown into another dimension at the behest of God. Within, there is one goal: reach the Spiral first. Simple. Except he isn't alone; there are thousands of other players harnessing the power that God bestowed upon them, doing their best to reach the same objective. 

To solve the mystery of this world, Phoenix must first look to the future, to the creator, to the omnipotent, and then to his past, to his family, and to the friends with whom he shares his joy.

But one memory stands out among the rest—that of a teenage girl. His best friend—Alex Ramiro. He needs to find her, but . . . there can only be ONE winner, and he has absolutely no idea where to look . . . 

. . . the closer she inspected the puddles, the more she recognised that these reflections were not alone; there was something brighter, something significantly more purple, flashing in the background of each spill. Gathering enough strength to push herself upwards, Alex looked off to the right. Arms outstretched on either side of her body, she sucked in a deep breath, her eyes popping open. There in the distance hovered, or perhaps stood—it was honestly quite difficult to tell—a magical ring of stars, nebulae, and quasars. And although she wasn't sure of it, there appeared to be a slow yet methodical rotation at the centre. A spiral. The Spiral.

Artist: Ati

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Talis Man

Talis Man
by CShadrockz
107 pages

Lyla takes a gap year before college, much to her displeasure. Her mom sends Lyla to her grandparents house in the small town of Jamestown, California. She'll get some quality time with her brother who lives there and maybe see her grandparents whenever they get back from vacation. 

She makes it to her grandparents house but that's the only thing that happens as planned.

Lyla learns she is apart of a supernatural world where soulmates work together to keep evil at bay. But Lyla and her soulmate aren't like the others. Not like her brother and his soulmate. Not like her parents. They are the first two beings ever created and if they want to stay together, they'll have to do more than keep evil at bay - they'll need to sew the seam between two worlds and seal up the Underworld for good before the evils kill them.

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King in the Castle

King in the Castle
by Genuine55
275 pages

Ward Holden considers himself the creator of a utopia. As a hapless college student, he found himself in nearly complete control over a revolution in physics. Advances in material science, unlimited energy, and an explosive shift in the meaning of wealth are all in the hands of a guy who doesn't quite know what he's doing.

The time is coming when everything people could want for themselves and their families is available with the push of a button. Cheap production, safe homes, and unlimited energy to power it all. But giving up a way of life is hard, even if that way of life causes poverty, starvation, and worse. But history moves on, and doesn't care about men or mice.

King in the Castle is the memoir of one man who managed to ride a wave of technological breakthroughs to success and power as humanity comes closer to a post-scarcity existence. 

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Drinker of the Yew: A Necromancer's Tale

Drinker of the Yew: A (...)
by JMWebb
216 pages

Updates Once a Week next update 10/5

Wracked with misfortune, a nameless village along the edge of the Gray Spine rejoiced at the arrival of a paladin. Those celebrations, though, turned to wary tension as the paladin brought an unknown into their midst - his wife Nayinis, who wears the markings of a necromancer. Who is this woman? Why has she come to their village? Nayinis divulges her shadowed past, for she needs the village's trust to defeat the powerful foe that she has been summoned by the divine to face.

What to expect
: This is a slow-paced, dark, epic-fantasy book written mostly in an archaic first-person style, remniscent of fariy-tale at times. I am expecting the final product to be close to 600-700 pages. The first few chapters introduce a somewhat-steep learning curve of names and mythology of the world that plateaus at aroud chapter 5. 

The Cover is by youthartwork on Fiverr

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Exiled Aristocrat: [A Dark Progression Fantasy]

Exiled Aristocrat: [A (...)
by OrenonawaSteevie
565 pages

The world is a dangerous place teeming with powerful creatures known as monsters.

The only way humanity has found to survive is to construct a massive magical barrier that spans an entire continent: the human continent.

The story follows Ronandt, a young nobleman who, despite his noble origins, has never met his parents. Except for maybe at the time of his birth.

He thus finds himself without parents at the Manor Rosetta, under the close supervision of Mathilda, his nanny, and Syrus, his Butler.

Follow the adventures of Ronandt, a young nobleman like no other.

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Legend of the Spellthief

Legend of the Spellthief (...)
by MalevolenceMau
473 pages

Logan Hall, a simple family man and office worker, was abducted from Earth and thrust into the fantastical world of Avanar. Lost deep in the wilderness, he quickly finds that fantasy is fraught with danger: fangs, claws, and magic.

Gifted with the power of the unique class, Spellthief, which allows him to absorb spells cast against him and cast them back at his foes, he swiftly learns to fight back, trampling his way into safer civilization.

Shunned by adventurers, who see spellcasters like him as poor party members, Logan finds few allies, but his progress does not go unnoticed. As he gathers the personal strength to fend off wolves and goblins, he also attracts the attention of evil magi, eager to steal his powers. While he scrambles to find a way back home, will he even muster the will to do so? Or will he be seduced by the power of magic?

Chapters have an average of 3,500~ words. New chapters every Friday at 6pm GMT. This work is only posted on Royal Road. Cover image by JiiBee.

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Cloudsea - Fool's Edge Book One

Cloudsea - Fool's Edge (...)
by Vyctorill
104 pages

Gold, Glamour and Glory. These are the three things that drive exploration and most of human accomplishment, from inventions to wars. Indeed, the best and the worst of what we have to offer all boil down to power, material wealth and reverence from the masses. These three things are the pillar of an Age of Exploration on a small gas giant orbiting twin stars. A gleaming ring of crystals takes the place of a moon on this world, and an ocean of clouds takes the place of a regular ocean. Atop these clouds lie massive forests of naturally buoyant plants, far above the condensed layer of liquid near the bottom, where animals and intelligent beings all live, hopping from island-forest to island-forest in search of what they want. At a particular island at the beginning of this chainlike archipelago of forests lies the fair city of Scinticius, an old city with a massive library atop the remains of a lost civilization’s capital, where a massive voyage to find the truth of the old civilization and find Gold, Glamour and Glory among the ruins.

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7780, or: Children of a White Rider

7780, or: Children of (...)
by fknmz
337 pages

As one war ends, another begins.

The year Fastidious: 7780 marks deteriorating relations between the Siralians, devout sailors of the Ordos Canticula, and the Ardalians, matchless fire mages ruling neverending farmlands. In the shadows, Ardalian rebels successfully unlock an ancient magical gate. Their desire? A soldier, immutable, unstoppable, and enslaved.

Eli Stuart and his fiancee Patricia Secord find themselves thrown into a strange world. Trapped in a land of hostile magic and alien politics, the two of them must use their newfound powers to make alliances, stop their enemies, and ultimately reunite.

However, something goes wrong. In this chaos, as the world begins to unravel in foul ways, something else stirs.

Something else found its way through.

Author's Note: I will update this story as often as I can. I am quite busy and write this during breaks at work. This is one of those goon-squad stories with a million characters, so "dizzying" might be a good way to describe the energy.

Much of what builds up to the first arc happens in the first ten chapters, which are quite long. For that reason, if you have difficulty getting through the story, I understand, though things don't really start happening until Chapter 8-10. 

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