The Way Ahead

Howdy, I see you started this book off strong. Good grammar, flow, and logic? Mighty rare around these parts. Be careful with your product however. See, if it's too good, you'll attract a cataclysmic wave of bookwyrms that'll destroy any sort of civilization. I'll see you around cowboy. *tips hats*

A Modern Man in a Cultivating World

7 chapters in, the story is intriguing and written well. There is no broken plot armour. The realistic mc is driven by logic. Other characters have depth to make them seem real and not just cardboard cutouts to entertain the mc. There is a drive to grow stronger throughout besides to "get bitches and money". 

Lord of the Ancient (古代の主)

The mc has the mind of an emotional teenager. Despite being much older in his first life and experienced, he still has lackluster emotional control and decision making. He is given a "cheat" ability and instead dreams about pretty girls and his former wife. Lots of general "beta male" opinions that don't resonate with an older audience. Good grammar and detail however.

Path of the Dragon Mage: Exiled

It's very well written. The mc is what you'd expect a young boy to be who has lots of questions but no answers. Personally, I find it paced slow. It is a bit frustrating that he has no actual talent or ability of any sort that can help him in any way but he'll get there eventually 

Warlord of Winslow

Book starts off following the mc when system is introduced. Hes not a good guy and doesn't really have a moral compass or empathy. He's pretty bitter about life too. With the system it turns into a shootout with his obsession with guns. Some heavily conservative ideas as present. Not my thing but it's decent 

Beware Of Chicken

I started reading this as I was bored and was really surprised. The mc is relatable and humble. He doesn't try to be anything he's not. His decisions make sense and hes not twisted like other mcs would be in a new cultivation world. I like how the different perspectives add to the story. Not a lot of chapters thus far but good

I Read Too Many Light Novels

As of chapter 4, it has good detail and explanations. The logic behind everything makes sense. It is easy to relate to both characters thus far. Mostly writing this as motivation because the author has good grammar, diction, and flow. Blah blah blah blah blah blah 50 words you happy stupid rr

Bride of the Dark Lord

I'm not a big reader of romance but I know enough about books in general to say this book is very rushed. It uses many emotional cues to draw in the reader but that is all. Most of the environment, characters, and scenes dont have actual detail besides oh wait that dude is hot...

Towers of Heaven

I've read books 1+2 on kindle u and they were good time passers. Book 3, which is uploaded currently, has made me a bit bored tbh. Other reviews have summed it up well. Mc is supposed to be semi god with his experiences in the future yet he seems lucky to survive. If you knew when a hurricane would hit your house, wouldn't you prepare. Mc does bare minimum then gets hit by tsunami instead. Kinda confusing but good compared to lots of other stuff on here

Re:Direction The Peak (Cultivation Tale)

At 261 chapters, Jin has experienced a lot and nothing at all. Hes still weak, just strong for his realm. There are a lot of details I could poke at but it comes down to this: there isn't anything to root for. Everyone in power is a corrupt asshole and everyone else are victims to these assholes. Jinn is no exception. If you like reading about an extremely slow growth rate by a sociopath surrounded by psycopaths this is the book for you. It has good detail and good grammar but the plot of the book is seriously depressing.