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Bio: Just a person that likes to write. Came over from Wattpad, have an account on inkitt as well.

Restoration series will be released over here on Royal Road over time. If you wish to read ahead, then you can search it up on Wattpad and Inkitt. If you wish to read some short stories in the mean time. You can find them on Wattpad. Those will be released over on Royal Road in time.

Email: [email protected]

Restoration(Book 1)

A short story added to the end of the book.

New Image added to Chapter 2 of Restoration(Book 1)

Restoration: Twilight of the Gods

Is on hold currently. Since I am rewriting my series, I have decided, I will stop release for now. Once I finish with the second book again, I will be making instant releases of the third book.

Restoration(Book 1)—Reconstruction complete.

Feel free to read all of it. ^^

Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)—Under Reconstruction.


This one contains lesbians, not to worry though. I haven’t changed my way of writing. This is a slightly older piece, so the style isn’t quite up to speed. Anyway, this story here does take place in the same universe as the Restoration series. There are many short stories and other Novella’s that would make that more clear. Nonetheless, it is a standalone.

From here I will now and then update my progress on the rewrite.

Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

Up to Chapter 7(Bonus Scene(Part 3)) has been rewritten, feel free to check it out if you already read it.

Please comment, leave a rating or a review. Do not feel obligated to do so however. Thank you all for your time.
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