1. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story

      https://www.royalroadcdn.com/covers-full/33748-reverse-reincarnation.jpg?time=1599679675 Life in a different world has its challenges, even if it’s the life you’re supposed to lead ... If you'd like (...)

    2. Re: Writer's Challenge, from me to you.

      I like how you flipped the script. I laughed my ass off, except at the part where you admitted you don't like beer. To me that's a cardinal sin. Still, I enjoyed your attempt. Critically speaking (...)

    3. Re: Genres

      Of course you can write any genre you want (as long as it conforms to the rules). Some genres have more of an audience here, though, so you'll probably get more readers if you write in those genres. LitRPG (...)

    4. Re: Writer's Challenge, from me to you.

      This is a fun idea! Well, this isn't much of a story, but I came up with a short continuation of your prompt: I shake my head, pinch myself, then shake my head again. If this is some kind of prank (...)

    5. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      One of the most popular genres of novel on RR and in other places is Wuxia(xianxia). In the vast majority of those works the entirety of the cast is 100% asiatic and they are enjoyed worldwide by people (...)

    6. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      All in all, i believe the matter of 'representation' by itself is nonsensical. Going as far as saying that someone represents you just because you share a race, gender or some sort of preference with them (...)

    7. Re: Looking for interesting female mc series, something similar to ascendance of a bookworm

      If you're okay with shameless self-promotion, I think my story Reverse Reincarnation might interest you. It's fairly long at currently 830 pages, and features my best attempt at a strong female MC (who's (...)

    8. Re: Representation, Content Tags, and Internet Fiction Etiquette

      It's a good question and some interesting perspectives on it. I mention in my story description that there are LGBT characters, but now I wonder if I shouldn't, since it's not that central to the story. (...)

    9. Re: Help me work out why my story tanked?

      First off, what do you consider successful, and how much of that have you accomplished? In my experience, it takes a bit for stories to take off here. It seems like you started posting your story pretty (...)

    10. Re: Do you have a writing schedule? Or nah?

      Not really. I have an absolute minimum of writing at least 500 words a day, which I've managed to stick to since I started posting here. Of course, I usually try to write more than that, typically at least (...)

    11. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      If you'd like a cultivation world without arrogant young masters or ridiculous lucky cheats, but a focus on characters and worldbuilding, check out my story: https://www.royalroadcdn.com/covers-full/33748-reverse-reincarnation.jpg?time=1599679675 (...)

    12. Re: What do you consider most important in a fight scene?

      A lot of great points here. Also importance, in my opinion, is relevance. Just throwing in fight scenes for the action only makes a story boring. There should be something at stake, ideally something important (...)

    13. Re: Different takes on vampires

      I have a project I'm working on, currently the first draft sitting in a virtual drawer, with a new vampire as the protagonist. In this world, there are several supernatural groups and vampires are the (...)

    14. Re: What kind of Gods do you have in your story?

      All of your answers are pretty interesting! In my story, they're called 'Greater Spirits' but are similar to standard fantasy gods, with being worshiped by humans, having rivalries with each other, (...)

    15. Re: At what age did you start writing?

      I started writing stories when I was six or so, but only one or two a year so I'm not sure that counts. There was a brief time when I was twelve where I tried to write a novel but didn't get beyond a few (...)

    16. Re: Too many Chapter?

      I think it really depends on your story and writing. But from what I've seen, having a longer story certainly isn't a problem here. Due to the way the site works, long-running fictions seem to have an (...)

    17. Re: Sci-fi tags?

      New sci-fi tags? Nice! I would suggest 'Time Travel', that's a classic of science fiction. What might also be nice would be 'Science Fantasy', although that might be covered by tagging both genres. (...)

    18. Re: Writathon 1st Checkpoint

      Actually, authors have until a minute before midnight IDLW (UTC-12:00) to reach 25k, so after midnight pretty much everywhere. That was in a PM today. No idea when they're going to post the list, though, (...)

    19. Re: Offering Honest Reviews

      Thanks! This sounds good, I'd love to get another honest review. The link to my story is in my signature.

    20. Re: Revival of the Dead, AKA The Dragon Ball Dilemma

      I think the comparison to time travel is pretty good. That can have a similar effect when it comes to just taking the tension out of the story and making readers feel like what happened doesn't matter. (...)