1. Re: Discussion on Magic being included on Scifi Stories

      Well, first of all remember that SciFi is a sub-genre of fantasy. Not of DnD fantasy, but in the "based on fantasy" meaning of "fantastic". Next remember that SciFi is hardly about a realistic future (...)

    2. Re: How often should I post new chapters?

      Short answer: It depends. The optimal release schedule depends on a lot of things. As every story is different, so is what schedule is helpful and which is not. A big deciding factor is of course (...)

    3. Re: May General thread

      Welcome to the general thread, where you can discuss anything, or talk about anything random (of relevance).  Even at this point, I am still unsure what to say in the general thread. So I want (...)

    4. Re: Showing vs. Telling

      While “Show don’t tell.” is usually a good advice, as the new author is using too much tell and hardly any show, it is also important to know when not to use it. Chosing the right technique at the right (...)

    5. Re: Advise on how to write a story without it being a copy/too similar to another

      I take inspiration from a lot of other stories I've read and video games I play. Many of my idea I get because I genuinely love them and want to create something similar. But the problem is, because (...)

    6. Re: How to work around some site problems.

      As most of you hopefully did not have to realize, there currently is some incompatibility between Royal Road and the CloudFlare provider, which makes all images and javascript files unavailable for the (...)

    7. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      Please. At least read the original post before shouting in the same idea the staff keeps refuting over and over. There have been multiple posts in this thread that give good arguments why a simple (...)

    8. Re: Has anyone ever read a fiction in the style of a holy book or bible kind of way?

      I wonder if there's any fiction that is styled like a bible or a holy book. I've seen epistolary fictions like Bram Stoker's Dracula or even the entire SCP community fiction. But, I'm looking for something (...)

    9. Re: story (Book of Dreams) review...

      my current story(high fantasy with a vague magic system) is a messy first draft I wrote for NaNoWriMo and Writathon. there are lots of things wrong with the story and I plan on editing and rewriting it (...)

    10. Re: Looking for feedback (especially on grammar)

      Her eyes ran across the page, taking in the text = correct, the subject is eyes, verb is 'ran',  'taking' is a gerund clarifying the verb (did that while doing another thing). According to the only (...)

    11. Re: Looking for feedback (especially on grammar)

      So, I'm not a native speaker, but I majored in english studies (a while ago /coughs), so I always thought my english was pretty decent. Except a) I took a long break from writing and I'm not so confident (...)

    12. Re: Help plz part 2

      I got another one sorry and thx. I’ll try and keep it short but with key points. The planets exploding because of cocky scientist with new energy. Boys(mc) smart parents give him black technology in (...)

    13. Re: Technological Uplift Stories

      Why would white-ish paper be technological uplift? The medieval way of making paper without trees make quite nice paper. Not bright white, but a nice tone for reading. The only reason to make white paper (...)

    14. Re: Do you have any requirements to start reading a story?

      I just started posting a new story a couple of weeks ago and, in that time, I've seen a lot of people say that they won't start reading a story before it has at least 100 pages or the author updates a (...)

    15. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      Also with the recent addition of the "Not Interested" button/feature, 0.5 star ratings should have decreased (at least according to RR). I wonder it has any effect at all. It is totally broken. (...)

    16. Re: Looking for more stories with a System suddenly being instituted on Earth

      The ultimate story about a system being introduced to earth is: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/3972/the-defective-hermit (Warning: for the last few chapters the quality dropped and there is no ending, (...)

    17. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      I don't think the 5 stars are the problem. The problem is that that data is reduced to a single number and that number is used to order the fictions from best to worst. As soon as you use the ratings (...)

    18. Re: Is wandering inn worth reading?

      The important part first: Make sure you skip 1.13 R. Everything else is in the story is not worth reading that chapter. If you skip it you should be mostly fine. (There is still the occasional underwhelming (...)

    19. Re: a nonprofanity...

      yeah, if some girl cut off the head of your brother whom you cared about a lot, just calling her a 'stupid cow' would be a great expression of anger. I appreciate the suggestions, so thank you guys, (...)

    20. Re: Dungeon Core Novel

      I remember that one. I think it was rewritten and then abandoned. No idea whether it still exists or was deleted.