1. Re: How to best write discussions with a lot of participants?

      OK, Let's assume you are in a part of a story where you have to write a discussion that has a lot of people contributing - something like a guild planning meeting with twenty adventurers or so. What (...)

    2. Re: looking for comedy/fantasy story

      While they have quite a different kind of comedy than those stories you posted, I'd suggest: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/3468/loser-of-tarinath and https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/3972/the-defective-hermit (...)

    3. Re: How to get good initial ratings.

      This guide describes some quite often used (and thus well tested) tricks used to boost your initial ratings. The most useful mechanism to effect ratings and especially initial ratings is rating bias: (...)

    4. Re: How do you effectively introduce the readers to your fiction's world?

      I mostly write in third-person limited (though switching between several different PoV characters for different scenes). That means that in a given scene, you don't give the reader access to more info (...)

    5. Re: Critique Request: The First Draft of the first Chapter in my New Original Story

        I slowly opened my crusted over eyes, as the after-effects of the ritual began to ripple through my body. 1rst person is usually best to make the reader jump into the head of the character. While (...)

    6. Re: Behold: The Balancing of Power Sue

      I fail to see how any of those measurements is relates to OPness.  And why should characters have the same sum of those measurements to be realistic? People are different in reality. What is unrealistic (...)

    7. Re: writing a sci-fi with a vague concept.

      my protagonist is a scientist, so he's supposed to know his stuff. but for the story, the 'science' is not important, but the 'goal' he wants to accomplice using that is. so, in that case, is jargon (...)

    8. Re: writing a sci-fi with a vague concept.

      My suggestion is to not put too much pseudo-science into sci-fy stories. The name "science fiction" has science in it, but the genre hardly has. Same like no litRPG has actual role playing in it. Remember (...)

    9. Re: "Borrowing" or using story elements from other novels

      All of these "Nothing is original" comments are super depressing. It just shows how many apathetic readers there are. Sure, everything is derivative of something, but that doesn't mean it's even remotely (...)

    10. Re: Are the forums dead?

      I guess it might look more dead than it actually is. The impression might be increased quite a lot by bugs in the forum software. (Like "Recent threads" containing threads with no post for more than (...)

    11. Re: Are the forums dead?

      Are the forums dead? Or is it good that there are so little posts here?

    12. Re: This guy here wants to know some stuff.

      1. How important is a book cover and what is the best way to make your own? (sidenote: as a high school student who lives with his parents, I have no means of actually paying someone to create a book (...)

    13. Re: World Building Tips and Tricks?

      There are three dimensions to look at how to transport information to your audience: Keep it relevant. If the audience can enjoy the story without it, better drop it. You can hide it as well as possible (...)