1. Re: Does a writer have to be popular to be good?

      Definitely not. I've read excellent stories on here which garner little attention. Regarding whether an author is popular, I'm pretty certain there are two main factors at play: 1. Writing effectively (...)

    2. Re: Dungeon map

      Beware the Halfling!

    3. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Congrats! :)

    4. Re: Heyo Royal Road Humans And Non-Humans!

      Welcome! I'm pretty new as well. Only been writing since late March, but the other writers I've met so far seem like decent folks :)

    5. Re: Worst Job

      I've got one more! Working at a large, prestigious opera house as a new chorus member. The pay is excellent, because they are union jobs. However, many of the people I worked with were among the absolute (...)

    6. Re: Worst Job

      My first job was working at a material recovery facility for a sanitation company. I stood with others on a picking line, pulling recyclables out of household, commercial, and industrial trash. Two summers (...)

    7. Re: Worst Job

      Anything to do with bugs of the non-coding variety.  :DrakanSigh: I worked for a beekeeper for a few years, until I started developing an allergy to all the stings. Can't say I recommend (...)

    8. Re: Isekai choice

      Given a choice from better-known fictions and the abilities presented, if we're not asking for absurd/godlike powers; my choice would be to have the ability to self-heal as well as Ilea from the early (...)

    9. Re: Absolutely love this community!

      Also MaximumCat, sorry to here your career has gone the way of atomic fusion. Opera singing is a hellofa talent, far more so than the drivel that fills the charts these days. Hope it takes off for you (...)

    10. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      Okay, you might have a point with the Coffee.   Now think about this. Cake. Do you know how expensive a cake is to make without modern tech? It's maddening. Chocolate too. Heck, they might not (...)

    11. Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

      In fiction, the author's imagination is the only barrier to something like inter-species relationships functioning. I always tend to think of things like Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc... as different (...)

    12. Re: MANTID - Fantasy/Isekai LitRPG

      Unwittingly selected to represent Earth in a test that will determine the fate of the entire planet, disgruntled office-worker Michael is promptly murdered. Reincarnated upon another world as a newly-hatched (...)

    13. Re: Tolkien Style Maps

      Chipcarver: Your artwork is fantastic! I would love to have a Tolkien-style map for my world! If you haven't already committed to two projects as you've offered, I can send you a pic of what I have (...)

    14. Re: Absolutely love this community!

      Hello and welcome! Those are some interesting set of skills. Opera + writing. I wonder if you are using your singing knowledge in the novel. That would make for a wonderful story. All the best with (...)

    15. Re: Absolutely love this community!

      Hi all, I've been reading fictions on this site for around two years, and became a RR member 9 months ago. I am floored by the helpfulness and decency of so many community members, as well as the (...)

    16. Re: New writer here!

      Hi everyone! I'm a former opera singer - due to COVID. I've been a reader on RoyalRoad for quite some time, but had never before written any serious fiction. My first story is in my signature, below. (...)

    17. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Hi everyone! New Fantasy LitRPG here! MANTID - a Fantasy LitRPG Michael is unwittingly selected to represent (...)