Dragon's Dilemma

Initially the summary had me fearing the worst, since so few stories about dragons taking on a human form actually stay with the theme.
But not this author, no he created a dragon and whatever form it takes he makes damn sure to make us remember that the draconic mindset is not lost at any point in time.
Whether that be by more drastic actions taken or subtle hints to the behaviour and thoughts of the MC, never do I feel that the MC slips into being a human.
Sure he has to fit in and may be influenced in some ways, but his core does not change, he is a dragon with a human guise, NOT a human with dragon powers.

Add in that the author is very eloquent and can deliver rich descriptions of  actions, feelings and thoughts without it feeling boring or stretched makes this story a very high quality read so far.

I am also glad to see the author going with a mature theme. Including topics like gore, sex and trauma just gives stories a much more real feel to them and is being done very well here.

A great story that I can absolutely recommend to you!

The Primal Hunter

To begin with, I do like the story and the world the author introduces. The class system seems interesting and the MC is a character I like.

That said I will not continue reading this story, even though I enjoyed my time with it for the most part (well, until I decided enough is enough)

If you enjoy very detailed descriptions of actions performed in combat scenes and of reasoning behind choices made, then by all means give this story a try.
Though if those points raise some concerns do continue reading this review, where I'll point out what I disliked about this story.

An often noted issue people have with this story is the heavy focus on characters that are not very likeable and even though I agree, this is NOT the reason for why I have to drop this.

It is the very detailed description of every little thing the MC does, his reasoning for his choices, his actions in combat, just everything is detailed out at every given point in time.
Every now and then, especially for important choices or strong enemies I appreciate a detailed description of what is going on, but reading every combat encounter in detail gets tedious and I do not see the point of giving a long reasoning for all his skill choices every time they occur.
A few important skills, difficult choices between two or similar skills, sure that's welcome, but not ALL and for sure not every time. 
Not only is it tedious reading everything happening with the MC in such detail it also reduces the pacing of the story to a snails crawl whenever the chapter has the focus on the MC.
As such, I actually welcomed the chapters focusing on sidecharacters because it usually means that there will be some progression at the point we switch back to the MC.

I would have liked if instead the pacing was faster and thus we would be further in the story, or focus more on the psychological side of what is happening to the people in the tutorial and how they come to the drastic decisions they make just days in the tutorial.

I mean, they kill each other just DAYS in the tutorial GUESSING that the tutorial gives better rewards for fewer survivors (it's only stated that it is based on the amount of survivors).

Instead this is sadly brushed aside and we only get insight into one particularly unlikeable character (we all know who I am referring to).

Now, the focus on the psychological side is only a suggestion for what could have been done with the freed up space form increasing the pacing on MC's chapters and would have required the author to do further research regarding this, so it only stands as a suggestion and not as critique.