Ralts Bloodthorne

Ralts Bloodthorne

    1. Re: I'm Looking for a Certain Kind of Character

      You want arrogance? How about a woman so arrogant (rightfully so), so mean, so lethal, that even immortals tread carefully around her? You want lethality? Daxin "The Walking War Crime" Freeborn, (...)

    2. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 01/08

      Vuxten ducked underneath the armored fist, feeling it clip off the edge of his antenna. He managed to get his arms up as the big Rigellian female swung her fists in what looked like, to the untrained, (...)

    3. Re: Quote from a story you wrote/read on RR, that we can share.

      The universe will take away everything good, everything you love. It will take everything from you and laugh while it's doing it. - Terran saying Behold! Humanity! - The Universe For us (...)

    4. Re: Which piece of fiction has had the biggest impact on your life?

      It's hard to decide. Armor - by Steakely. I read it in the Army, and holy shit. We all passed it around. Red Liners - by David Drake. It hit and hit hard. Everyone I knew read it and it hit hard. (...)

    5. Re: For All the Authors

      I had another weird one. Not on here though. Someone had read a chapter where the tanks of the 3rd Armor Division are going toe to toe with huge biological autonomous war machines and managing to pull (...)

    6. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      https://www.royalroadcdn.com/public/covers-full/33726-first-contact.jpg?time=1593561512 FIRST CONTACT Eight Thousand Years after the Glassing of Earth, Terran Descent Humanity has largely become (...)

    7. Re: Are your stories planned?

      >Looks at his amazing plan of "Eh, tomorrow I'll write about Pikark or maybe A'armo'o." >Looks at everyone else's intricate plans. Pic related https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/meme_4_lines_700-5d1204fb627a8__700.jpg

    8. Re: Updates on your books

      An update? We just crested Chapter 550. The Third Hesstla War is over, III Corps (Old Blood) and General P'Kank stands victorious with a cigarette in his mouth and an ice cream cone in each hand. (...)

    9. Re: For All the Authors

      The weirdest comment I ever got was someone obviously commenting on someone else's work. They went on and on about how the character should totally get with a different character and not a different (...)

    10. Re: Epic Stories

      I throw mine in. It's a sci-fi epic about events that lead up to an interstellar war as well as the war itself. It's character and event driven. It takes a bit before the characters start to reoccur (...)

    11. Re: Looking for Book Covers

      No takers, huh?

    12. Re: Anyone wanna share their writer L moments?

      My earliest attempt at writing was fiction for an TTRPG world, a zombie campaign system back before The Walking Dead was on TV or really that well known. (Bad when the d20 system had first come out, it (...)

    13. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      What's that? You want some fantasy? High magic? Odd stuff? How about: Tales of the Axe Book 1 & 2. Fraker duVek is your typical legendary hero. Armored to withstand dragon's fire, skilled with (...)

    14. Re: Looking for Book Covers

      I need several book covers. Rates negotiable. Echoes of War A tired old soldier comes home to find his noble house in dire straits. With the only two living members an adolescent young woman and (...)

    15. Re: Typing with closed eyes is amazing, and you should try it too!

      I start each chapter that way. Turning on my music, putting my hands on the keyboard, closing my eyes, taking two deep breaths, and letting it all flow out of me. It's great.

    16. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      No sass or salt, just a question I've actually been meaning to ask for a while: As an author who writes about a lot of military stuff, do you have any "must read" recommendations for authors who want (...)

    17. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      There is a set of tropes I absolutely hate. "Here is some military guys. GASP! THEY ARE EVIL!" Yeah, I get it. Military bad. Eat a bag of dicks. It's tired and overdone. "I didn't sign up for this!" (...)

    18. Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

      True story... I was struck by lightning. I reposted something I wrote in 1991. I then had the urge to write something additional, so I hit submit and typed something new. Then I did it again. (...)

    19. Re: Question to readers: Why assume stupidity when an explanation is not yet given?

      Most people like to think they could beat Jason Voorhees in a fight. When in reality, they'd shit their pants and die on the point of a machete. So, it carries over a lot of 'reader insert characters' (...)

    20. Re: Questions for Authors: What is your impression of a reader who comments in every chapter?

      I like it. I have a lot of readers that comment on many chapters, quite frequently. It shows me that they are invested in the story and its characters. Since my job is to weave an interesting plot in (...)