1. Re: Heyo Royal Road Humans And Non-Humans!

      Welcome! I'm pretty new as well. Only been writing since late March, but the other writers I've met so far seem like decent folks :)

    2. Re: Worst Job

      I've got one more! Working at a large, prestigious opera house as a new chorus member. The pay is excellent, because they are union jobs. However, many of the people I worked with were among the absolute (...)

    3. Re: Worst Job

      My first job was working at a material recovery facility for a sanitation company. I stood with others on a picking line, pulling recyclables out of household, commercial, and industrial trash. Two summers (...)

    4. Re: Worst Job

      Anything to do with bugs of the non-coding variety.  :DrakanSigh: I worked for a beekeeper for a few years, until I started developing an allergy to all the stings. Can't say I recommend (...)

    5. Re: Isekai choice

      Given a choice from better-known fictions and the abilities presented, if we're not asking for absurd/godlike powers; my choice would be to have the ability to self-heal as well as Ilea from the early (...)

    6. Re: Absolutely love this community!

      Also MaximumCat, sorry to here your career has gone the way of atomic fusion. Opera singing is a hellofa talent, far more so than the drivel that fills the charts these days. Hope it takes off for you (...)

    7. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      Okay, you might have a point with the Coffee.   Now think about this. Cake. Do you know how expensive a cake is to make without modern tech? It's maddening. Chocolate too. Heck, they might not (...)

    8. Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

      In fiction, the author's imagination is the only barrier to something like inter-species relationships functioning. I always tend to think of things like Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc... as different (...)

    9. Re: MANTID - Fantasy/Isekai LitRPG

      Unwittingly selected to represent Earth in a test that will determine the fate of the entire planet, disgruntled office-worker Michael is promptly murdered. Reincarnated upon another world as a newly-hatched (...)

    10. Re: Tolkien Style Maps

      Chipcarver: Your artwork is fantastic! I would love to have a Tolkien-style map for my world! If you haven't already committed to two projects as you've offered, I can send you a pic of what I have (...)

    11. Re: Absolutely love this community!

      Hello and welcome! Those are some interesting set of skills. Opera + writing. I wonder if you are using your singing knowledge in the novel. That would make for a wonderful story. All the best with (...)

    12. Re: Absolutely love this community!

      Hi all, I've been reading fictions on this site for around two years, and became a RR member 9 months ago. I am floored by the helpfulness and decency of so many community members, as well as the (...)

    13. Re: New writer here!

      Hi everyone! I'm a former opera singer - due to COVID. I've been a reader on RoyalRoad for quite some time, but had never before written any serious fiction. My first story is in my signature, below. (...)

    14. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Hi everyone! New Fantasy LitRPG here! MANTID - a Fantasy LitRPG Michael is unwittingly selected to represent (...)