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Michael is unwittingly selected to represent the people of Earth, as part of a harsh test which will determine the fate of our world.

Murdered at 24, the depressed loner is reborn as Rihelah, a newly-hatched female mantis upon a strange world. Trees tower above her like skyscrapers, dragons reign as gods, and damn-near everything wants to eat her!

Follow Rihelah as she navigates this new world, eventually finding herself embroiled in awkward situations, terrible conflicts, and major wars. The path toward strength, personal growth, and real friendships will not often be easy for someone suffering from depression. But with a strong heart and the will to survive, Rihelah does her best to stand against the dangers and challenges ahead.

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NOTE: The "Gender-Bend" portion of this story is over and done with rather quickly for the main character, especially since it's vastly overshadowed by the fact that she died, and has been reincarnated as a tiny insect. It's only there for flavor, not as a main focus of the plot.

Rihelah will never be a romantic character.

[Participant and subsequent winner alongside many others in the 2021 Royal Road Writathon challenge.]

A few more things to note:

1. This story is dark at times. There is a fair bit of death and suffering in this book. Rihelah starts out very weak.

2. There will be situations in this book that some people may find traumatizing. Many of the antagonists in this book are truly evil, and their behavior will reflect this.

3. Elves!

4. Dwarves!

5. Dragons!

6. If you want to support my writing, my Patreon has advance chapters available!


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