The Calamitous Bob

The Calamitous Bob
by Mecanimus
1.3k pages

The world of Nyil, with its monsters, its knights and its mildly sociopathic gods. Come and see! A soul flees and a soul arrives, blessed by luck. Will she survive? Will she thrive? Will she become a calamity?

After all, luck is such a fickle thing.

Temporary note: I am trying to publish this web serial on Amazon under the pen name Alex Gilbert. 

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Viridescent Core

Viridescent Core
by BlurryDreams
216 pages

Some mortals see dungeons as a plague to destroy. Some mortals see dungeons as a resource to manage and harvest. Some mortals see dungeons as a place to train and advance. 

However, all of them agree on something. Dungeons are unnatural and deadly. Places where death stalks every corner and monsters thrive. 

What mortals forget, in their hubris of tools and civilizations, is that Mother Nature is often the deadliest of all.

Feel free to write any comment, suggestion, or criticism. I read and appreciate every single one!

Releases are on Mondays and Thursdays. With occasional bonus chapters on Saturdays. Have a nice day ^^

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An Infinite Recursion of Time

An Infinite Recursion (...)
by Mr_17
855 pages

I always wanted to be taken to another world, and as they say, there are no atheists in the foxhole that we call real life. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed until one day, I opened my eyes to see my dream had come true.

I also saw the axe of an orc bearing down on my skull. You win some, you lose some.

A time-loop fantasy story written after getting into litRPGs a bit. I wondered what it would be like if I just went and wrote a story about all the things I liked in web fiction without holding back: time loops, RPG stats, certain character archetypes, and harems played straight. Please be warned of lewd descriptions and depraved sexualization. If nothing else, this will be a sincere work. 

Completed EPUB (exported directly from Royal Road with no changes; let me know if there's any problems): https://mega.nz/file/Kxg11CoB#2J-rZ7MKSnd4UpNwx257_mjecMQ0wpc8-ixjYIse_40

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Owlnother World

Owlnother World
by Baba Vader
1.8k pages

In a hospital bed somewhere on Earth, I breathed my last breath.

Or at least I thought I did.

Then suddenly, I was flying through a void of nothing.

As I landed in a new world, my life as an owl had started.

Follow this girl on her journey in a new world, with a new life as she explores cultures, peoples, magic and herself. What mysteries does the world hold? Where does the magic come from? And what does she want to do with her new lease on life?

This is my first story and I want to use it to explore writing people, character development, environments, relationships and all the other things a good story should have. I would be happy if you give it a chance and for me, feedback as well as criticism.

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The Grand Game

The Grand Game
by Tom_Elliot
1.4k pages

One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a Game that is brutal as it is complex.

An exciting LitRPG portal fantasy epic!

Book 3 chapters posting at the moment (4 per week).

Book 1, The Grand Game has been released: ebook and audiobook!

Book 2, Way of the Wolf has been released: ebook and audiobook!

Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how he got there and who he is. Even so, he must participate in the Grand Game and forge a new destiny for himself.

Dropped into a dungeon of monsters, and strange magics, would you survive in a Game where to lose means death?

Alone, and with little more than his wits to aid him, Michael must advance as a player, slay his foes, and gain experience. All while navigating the intrigues around him and discovering his purpose.

A world of Powers, Forces, and mysterious factions. A Game with endless opportunities for advancement and power.

Join Michael on his epic adventure as he deals with the Game’s challenges, the machinations of the Powers, and the ambitions of his fellow players.

Please note that the full story is currently available on royalroad.com.  But if you are interested in reading the ebook version, you can find the story on amazon too.

Book 1: The Grand Game: here.

Book 2, Way of the Wolf: here.

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An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?)

An Outcast In Another (...)
by KamikazePotato
623 pages

On the first day, he almost died.

On the second day, he almost died.

On the third, he began to notice a worrying trend. And almost died.

Crushing loneliness? Danger around every corner? All of that has become part of his daily routine.

That's fine. He'll carve out a place in this world with his bare hands if necessary. He'll survive, and then he'll thrive.

Whether anyone wants him to or not.


Author's Warning: This story addresses some heavy subjects, and can be dark at times. Fair warning.


Chapters 1-123 have been taken down in preparation for the Kindle Unlimited release, which you can find by clicking here.

I am currently trying to add Book 3, consisting of Chapter 74-123, as a paperback on Amazon. I am Brett Finnicum.

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Rock Hard

Rock Hard
by Rockhard
287 pages

There lies a rock. It sleeps within a cavern, alongside a marbled altar, and in the company of a glowing, green gem. 

There lies a world. It waits with bated breath, as its sentient beings are put through the meat grinder that is the tutorial

There lies a couple, who know not what this system offers, nor what it might entail for their world. All they know is that they must live.

This is the story of how that one rock averts the fate of this doomed world, and does its best to save this group of friends.

[Congratulations User! You are the first of your kind to achieve sentience. Please select a class]

Holder of the [RoyalRoad Writathon Achievement], completed in 3 weeks instead of 5

Update Schedule: 2 Chapters a week, on Monday and Saturday (times may vary, because my schedule has only gotten crazier since I've started), at an average length of 2K words.

