1. Re: How to write good fight scenes?

      You might want to take a look at a few other threads on the topic: https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/105693 https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/106036 https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/108568 (...)

    2. Re: I have been blinded.

      I actually don't remember ever seeing the light mode except that one time I switched to see the difference. I thought dark mode was the default.  Maybe it depends on your browser settings? Or maybe (...)

    3. Re: I have been blinded.

      Because it's the default?  :DrakanThinking: Some people (like me) are just too lazy to switch, and you get used to it in any mode. Maybe on mobile I'd use dark mode, but since I'm usually on the PC (...)

    4. Re: One Shots

      I think it depends on the story. Sometimes I'd really like to see a continuation. Sometimes, dragging it out and adding sequels that aren't up to the original's standards, or ruin some of what made it (...)

    5. Re: Is it allowed to post non-english stories on RR ?

      I think that's allowed. In the FAQ, it says: Submissions in languages other than English are okay. So it should be fine.

    6. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I'd also like to add my story to the list. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/33748/reverse-reincarnation The MC is bi, and of the notable side characters, two are gay, one is asexual, and one's a genderless (...)

    7. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      I think that's something where experience in writing really helps. And editing. I don't really use character sheets for my characters, and just tend to write them intuitively, going by an impression (...)

    8. Re: How can writers see how many times all their publicized chapters in one book have been viewed?

      On your Dashboard, under the header 'Content' to the left, you can click on 'Chapters'. There, you see statistics including views for each chapter.

    9. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      https://www.royalroadcdn.com/public/covers-full/33748-reverse-reincarnation.jpg?time=1599679675 Life in a different world has its challenges, even if it’s the life you’re supposed to lead ... If (...)

    10. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      It's really interesting to hear what everyone's mind is like! I also have that sort of inner monologue that's constantly running. Or at least most of the time. When I read, it sort of becomes that, (...)

    11. Re: How do I make an emotional scene not be cheesy?

      At the risk of sounding cheesy: Don't try to make it emotional, just let it be emotional. Or, don't try to force this scene to be 'emotional' or 'profound' or anything like that, just write it the best (...)

    12. Re: Why does every trending story seem to automatically get the Traumatizing Content flag?

      Now I'm wondering if I actually should use the 'Traumatising Content' tag. I don't so far, because the description doesn't seem to apply and I try not to get into too much detail with the violence and (...)

    13. Re: Which real-life animals do you think would make for the most powerful, original and/or useful were-creatu (...)

      Would extinct animals be possible in that setting? There are quite a number of extinct megafauna that would be pretty scary in a fight. Like a saber-tooth tiger, or a few less well-known ones. Maybe a (...)

    14. Re: How to see who's reading your chapters??

      If you're looking at a chapter of your story, at the bottom of the page it will show you who or how many people are currently reading it. I don't think there's a way of doing it for the story in general, (...)

    15. Re: We Need to Invent A New Word

      A lie. You can always read more. :peoEsmile:

    16. Re: Help with my blurb

      (Sorry for the double post, I only saw your post after I'd posted.) I kinda prefer a more chapter by chapter tagging than a whole thing. I only went off what it has on the FAQs, but if someone else (...)

    17. Re: Help with my blurb

      Absolutely.  Sorry, I took forever to post, I see a bunch of other traffic happened while I was "idle". My work like thinks I should work and stuff. No need to apologize, I think your post was still (...)

    18. Re: Looking for a story that is of a niche.. niche.

      I hope you don't mind self-promotion. My story (link) is probably not quite what you're looking for, but close. It has a female lead and a focus on characters, and I've put considerable thought into the (...)

    19. Re: Help with my blurb

      I think the best thing in regards to the mature tags is to have it tagged even if it's only mentioned in one chapter. I don't have a lot of it at all, but have tagged it just in case. Then in my justification, (...)

    20. Re: Help with my blurb

      Thanks for your feedback! I agree it flows much better now. I'll probably cut the 'war' and keep it like that. Not sure about the underlined part, but I think I'll keep it in the blurb. I get why (...)