1. Re: Just chat?

      I'm not real and no one can prove I exist. 

    2. Re: Royal Road App?

      Still waiting. Cough Dawg, me likey! Is that the current WIP?! Development seems pretty (...)

    3. Re: whining corner

      I want to whine more but it's just so much effort... Ugh... Can somebody else just whine for me? :peodead:

    4. Re: Why the newest chapter of my book has about 20 more views than the previous one?

      People like character info. They pay close attention to that stuff. My chapters with character cards, particularly ones that my readers like, get tons more views.  There are also some chapters that (...)

    5. Re: Story Popularity

      All I need is 10 more followers to break the 200 mark! Only then will I be satisfied!  And I will definitely not shift the goal posts! Definitely not! I will never, ever think about going for 300 (...)

    6. Re: Giving More The One Point In The Forums

      I prefer to believe it is just my own Divinity which enables this.

    7. Re: How to handle one star

      Oh god people are spamming me, got two more one stars and dislike in reviews for no apparent reason, man, I don’t mind them not liking the story but atleast tell me why. The irony is that there is another (...)

    8. Re: Story Popularity

      My story is the latest and greatest masterpiece to ever masterpiece and everyone should love it and me too and they should all change their own thoughts and standards to embrace my own greatness! For (...)

    9. Re: Which blurb would be considered better?

      Statistically speaking, the newest blurb is performing worse than my prior ones, and has gotten several upvotes on the "I've been trolled" review. So I will be switching it back to the super short blurb. (...)

    10. Re: How to handle one star

      As for the fourth? You grab the nearest bat, and whack a walrus to get out all of your frustrations.  I wouldn't recommend whacking a walrus. Otherwise The Walrus King may have to take action to protect (...)

    11. Re: 3 things top web novelists are doing that you (probably) aren't

      Are there any good examples of authors who have used these three things to become top novelists? These are all good in support of top web novelists, but don't necessarily get you there. There was (...)

    12. Re: How to handle one star

      Welcome to the club! I have two 0.5 stars.  It happens to everyone.  People will not like something, rate, and leave and there is nothing to be done about it.  Most you can do is find which (...)

    13. Re: Depressing Debate

      Why worry about depressing things? you have a good point. i’m not worrying, i’m just speculating. Why speculate on depressing things? Because speculating about positive things is far too depressing, (...)

    14. Re: Holy F. I can't believe I'm just realizing this now.

      The secret's out Boys, time to change everything up again. :DrakanFix:

    15. Re: Health check.

      What even is this "health" thing people keep talking about?

    16. Re: Are LitRPGs the only successful stories on RR?

      I am debating doing a re-release as, like edge, I have been here a while. Going on three years.  Got up to 180 followers as is (with some ad support), so hitting main RS page could be a whole new animal (...)

    17. Re: Novel recommendations

      Demons + Action -> heaven's fall (in sig) No romance though. 

    18. Re: Alright, I'm sold.

      This planet is the most wondrous thing in existence. The bad stuff has to be there for the good stuff to be there too. We can isekai ourselves with our own imagination any moment of the day if we so desire. (...)

    19. Re: Alright, I'm sold.

      Grammerly is a keylogger. it saves and learns from everything you type where it is installed. That means everything other than your fiction writing too. That may or may not seem concerning to you, buts (...)

    20. Re: Alright, I'm sold.

      I write in Microsoft Word and save everything there. I just copied and pasted my chapter into Grammarly, and ran through the entire list of edits, checking each suggestion for quality and relevance. (...)