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Candlelit Lives {Serial Reincarnation LitRPG}

Candlelit Lives {Serial (...)
by luda305
621 pages

{Volume 1 Synopsis}:

It is an exciting time for the people of the Eurial continent.  The new [Mage] Class has allowed the powerful to begin uniting the fractured tribes and villages into kingdoms and civilization.  A century on, and the continent is quickly consolidating into competing states. 

Amelia, student and daughter of a humble [Hunter], just wants to learn [Fireball] and become a [Mage] in service to her [King].  She succeeds.  All is well as the months fly by, eagerly awaiting her Classing.  One day though, she receives a (unique) Trait: [Reincarnator].  And then, she dies. 

And so begin her many lives. 

{Volume 2 Synopsis}

Other tags: Serial Reincarnator, Experimental Storytelling*

*The "Experimental Storytelling" is that each life is approximately a chapter-length (even if a very long chapter).  That means things move very, very quickly (my Excel spreadsheet hates me) and, regretfully, we often spend very little time with the people, places and things in each life.  Some might call it an anthology. In Volume 1, each life is literally only a chapter.  In Volume 2, the word count is in the same range, but some lives are split into multiple chapters.

Comments suggesting fixes for grammar, misspellings, etc. appreciated.

Volume 1 (Lives 1-16) and Volume 2 (Lives 17-25) have been completed and released.  Volume 3 (not written yet) will be the final volume, concluding the story.

Cover art for both Volumes courtesy of gej302.  Fiction cover art is my bad photography of a dark corner with candles. 

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The Path of Ascension

The Path of Ascension (...)
by C_Mantis
3.1k pages


The Path of Ascension is moving to Kindle Unlimited in the coming weeks (the 4th). That means the early chapters are coming down from RR (Chapters 5-41). Ill be posting links and all in the coming days but wanted to warn you guys beforehand. Honestly the date has suck up on me pretty quickly. It was months ago what felt like last week.

I'm super grateful for everything you guys have made possible. Who would have thought my word vomit would get so many readers.

Just thank you all. It really means a lot to me.

I also want to reassure everyone that the story will continue on RR forever. There wont ever be exclusive content on a paid site. The book versions will be cleaner and properly edited but major content will never change. Just a more polished version.


The story follows Matt, a young man planning to delve the rifts responsible for the monsters that destroyed his city and killed his parents. His dreams are crushed when his Tier 1 Talent is rated as detrimental, and no guild or group will take him.

Working at a nearby inn, he meets a mysterious and powerful couple. They give him a chance to join The Path of Ascension, an empire wide race to ascend the Tiers and become living legends.

With their recommendation and a stolen skill, Matt begins his journey to the peak of power.


Chapters will now be MONDAY and FRIDAY AT 3:00pm EST.


This is a mix between LitRPG and Xianxia. It's like a car that looks like a LitRPG with dungeons and skills, but the interior and engine are all Xianxia. 

So no blue boxes and clicking +’s to get stronger.


What you won't see in this novel:

Bland protagonists.

Bland love interests that immediately fall in love with the MC.

Murder hobos who kill entire families and clans for looking the wrong way at somebody.

Pacifist MC’s who wouldn't kill a single person to save millions.

Cartoonish villains who are bad just to be bad.


What to expect:

A MC who acts rationally.

World building that has more depth than ‘strong people 'stronk'. There will be no rules only benefiting the strong and no rule changes as they see fit. 

An empire that actually cares for its citizens.

People who act and talk like real people.

A magic system and progression system that are logically and internally consistent.

Realistic fight scenes.

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Crawling Towers

Crawling Towers
by AscendedTurtle
86 pages

In a heartless world of magic and supernatural abilities, tower masters reign supreme. A story of Chronus, who obtained a treasure that allowed him to be reborn hundreds of years into the past, the day before Earth was devoured by this world. Join him as he constructs a tower that rises above all others and stands at the pinnacle of all beings.

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Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy
by Ken Law
107 pages

Evel was just a farmer boy in a remote village. Where other boys left to go on adventures, he stayed with what remained of his family, toiling away at the field his father had left him with.

One day, as he explored the woods, he was attacked by a wild goblin. Afraid and weak, he could only cower when a knight came to his rescue, saving him from his untimely death. 

Then, as he stared at the corpse of the goblin, he had an idea, and buried the goblin into the soil before planting some seeds over it. He thought the goblin would act as a good fertilizer! At least, according to that old book he read.

To be fair, it was. But how was he supposed to realise that it would bear so much more?

A slice-of-life story of a fantasy farmer boy growing towards the future, and all that happens along the way.

-Updates roughly twice a week. New chapters every Tuesdays and Fridays-

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The Harvester

The Harvester
by Ahra Manyu
2.4k pages

Rakna was not normal. No, unmistakably not. Whether it was his appearance, his personality, his abilities, his identity, nothing about him had ever been banal. Was it his choice? No. He was merely but a tormented soul doing its utmost to live the life it had learned to never enjoy. 

Would being picked by a glorified universal abductor calling itself a system bring something out of him? Would he finally learn to breathe in the pool of blood that suffocated him?

The Harvester does not sow, he only collects. All he has ever known to feel was loss and the only thing he can do is take. He will devour their hearts and drink their blood if it is what it takes.


Update Schedule: In Flux (6 PM UTC)

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