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Bio: Parallel Hearts series is currently in release on Royal Road. It is available on Wattpad, and Scribblehub(Parallel Hearts(Book 1). Short stories are on Wattpad, and will be release here in time.

Email: [email protected]

Trilogy Summary:

One embracing her imperfections and selfish desires, becoming corruption itself. Trying to grasp the life she most desire, an existence of eternal conflict, sorrow repeatedly pushing through. Hatred deep within, anguish continuously building. Remorse, conviction, resolve, all revealing the seven sins far inside. Taking hold, grabbing forth, reaching out, and pushing forward.

An Iconoclast, one falling into the depths of despair, diving deeper within the abyss. Embracing those imperfections, those selfish desires. Hatred coming into reality, emotions clashing, morality in opposition. Becoming the enemy of the Nine Worlds, her heart guiding her way. A conflict of eternity, crushing down destiny, pressing onward her own future, her resolve feverishly extending.

Devouring those all around, bathing in malevolence. Even if the worlds so shall damn her, that young woman continuously pressing forward. Sorrow deep within, resolve brightly burning. Sins forever staining the soul, her will to oppose, in resisting what is reasoning.

An endless nightmare, one never ceasing. Repeatedly screaming out, none ever hearing. Agony intensifying, betrayal in actuality, trust on trial. One becoming a legend, eternally remaining in bondage. Breaking through one trial after the next, all for a chance in grasping her deepest desire.

Reach out, grab hold, and shout your soul Defiler of Souls.


Parallel Hearts(Book 1):

—> Test added after the book promotion page/additional information.

New Short Story,

‘Iguana Isekai’

This one is out now.

—> Corrected some mistakes. Which I am certain some of you musta been screaming about it. Apologies about that, it is difficult to catch every mistake.

‘Reflecting Despair’

This is coming out on October 31st. So yes, a Halloween Special.

Parallel Hearts: Twilight of the Gods

It is currently pulled from Royal Road. Release is continuing on Wattpad for reasons. Anyway, since I am rewriting the series, I decided to stop for the time being. Once I am done, it will resume with instant releases.

Parallel Hearts(Book 1)—Reconstruction complete.

Feel free to read all of it. ^^

Parallel Hearts: Cursed Memories(Book 2)—Under Reconstruction.


This one contains lesbians, not to worry though. I haven’t changed my way of writing. This is a slightly older piece, so the style isn’t quite up to speed. Anyway, this story here does take place in the same universe as the Restoration series. There are many short stories and other Novella’s that would make that more clear. Nonetheless, it is a standalone.

Queen of Monsters

This is a remastered version. New scenes, polished writing, new style, etc. This was once a novella, but now a novel. It is a standalone as well, but taking place in the same universe as the Restoration series. This one is a GameLit.

From here I will now and then update my progress on the rewrite.

Parallel Hearts: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

Up to Chapter 14(Part 6) has been rewritten, feel free to check it out if you already read it.

—> 35 Parts left to Rewrite.

Restoration Series has been renamed to,

‘Parallel Hearts’

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